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Chapter 1183: Bidding Rules

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

General Kars ran over enthusiastically. “Captain Li, Mr. Yang, he…”

Li Qiang did not bother with General Kars, but hurriedly ran to the front of the rear compartment and opened the door. He respectfully said, “Brother Yang, we are here. Kars is here already.”

Yang Ming nodded, then pulled Huang Lele’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

“Mr. Yang!” General Kars saw Yang Ming got off, and he immediately greeted him. His head stayed down as he changed his att.i.tude that was above the others. General Kars also came around to the idea recently. If he wanted to continue to be a great leader, he must first learn to be a follower.

Only by being a good follower, he could be a great leader in front of others.

Especially after knowing that Yang Ming had obtained the legal owners.h.i.+p of the land of Country X, General Kars had no more fantasies. With the armed forces and legal formalities of Yang Ming, even if General Kars were expelled out of Country X, no one would appeal for him.

However, Yang Ming apparently had no interest in managing some of the government affairs in Country X. The work of a big butler fell to General Kars.

“Lele, this is Kars.” Yang Ming glanced at General Kars, then he introduced him to Huang Lele.

Huang Lele looked at this man who acted very humble in front of Yang Ming in surprise. In her impression from the conversations between her father and her eldest brother, General Kars should be a fierce and sinister guy. But at the moment, she felt that he was very harmonious.

“Hi, Mrs. Yang.” General Kars quickly replied to Huang Lele’s diligent nod.

Huang Xiaofei, who was about to get off, saw this scene in front of him, and he almost fell off! Is this person General Kars? Huang Xiaofei blinked. This shouldn’t be fake, right?

Why does he seem like a servant now?

Just as Huang Xiaofei was in his thoughts, General Kars quickly rushed over and supported Huang Xiaofei’s arm. Then he said, “Mr. Huang, be careful. The terrain is high, and it is easy to fall when getting off.”

Huang Xiaofei was somewhat overwhelmed by the fact that he was supported by General Kars. This kind of different treatment made him slightly uncomfortable. A person who you originally could only look up to suddenly became someone like a follower. No matter who it was, it would be hard for someone to get used to.

“General Kars…” For Huang Xiaofei, even after experiencing strong winds and waves, it was still tough for him to keep calm at this time. After saying these two words with difficulty, he didn’t know what else to say.

“Mr. Huang, I did something wrong in some matters previously. I hope you aren’t bothered by it…” General Kars thought that Huang Xiaofei would bear grudges against him, so he was secretly shocked. He couldn’t care too much about where they were, and he hurriedly explained.

“Don’t say this first. Let’s go in and talk.” Yang Ming frowned. Huang Lele, who was next to him, was very tired after a long journey. Yang Ming was not willing to waste time here.

“Yes…Yes…” General Kars did not know why Yang Ming said this. He thought that Yang Ming was dissatisfied with him, so suddenly he was in fear and trepidation. However, he did not dare to show any doubts.

Zhang Jingyao saw General Kars in fear and trepidation and sighed slightly. It seems that I underestimated Yang Ming. How big is the power of this guy?

The Huang Family has such a son-in-law. It may be a matter of time before they will achieve great success. What’s ridiculous is that Huang Xiaofei is actually in fear and trepidation. It seems that he can’t do anything significant!

Looking at General Kars who was eager to please Yang Ming, Huang Xiaofei had also calmed down. Although he once thought that everything in front of him was an illusion, all of this was actually there.

Huang Xiaofei sighed. It is all true. It seems that I should adapt to this life.

Zhang Jingyao was also no better than Huang Xiaofei, but the shock that he had was not as strong as Huang Xiaofei because Zhang Jingyao himself felt that Yang Ming was a very bad*ss person. So now, he was just a little more bad*ss.

From the conversation between Yang Ming and General Kars, Huang Xiaofei and Zhang Jingyao also noticed something! The real behind-the-scenes decision-maker of this Country X was actually Yang Ming! General Kars was only a big butler that Yang Ming placed in front!

Huang Xiaofei also finally understood why Yang Ming was so fearless and boastful! This land belonged to Yang Ming. Whatever he said would be realized. Even General Kars was just a servant of Yang Ming’s subordinate.

Zhang Jingyao secretly rejoiced for his savvy decision. This time, Li Zhichun and his son will be dead.

Huang Xiaofei also gradually adapted to General Kars’ flattering welcome. In fact, he did not hold grudges against General Kars at all. He didn’t dare to hold previous grudges.

Now, there was no need to hold grudges. Looking at the huge gold mine that was returned to the hands of the Huang Family, Huang Xiaofei was relieved. However, he was somewhat self-deprecating. In the eyes of Yang Ming, this family business may not mean anything at all.

