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Read Slave To The Darkness 86 86 In An Arcade 3

Slave To The Darkness is a web novel completed by Shirokitsune.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Slave To The Darkness 86 86 In An Arcade 3

“Thank you, big sister!” The young girl was now waving at Yuki “Mommy! Big sister and big brother helped me get the unicorns. I wasn’t able to get them without help and the big sister even gifted me the unicorn pencils. I am super happy.” Sarah ran over and showed her mother the bag full of plus.h.i.+es.

“OH, well then.” She looked at the couple and bowed to them. “I am terribly sorry for my rudeness. I did not realize that you were helping my daughter get the unicorns that she had been going on and on about. Thank you again for helping her.”

“It is no issue I was worried that you might take it the wrong way no one lets their child run around here unsupervised. My name is Cedric and this is Yuki. We were just out having some fun.” Cedric introduced Yuki.

“I have had a different schedule due to work and I have never been here before. Cedric was kind enough to bring me here. I wanted to have some fun and relax.” Yuki smiled at the Lady and curtsied.

The mother was blus.h.i.+ng and patting her daughter’s head. “I am Juliet. I am sorry for my past behaviour. Thank you for watching after her for me. I will keep a closer eye on her next time.”

“Juliet, if I am here next time I will help her win some more prizes but that is only if you are okay with it. I do not want to overstep my boundary.” Cedric looked at Yuki and smiled.

Yuki looked at him smiling back happily and then she looked at Juliet, “yes, please let us help her next time. I am not good at this game but Cedric is a pro.”

“Mother, is it okay? Big brother was great and even got me the rare rainbow unicorn!” She held open her bag again and showed her mother the unicorn that was all sorts of colors.

“Is it okay to ask if you do that Yuki would need to be there as well. It is not that I don’t trust you but for the fact that I think it would make me look like a bad parent to leave my young daughter with you alone.” Juliet looked at the two of them.

“I will almost always be out with Cedric. I hope that two of you enjoy the rest of your afternoon.” Yuki smiled and looked at Cedric.

Cedric picked up the coins and took her to a game. “I think that you would be good at this game. You take the gun and shoot at zombies that are coming towards you. I want to play the claw machine that is right behind you. If it says insert go ahead and use more of these coins.” Cedric placed the dish down but took out four coins.

Yuki picked up the gun for the game and weighed it in her hands. ‘Hmm, it seems a bit on the light side.’ She inserted the required two coins and the zombies slowly can at her and each shot she took was a headshot. She finished the first round and then it said round two. She kept up the headshots and didn’t miss a single one.

Cedric saw that she was doing fairly well and turned to the machine that was behind her and placed the first two coins in and went for a giant soft pillow cat that was black in color. The claw grabbed it and it fell through the slits and landed at the claim prize spot. He pulled it out and placed the last two coins in his pocket. He turned to see that she was still focussing on the zombies. There was no change in the coin amount and that meant that she had not died.

Yuki cleared level twenty and a bonus screen flashed and it stated that more headshots you got in the next two minutes that more points you would get. Yuki didn’t miss a target and cleared the bonus round easily. The ending credits can be one and she placed the gun down. “IT’S A NEW RECORD!” The game blared out and then some lights s.h.i.+ned down over her. “That was fun.” Yuki turned and saw the black cat pillow in his hands and reached out to hug it. “It is so soft.”

A store worker walked over with a prize ticket. “For beating a score that was next to impossible to beat. Here you go. You can redeem this for a rare prize from behind the counter.” He bowed and handed it to her.

Yuki took the paper and looked at the guy. “Thank you.” She turned to Cedric and smiled. “I won a prize but we still have a lot of coins.”

“It’s okay we shall play some ticket games and we can redeem those for prizes as well. I think that is a lot more fun than playing games like the one you just played.” Cedric carried the bags and led her to the ticket games and took the cat pillow from her. “I will let you play all the games that you want.”

“Okay, I will do that. I want to try as many different ones as I can.” Yuki took the coins to the first game. She placed the first coin into the machine and the light that was moving clockwise stopped and started moving counterclockwise. She watched and saw the light go near the middle and she pressed the b.u.t.ton. When she hit the b.u.t.ton the lights on the machine started blinking and the game said Jackpot. The prize amount payout was nine hundred tickets. She jumped and turned to Cedric. I did it!” Instead of a stream of individual tickets, the machine printed a voucher that said Jackpot nine hundred tickets printed. She took the voucher to the next machine and this one was one where you needed to roll the ball up. She put the coin inside and the b.a.l.l.s rolled down. She picked up the first one and scored only five thousand points she tried a second time and scored ten thousand points.


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