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Last chapter summary: Started making a futon.

The next day. We challenge the 32nd floor boss early morning.
Roxanne leads in light strides.

“Uun, there are monsters close by, but they’re merely Non-rem Golems. Also, there aren’t many. It’ll be better for us to proceed to the boss battle straight away.”

We advance without paying any attention to a small group of monsters en route.
Roxanne quickly guides the party to the boss room.
After having waited a day, we’re br.i.m.m.i.n.g with motivation.

“The Rockbird boss is called Firebird. Although its weakness is the same as a Rockbird’s, the attribute it uses isn’t. It’s proficient in Fire magic and resistant to Fire attribute. Since its resistance differs, we need to be careful.”

Having received the briefing from Sherry in the waiting room, we proceed to the boss room.
The resistance of the Rockbird boss seems to be different from a Rockbird’s.
It’s a rare pattern.
They tend to mostly be identical.

We enter the boss room.
Smoke gathers in the centre of the room as the monsters take form.
The Firebird is a bird covered in red flame.

It’s a bird on fire.
It’s a Phoenix.
It’s undoubtedly a fire bird. (TN: The kanji for Phoenix literally means fire bird)

It’s burning.
It’s flaring.
Its red hot flame is burning everything up.
An infringing h.e.l.lfire which the escape is impossible from.

It’ll completely bake the boss room.
And then, there’ll be another Gomorrah. (TN: City destroyed by fire & brimstone.
The Firebird buries its frighteningly flaming head.

An overwhelming blow that could turn anything into what would appear to be a pillar of salt. (TN: Another reference to Gomorrah)
Roxanne lightly sways and dodges it.
She has dodged it.

So, even the 32nd floor boss is unable to land an attack on Roxanne, eh?
She swings her neck in order to avoid the next thrust.
This time, the margin of evasion was slightly larger than usual.
She must’ve taken the flickering flame into consideration.

She’s dodging much more than usual.
Roxanne is in charge of the labor work.
Her fee is the same, though.

Such words are flas.h.i.+ng through my mind.
Oh well. It’ll all go into one wallet anyway.
I, who’s in charge of desk work, cast spells.

After petrifying a Rockbird, Miria joins in on the attack.
Having fulfilled her quota of one spell, Rutina partic.i.p.ates in the physical attacks using her stick.
It doesn’t seem to be that hot.
Oh well. Since it’s weak against Water and Ice magic, there’s no reason for it to be.

Oh, paralysis.
As the Firebird’s movement ceases, it drops down.
Since Miria keeps attacking, it seems to be paralysis, not sleep nor petrifaction.

It’s difficult to distinguish between paralysis, petrifaction and sleep merely from appearance.
Moreover, its flame seems to be flickering normally even though it has been paralyzed.

“Did it, desu.”

This time, it’s the signal of petrifaction.
It’s incomprehensible from the appearance, after all.
The flame seems to still be flickering.

I have no particular interest in touching it, so I finish it off with magic.
The Rockbird, which Vesta was keeping company, dies before Miria could petrify it.
In the boss battles, Miria’s performance is outstanding.
Speaking conversely, because Miria is able to perform outstandingly, the 32nd floor boss battle is safe.

The monsters vanish, leaving items behind.
The Rockbirds dropped feathers while the Firebird left behind&h.e.l.lip; something.
Something like leather.

When I use Appraisal, it displays ‘ostrich’.
Was that an ostrich?
When I heard it was a fire bird, I thought it would be a dignified creature; however, no sooner I found it was an ostrich behind the guise, I felt betrayed.

Oh well. Considering it was able to fly, it’s commendable.
After all, it wasn’t a bird inside.

“Can it be made into an armor?”
“It’s ostrich. Because it’s too soft, it can’t be made into an armor. It’s used in making a st.u.r.dy bag.”

I ask Sherry, but it doesn’t seem to be able to be made into an armor.
I have never seen an ostrich armor; so, yeah.

“Because it’s light and can be made into a beautiful design, it’s popular amongst the n.o.ble ladies. When attending the Lords’ a.s.sembly, it’d be wonderful to have an ostrich briefcase.”

Rutina shares some unnecessary information.
She doesn’t seem to have any intention of forgoing the Lords’ a.s.sembly.
Being a n.o.ble is as troublesome as I expected.
Would I be disrespected if I went there with an Adventurer-use rucksack?

