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Read So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1193 – What’s Their Relationship?

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Chapter 1193: What’s Their Relations.h.i.+p?

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

” Hmph , I got p.i.s.sed off once you mentioned Zhang Jingyao. I don’t know what medicine he took. He actually went to support the Huang Family who is going bankrupt soon. With Zhang Jingyao resolving their difficulties, the Huang Family even dares to be arrogant in front of us now!” Li Tianyu said with hatred, “We must show them who the boss is!”

“Forget it. It is better off if they don’t come.” Li Tianjia shook his head. “In this bid, in fact, we, the Li Family, does not have much confidence. General Kars also said that this time, it must be fair and just. It will be run according to the customs here. Hence, there is a brawl to determine the rights to the mine. We may not be able to get any benefits. If the Huang Family sees it here, they will also laugh.”

Having Li Tianjia stealing the lead in the conversation, Li Tianyu was slightly displeased. However, Li Tianjia was also talking about family matters, and it was indeed reasonable, so Li Tianyu could not say anything more. He only uttered, “Yes, but we are not bad. We have our cousin, Li Lexin, to help us. We will definitely get the expected share this time.”

Li Zhichun waved his hand and stopped the dispute between the two brothers. In fact, when Li Tianjia and Li Tianyu were fighting in the dark, Li Zhichun also saw it in his heart, but he could not help it.

“Don’t fight. Today is the crucial moment, we must unite to fight against outsiders…” Before Li Zhichun finished speaking, the smile on his face froze…

“Father, what’s wrong with you?” Li Tianjia looked at his father in doubt, then he became baffled and asked.

Li Tianyu was puzzled too. “Father, what happened to you?”

“Huang Xiaofei…” Li Zhichun felt that his breathing was uneven. He raised his hand and pointed at Li Tianjia and Li Tianyu behind him, panting and said, “They… they are coming…”

“If they come, they come.” Li Tianjia said indifferently. He did not understand how his father would have such a big reaction because of Huang Xiaofei’s family.

“Indeed, we have a chance to belittle them.” Li Tianyu also licked his lips and turned around, but at the moment he turned, his smile was frozen right there!

Similarly, Li Tianjia was also surprised as his eyes, and jaws opened widely. He looked at the scene in front of him inexplicably!

Li Zhichun, Li Tianjia, Li Tianyu naturally recognized the two big shots of Country X – General Kars, and Li Qiang! They already spent a lot of effort on Li Qiang. Although Li Qiang claimed to be the captain, he was already the highest sergeant of Country X. The bidding compet.i.tion of the mines’ rights this time was hosted by Li Qiang.

However, the only information they could get about Li Qiang was his appearance. They knew nothing about other things. No one could get in contact with Li Qiang. Now, it was not surprising to see Li Qiang and General Kars walking alongside each other and entering the venue together. However, what surprised them was that alongside General Kars, and Li Qiang was Huang Xiaofei!

Huang Xiaofei, how could he be with Li Qiang and General Kars? What qualifications does he have to win this honor? Li Zhichun would like to think that the three people just walked into the venue together by coincidence, but the facts were often very harsh.

The three people were chatting with laughter; they were obviously familiar with each other. Bodyguards were standing by their sides, but the bodyguards did not stop Huang Xiaofei from approaching, which indirectly proved this fact.

Behind the trio, four people, Zhang Jingyao, Huang Rongtian, Huang Rongjin, and Zhang Xiaonao, followed General Kars, Li Qiang, and Huang Xiaofei into the venue.

However, Li Zhichun and the others neglected a significant scene at the same time. Yang Ming and Huang Lele were walking in front of General Kars, Li Qiang, and Huang Xiaofei.

The order of important people entering the venue was self-explanatory. Yang Ming and Huang Lele walked in front of General Kars, which also highlighted that their status was above General Kars.

However, Li Zhichun and his sons apparently did not realize this. They automatically ignored Yang Ming and Huang Lele, thinking that they only entered the venue first while not being in a team with General Kars and the others.

But no matter what, the shock brought to Li Zhichun and his sons today was beyond the limit they could handle. Li Zhichun covered his chest tightly and could not speak.

This scene was like a heavy hammer that smashed on the Li Family’s chest. The most inexplicable matter that the Li Family did not want to see the most had happened in front of them.

“How did Huang Xiaofei go with General Kars and Captain Li Qiang?” Li Tianjia recovered from the shock first. “Impossible. It is absurd!”