In the presence of Huang Xiaofei and Zhang Jingyao, General Kars and Li Qiang could not say a lot of things openly, so this banquet was only carried out in a happy atmosphere. It did not involve some major events.

After the meal, General Kars left. Yang Ming must be very tired on the first day. Even if he had a lot of things to ask Yang Ming, he could only wait until tomorrow.

In the guest room, Huang Xiaofei touched the contract of the gold mine, but there was still an unreal feeling.

“Father, I didn’t expect Yang Ming to be so powerful. He actually has such a big force!” Huang Rongtian has just recovered from the shock.

“I also didn’t expect it. If I had known earlier, would I still need to beg that Li Zhichun? I not only lost face, but I was also played by him.” Huang Xiaofei laughed at himself self-deprecatingly.

“Don’t worry. Yang Ming said that Li Zhichun and his son would not live for a few days.” Huang Rongjin smiled. Regarding Yang Ming’s character, Huang Rongjin still understood some of it. Yang Ming wouldn’t easily let Li Zhichun and his son go.


Looking at the official doc.u.ments of the bidding, Li Zhichun was stunned; Li Tianjia was also stunned; Li Tianyu was even more stunned!

“Why do they still want to have underground boxing?” Li Tianjia frowned and said helplessly.

“There is actually such a custom in the place!” Li Tianyu explained with some helplessness, “If there is a conflict between two mine owners, they will usually hold an underground boxing match to determine the outcome of the conflict from the victory of the boxing match.”

“That means, no matter how much money we make if anyone else wants our mine, we will have a match with him. Otherwise, we can only give out the mine?” asked Li Zhichun.

“Theoretically, this is the case.” Li Tianyu nodded.

“Do we have people who can fight?” Li Zhichun asked.

“Yes, but compared with other people, our people are not opponents at all!” Li Tianyu shook his head. “The armed forces on our side are all only somewhat able-bodied. How are they the opponents of professional underground boxing guys?”

“It seems that we can only find General Kars again to see if there is any other way. If we continue like this, we will not get any benefits!” Li Zhichun was very clear-headed. After listening to Li Tianyu’s words, he knew that they couldn’t bid with the usual way.

Li Zhichun finally got in touch with General Kars. However, General Kars already knew about the grudges between Li Zhichun and Huang Xiaofei. If Yang Ming didn’t instruct him not to take action on Li Zhichun, General Kars would have taken Li Zhichun and the others to be slaves.

At this time, General Kars naturally showed a displeased expression. After listening to Li Zhichun’s words, he said coldly, “Fair compet.i.tion, can’t you understand? So many people can pull strings with me; can I care about all of them?” Is that fair?”

Li Zhichun suddenly choked and couldn’t speak, but he couldn’t help it. If the person didn’t want to attain private ends by abusing the public position, you can’t beg him to make mistakes, right? General Kars’s att.i.tude had made Li Zhichun understand that it was impossible to use the back door.


In fact, the boxing match was nothing more than a compet.i.tion set to demonstrate who was more powerful. It was understandable that these people who could invest in mining here did not lack money!

Therefore, if the price of the bid were simply increased, it was likely to be endless and climb to a terrifying number. However, in this case, only the Country X government would be benefiting from this; these miners would not gain any benefit.

Therefore, to not spend innocent money and keep the mines at a reasonable price, these could only be solved by force.

General Kars and Li Qiang acquiesced to the existence of such rules. Sometimes, they must also consider the interests of these people. To want others to be willing to invest money, they also must let others earn money. Therefore, since they proposed the bidding method, then they would just implement it accordingly.

When Li Zhichun knew that things could not be changed, he quickly got busy. Li Zhichun was not stupid. This was the only rare opportunity. Even if he hired someone, he should hire someone who could fight. No matter how much it cost, he must deal with the underground boxing first.

Li Zhichun’s social relations were actually very extensive. He soon contacted a relative that was part of Muay Thai a.s.sociation. This person was his distant niece. Although the blood relations.h.i.+p was very weak, there were frequent contacts. This niece seemed to belong to a very powerful organization. When they last met, the niece gave him a business card and told Li Zhichun to call her when something happened.

Initially, when he heard his niece brag about Muay Thai, Li Zhichun still did not believe it. However, at this time, he had no other choice. He could only contact his niece.

“h.e.l.lo? Is it Li Lexin?” Li Zhichun dialed the phone number on the business card.

(Note: Li Lexin, see Chapter 961, “Shadow Ghost Group,” one of the Thai Boxing Society students who wanted to challenge Yang Ming’s school.)


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