‘Look at that! He’s carrying a rucksack in the Lords’ a.s.sembly! Which rural area is that n.o.ble from?’
‘Why is he carrying a sword more splendid than himself? He’s not gonna use it, is he?’
‘Oh, is he drawing the sword? Is he going to draw the sword? If he did, he would lose his territory and peerage. He might even receive capital punishment.’
‘He hasn’t drawn? What a coward!’
‘Mannerless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Countryside n.o.bles should keep themselves locked up inside the labyrinth. Like a carp in a well.’
‘Carp, a carp, a n.o.ble carp!’

These are mere thoughts; don’t get angry, me.
Don’t. Calm down.
According to the Emperor and the Duke of Harz, defeating the labyrinths is the purpose of a n.o.ble’s existence.
An attire appropriate for a labyrinth cannot be ridiculed.
Rather, if it were a branded bag, I would be considered a sn.o.b.
How many n.o.bles enter the labyrinths?
Those who s.h.i.+rk their responsibilities, ramble gaudily and turn corrupt will end up as the Earl of Selmar.

“Or better yet, an Orichalc.u.m attache case. If needs be, it can be used as a s.h.i.+eld, too.”
“Orichalc.u.m cannot be processed unless a Master Smith uses their skill. It can neither be melted nor treated. As for Orichalc.u.m attache case, it’s not recognized either as an armor or as a weapon.”

When I try to retort, I get refuted by Sherry.
There has to be such a thing as Orichalc.u.m attache case.

“On the 33rd floor, if I remember correctly, are the Drive Dragons?”

Let’s change the topic.


Since the bosses will appear as normal monsters on the 34th floor onward in the same order, Sherry’s domain will get restricted.
The opportunities for her to refute will get lessened, too.
We surge to the 33rd floor.

Since we have already fought the Drive Dragons before; also, since we twisted and turned the 32nd floor monsters and reached the 33rd floor by ourselves, I’m not afraid.
A mere dragon isn’t worthy of frightening me.

On a second thought, the duration of battles has considerably lengthened.
It has doubled.
Won’t they be stronger here?
I have fought the Drive Dragons before, yeah, but it was on the 1st floor.

Speaking of a Drive Dragon, I have heard that it’s the strongest monster within the 23rd-33rd floor range.
A Drive Dragon is resistant to all attributes; however, it doesn’t matter to me as I can use Thunder magic.
It’s strong. Strong, indeed.
A dragon must be feared.

Because the monsters don’t become incredibly stronger immediately upon reaching the 34th floor, it can be deemed acceptable.

“With our opponents being the Drive Dragons, the battles will be prolonged. Will you be alright?”
“Both Miria and Vesta are doing well, so there won’t be any problem.”

When I try to confirm, comes a reply from Roxanne.
Do you mean there won’t be any problem for the vanguards?
Or, do you mean there won’t be any problem for you, Roxanne?

“Alright, desu.”
“I think there won’t be any problem.”

So, it’s alright, huh?

“Originally, the battles take even longer, so there shouldn’t be any problem.”

As Sherry said, even the longest of our battles is actually short by the standards.
I have Grand Wizard; I can cast dual spells thanks to Grand Wizard and Jobless; I can augment it via Overdrive; We’re strong due to top equipment and level ups; et cetera.
We’ve become quite strong.

“If I were to give up at merely this, I wouldn’t be worthy of being Master’s party member- no, I wouldn’t be worthy of stepping foot in a labyrinth.”

Roxanne, I want you to not raise the hurdle (bar) excessively high.

“I have heard that the battles in the labyrinths are incredibly difficult. The extent as of now can surely not be it, right?”
“It’s all thanks to Master that the duration of battles is short. Before evasion or anything, the battle comes to an end.”
“Err, well. As you have heard, the battles are generally more difficult.”

Sherry answers Rutina’s doubts.
Make sure you don’t get misled by Roxanne’s remarks.

We return to the 32nd floor and retry the boss battle.
The Firebird doesn’t seem to be problematic either.
In any case, we have Miria’s petrifaction.
Miria-sama-sama. (TN: Yes, twice the honorific)

I have an impression that a Firebird may be easier than a Drive Dragon.
Even though it’s a boss.
Actually, if we looked only at the duration of battle, it would be long in case of a Firebird.
If we compared individually, a Firebird would be superior to a Drive Dragon.

However, because the Firebird is a boss, it shows up by itself.
Well, two monsters accompany it, too, but they’re not worth mentioning.
The boss can be left in Roxanne’s care. Close to the boss is positioned Sherry, the job of whom is to keep the boss from using area of effect magic attack, ready to strike Incantation Interruption any time.

Moreover, if it’s just one monster, it can be petrified immediately by Miria.