“Is it possible…? The problem is that they are indeed walking together…” Li Zhichun shook his head with a bitter smile and sat in his seat. “No wonder the Huang Family was so fearless previously. I wonder how they got connected with General Kars and Captain Li…”

“Yes! It must be that Li Qiang!” After listening to his father’s words, Li Tianyu suddenly realized. “Previously, I have not heard about Li Qiang in Country X. He appeared later on. The Huang Family must know him so that they can excel right now!”

“Li Qiang… This person is a big shot… I heard that he settled all the armed forces in Country X.” Li Zhichun continued, “We are really in trouble this time!” ”

“Not necessarily. Didn’t General Kars say that the bidding will be fair and just? Does he want to take the lead in violating the regulations?” Li Tianyu shook his head and said.

“This is also true. However, Huang Xiaofei is now making such a play. It is obvious that he wants to show his power to us. Moreover, if they have a connection with Captain Li Qiang, they will certainly get some insider mine shares. There is no need to partic.i.p.ate in the bidding.” Li Tianjia waved his hand and denied.

Indeed, just as Li Tianjia said, Huang Xiaofei came here not to bid but simply to show off in front of Li Zhichun’s family.

Huang Family’s gold mine still belonged to the Huang Family. There was no need to bid. It could be said that the entire Country X’s land was under Yang Ming. What Yang Ming wanted was just a matter in a few words.

This did not need to break any rules, because Yang Ming itself was the rule maker. If you want to talk about fairness, then the world itself is unfair.

There was no fairness between the game maker and the game partic.i.p.ants. There was only a one-sided obedience. This could never be changed.

Yang Ming and Huang Lele went to the VIP seats in the first row and sat quietly. Although Yang Ming did not look up, he paid attention to Li Zhichun’s family’s actions with his special ability.

In fact, sometimes, it was very refres.h.i.+ng to peek at the scenes of their psychological shock. Yang Ming felt that he had the bad taste of being in a superior position.

The bid was hosted by General Kars’ secretary and Lu Xinyang. General Kars, Li Qiang, Huang Xiaofei, and Zhang Jingyao were also sitting in the VIP seats under the stage.

Of course, they were the only ones in the VIP section. The mine owners who partic.i.p.ated in the bid were not qualified to sit here.

Most of the mine owners here did not know Yang Ming and Huang Xiaofei. They only knew General Kars and Captain Li Qiang. They were astonished by these Asians. What was the ident.i.ty of these people? They could even sit together with General Kars and Captain Li Qiang.

Especially after Yang Ming and Huang Lele were seated, the two caught the attention of the crowd! Yang Ming and Huang Lele were sitting in the middle of the VIP section, which was the best position in the entire row of VIP seats.

General Kars and Li Qiang only sat on one side. This made the mine owners feel amazed and surprised. This young bad*ss seems to have more superior status than General Kars and Li Qiang!

Li Zhichun’s family also noticed this. They initially ignored Yang Ming and Huang Lele. At this time, they had to re-examine Yang Ming and Huang Lele!

“They actually sat in the middle of the VIP row!” Although Li Tianjia said that he didn’t care about Huang Lele, he still didn’t give up on her. What one could not get was the best thing ever. Previously, Li Tianjia still fantasized that one day he would ride on top of Huang Lele, but now, this idea had become an unrealistic dream.

He also understood that all this was impossible. The man by Huang Lele was not as simple as he imagined. Yang Ming might have other ident.i.ties that he did not know about! Right now, it portrayed this clearly.

“Yang Ming! Who is he?” Li Zhichun also noticed Yang Ming and Huang Lele. “Is his ident.i.ty more superior than General Kars and Li Qiang…?”

Li Zhichun did not continue speaking, but it was no longer important. Li Tianjia and Li Tianyu could understand what he meant by his words. That was Yang Ming’s ident.i.ty was higher than General Kars and Li Qiang.

Li Tianyu shook his head. Did I underestimate Yang Ming’s capability? When he brought people to the gold mine last time, I thought he was only a mercenary. Now it seems that the person who has a connection with Li Qiang is Yang Ming?

Moreover, Yang Ming sat on the master seat again…

Li Zhichun, Li Tianjia, and Li Tianyu couldn’t help but look at each other. They thought of the same problem!

That was – Li Qiang and Yang Ming. What was their relations.h.i.+p?

Thinking of this, the heads of the three people could not help but explode at the same time. A horrible thought spread in the minds of the three…


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