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Read Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 326 – Loving My Love Rival(19)

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Chapter 326 – Loving My Love Rival(19)

After signing the contract with the manufacturer, Su Rui and Su Wan and Xiao qing worked together to create their brand, and they started renovating their brand store as well. When registering for their brand logo, Su Wan originally planned on coming up with a trendy name but Xiao Qing wanted something cultural.

Soaring Sun

This was a really artistic name. It had nothing to do with their brand but it contained their names (chinese).

The day their brand store opened business, the entire Jiulin Street was bustling with noises. The nearby vendors all came to congratulate them and even Gu Shuxing asked for a day off to specially come and cheer them on.

Speaking of, ever since the awkward confession at the restaurant that day, he actually acted like nothing happened as expected from an adonis genius. He still acted like usual. From time to time, he’d go visit the Xiao Family and even help the three design the store.

Even Su Rui was surprised with Gu Shuxing’s performance.

Thankfully, Xiao Qing stopped acting awkward in front of Gu Shuxing. When the four of them had gone out to eat once, Xiao Qing had gotten drunk and even placed his arms over Gu Shuxing’s shoulders, saying, “Old Gu, I also like Yao Shanshan but she likes you. Say, are we going to be brothers or love rivals?”

Gu Shuxing was speechless.

“You’re drunk!”

Gu Shuxing silently pulled Xiao Qing’s arms off his shoulders.

“Nonsense! I’m not drunk. I’m awake. I know you’re a man. Right, a man!”

Saying this, Xiao Qing moved closer to Gu Shuxing’s side.


Miss Xiao spat on Doctor Gu in the end.

Su Wan looked quietly at Gu Shuxing as he helped wipe Xiao Qing’s clothes. Male lead, has your bottom like been refreshed?

This was a sorrowful story.

Su Wan couldn’t bear to watch this anymore for the first time.

d.a.m.n you! I’m in charge of breaking the couples apart okay! But how come I feel bad when I watch you guys?


Su Rui placed his hand on Su Wan’s waist and said softly in her ears, “Look at how drunk Xiao Qing is. Have Gu Shuxing bring him home!”

Su Wan was speechless.

General Su, didn’t you say go with the flow?

Plus, Xiao Qing was the drunk one, not Gu Shuxing!

Doctor Gu actually didn’t drink. If he was also drunk, then that’d be perfect!

Su Rui and Su Wan looked at each other. The two were about to stand up when they saw Gu Shuxing familiarly supported the drunk Xiao Qing up and exclaimed, “You guys can go back. I’ll bring her home.”


Su Wan shrugged Su Rui’s shoulders watching as Gu Shuxing brought Xiao Qing away. “Mn. It’s better to go with the flow. I’ll bet a nickel that Old Gu will definitely get with Xiao Qing.”

Su Rui was speechless.

Wife, you’re really wealthy~

“Let’s go home.”

Su Rui held their hands and the two walked home. It wasn’t far from the apartment Su Wan rented.

During this period of time, although Xiao Qing accepted his status as a woman and told Gu Shuxing about it, Su Wan and Su Rui hadn’t received notifications of completing or failing their missions. That meant that there were many possibilities with Xiao Qing’s future.

A year later.

Soaring Sun had a definite reputation and market share in A City.

During this year, Su Wan and Su Rui had signed many proxy contracts at Jiulin Street. They also opened their brand store in A City’s alleys.

They started from a small store to this brand store. This was the road to success.

When Su Rui planned on expanding their chain stores outside of the A City, Xiao Family got in trouble.

The same event occurred here as it did from the original plot.

Xiao Qing’s father left Xiao Family’s business to Xiao Qing’s mother, Jiang Min, to take care of. His father had pa.s.sed away early on. However, Xiao Qing’s uncles planned on combining forces with outsiders to swallow up Xiao Family’s a.s.sets.

They had conspired this for a really long time so that they could catch Jiang Min off guard. Now that the company was in danger and seeing that her late husband’s a.s.sets would be stolen away from her, Jiang Min was taken to the hospital due to the relapse of her illness.

After she was hospitalized, Xiao Family’s situation became worse and worse.