In contrast, there’s a possibility of the maximum number of Drive Dragons – six – appearing.
Between one Firebird and six Drive Dragons, Drive Dragons should be tougher, no?
In case of six opponents, I cannot leave all of them to just Miria.
a.s.suming the vanguards can pin three of them down, if the Drive Dragons were four or more, they would finish on top.

Abandoning the boss battle and fighting on the 33rd floor is, of course, not an option.
I’m also afraid of the Drive Dragons shooting area of effect magic attacks.
Although I wouldn’t die unless they fired in rapid succession, it hurts nonetheless.
The pain is beyond control.

“Against a Drive Dragon, Rutina will have to cast four spells in order for the number of my spells to decrease by one. On the 33rd floor, I will have to ask of you to cast four spells.”

In order to fight and see a little, I give instructions to Rutina.
Since the duration of the battles against the Drive Dragons will be long, Rutina will have to cast more spells than she does now.
4-5 shots are reasonable.
If Rutina cast four spells against a Drive Dragon, the number of spells I would have to cast would reduce.

My one spell is equivalent to Rutina’s four spells. The difference is considerable, but it cannot be helped.
A Drive Dragon is resistant to four attributes.
It would be difficult for the Wizard Rutina, who could only use four attributes, to inflict much damage.

On the contrary, the damage from Thunder magic would pa.s.s on normally.
Unless you’re a Grand Wizard, you cannot use Thunder magic.
So, there shouldn’t be any problem with casting four spells on the 33rd floor.

However, in case of a Firebird Lv33, decreasing the number of spells by casting a mere four spells, which would *girigiri* hardly have any impact, will indeed be problematic.
This time, I haven’t particularly lied. It’ll decrease from an even number to an odd number; therefore, it’s all good.
When you keep doing it overly right; soon, at some point, it loses consistency, making it noticeable.
This time, I’ll have her use four spells; availing this opportunity, I’ll have her continue to use four spells until we reach a higher floor.

Thereafter, we continue to hunt, moving back and forth between the 32nd and 33rd floors.
Burdened with the responsibility of four spells, Rutina, as expected, seldom proves to be a support.
It cannot be helped.
If needed, I’ll have her consume MP recovery medicine; however, the battles aren’t as difficult for there to be any need.

On the 33rd floor, we battle a group of 2 Drive Dragons, 3 Rockbirds and a Non-rem Golem.
It’s the first group consisting of 6 monsters.
Although the maximum number of monsters in a group onward from 32nd floor is 6, since we hadn’t come across such a large group until now, the ratio seems to still be low.

There weren’t many Drive Dragons; hence, we kill them without any trouble.
I ask of Roxanne to locate a place with a lot of Rockbirds.
This time, it works.
The utility of this location seems to be unexpectedly great for futon.

“Uun, it may be better for us to explore the 33rd floor than repeat the 32nd floor boss battle.”

Suggests Sherry after I finish the group of 6 off.
Has she noticed?
However, I try my best to remain silent.
She has noticed, after all, huh?

She’s well aware.
As expected of Sherry.

“Even though the Drive Dragons are the main const.i.tuent, I would like the Rockbirds to be the main target.”

No sooner, I state the reason as to why this strategy hasn’t been adopted.
Concurrently implying that it had been considered already.
I can think that much, too.
In other words, excuses can be prepared, too.

“Is that even so?”
“I see. Will that give me more experience than having a Drive Dragon as an opponent?”

Sherry responds strangely while Roxanne shows motivation.

“I’d like to have the Rockbirds as the main const.i.tuent on this floor. When we move to a higher floor, we can earn as much experience as we like.”
“Oh, is that so?”
“To not have any trouble in moving to a higher floor, we have to persevere here. That’s the plan, I think.”

This time, to persuade Roxanne, Sherry puts forth a fair reasoning.
It’s difficult to convince both of them at the same time.

“Is Rockbird the reason for killing whichever monster comes out, be it a Drive Dragon, a Rockbird or whatnot?”

Please don’t sound like a mother reproving her child’s unbalanced diet.

“If that’s how it’s gonna be, then let’s fight on the 33rd floor.”

That’s Sherry for you. The calm thinker Sherry.

“As for the spells, Rutina, when there are four Drive Dragons or more, can you please let me know if you can cast?”
“Yes, Roxanne-ane-sama.”
“I think if the Rockbirds are the main const.i.tuent, Rutina will be able to fight using spells; if the Drive Dragons are the main const.i.tuent, then I can fight.”

Roxanne concludes the talks on her own and lets me know.
Albeit for short, it was nice knowing the 32nd floor boss.


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