Back when Su Rui and Su Wan were opening chain stores, Xiao Qing provided the funds. Now that this happened to his family, Su Rui and Su Wan researched things that they could do and decided to sell the store. That way, they’d have the funds to help Xiao Qing s.n.a.t.c.h back Xiao Family’s businesses.

Xiao Qing shook his head, feeling bitter after knowing their plans. Only through hardships could one see their friends’ true faces. The moment the Xiao Family was in trouble, the cooperative partners that had a good relationship with them in the past all changed sides. Since their family was bankrupt, even if Su Rui and Su Wan sold the stores to get a few million, what could they do with that?

“Xiao Qing, do you believe in me?”

Seeing Xiao Qing’s sorrowful expression, Su Wan couldn’t help but walk to him and look straight at him. “Believe me. I will use this money to help you s.n.a.t.c.h the Xiao Family back!”

Su Wan’s strength was financial war.

“Xiao Wan?”

Xiao Qing looked at Su Wan. She almost couldn’t remember Su Wan’s past look.

Right. She changed. Everyone was changing.

But everyone was slowly turning better and their days have gotten better too.

“I believe you!”

Xiao Qing lifted his hands and held onto Su Wan’s hands tightly. “Xiao Wan, I’m leaving the company matters completely to you and Xiao Bai. I believe in you guys!”

“Trust me.”

Su Rui couldn’t help but exclaim, “Just stay in the hospital and take care of Aunt Jiang. When she is discharged, just get ready to host a celebratory dinner!”


A City Center Hospital.

Gu Shuxing finished his day’s worth of hospital and rushed his lunch before immediately coming to the hospitalization department.

Jiang Min’s room was really quiet. She had just been put on her IV drip and fallen asleep.

Xiao Qing sat by the hospital bed and his expression was really bad.

Hearing the door open, Xiao Qing subconsciously turned around to meet Gu Shuxing’s expressionless and calm eyes.

“Old Gu, you’re here.”

“Is Jiang Min okay?”

“Mn, pretty good.”

Xiao Qing smiled forcibly at Gu Shuxing.

Seeing the exhausted and sallow expression, Gu Shuxing couldn’t help but look down and say, “I have tomorrow off. I can stay here tonight to take care of her. Go home and rest, otherwise you can’t endure this.”

“I’m fine.”

Xiao Qing stood up and looked at Gu Shuxing. “Do you have a cig? I want to go out and smoke.”

“It’s best if you don’t smoke with your health state right now.”

Gu Shuxing walked to Xiao Qing and took out a chocolate piece from his lab coat and exclaimed, “Eat this.”

Xiao Qing was speechless.

So Doctor Gu, are you okay? You even have chocolate on you every day in your pocket?

Xiao Qing hesitated before picking the chocolate. At this time, Gu Shuxing grabbed the tip of his finger and then placed a check in his palm. “My mom wants me to give this to you. That’s all she has.”

Xiao Qing looked down and glanced at the eight digit on the check. She froze before asking, “Only Aunt Gu’s?”

Gu Shuxing hesitated before replying, “I also contributed.”

He wasn’t going to tell her that he had given her all his money.

There was no need to.

“Old Gu, this isn’t all your money right?”

Xiao Qing suddenly asked jokingly.

Gu Shuxing’s gaze flickered. Doctor Gu wasn’t good at lying so he revealed a loophole.

This was really all his money.

Xiao Qing’s hand suddenly trembled. “I actually…actually don’t need all of this.”

“Just keep it. I don’t mean anything.”

Gu Shuxing felt his sense of rejection and immediately smiled warmly at him. “Didn’t you say we’re brothers? Shouldn’t brothers do anything for each other? What Yan Mubai and Su Wan could do for you…I can do too.”

Treat it as brothers helping one another. Don’t feel any burden.

“Heh. Old Gu, you really…”

Xiao Qing bit his lips and held the check in his hands. “You really…what if I fall in love with you one day because of how nice you are?”

Gu Shuxing lifted his brows and then revealed a slight smile. “If that day comes… and both you and I haven’t gotten married, we…might as well make do with each other?”

Xiao Qing froze before smiling and nodding.

Okay, then…deal~


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