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Chapter 13: Teacher Turned Sister

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“Young Teacher Zhao, don’t you know that you can shock a person to death?” Since Yang Ming realized Zhao Ying already discovered that he was having some perverted thoughts, he may as well let loose. “You could have shocked me until I developed erectile dysfunction! If I can’t find a wife, who’s fault is it?”

Erectile dysfunction? When she heard this term, Zhao Ying’s face turned red as a big fresh apple. What kind of student is this? He can speak about anything!

However, when Zhao Ying saw how serious Yang Ming was, she remembered her biology cla.s.s during her university days. She remembered hearing that a man may get erectile dysfunction if he was shocked while he had an erection! To comfort Yang Ming, Zhao Ying helplessly said, “If you can’t find a wife, I will introduce girls to you.”

“But even if you introduce girls to me, they wouldn’t want to be with me if they know that I have a problem in that area!” teased Yang Ming as he noticed that Zhao Ying actually took it seriously.

“…” Zhao Ying hadn’t really thought about this and at this time, she didn’t have a way to refute his response. She was also concerned with how Yang Ming would waste his time thinking about these things, so she said impulsively, “If that’s really the case, I will marry you then!”

A little girl is still a little girl! Even though she’s a teacher who’s older than me by a few years, her thinking is still so naive. I say a few words and she said she would marry me. If Jin Gang had half of my talent, taking Zhao Ying out for a meal would be a piece of cake! Yang Ming thought proudly.

“How dare you joke with your teacher!?” retorted Zhao Ying as she saw a smirk on Yang Ming’s face.

“I’m not really. I am just happy because I don’t have to worry about not having a wife in the future. If my mom knew that I found a pretty girl as my wife, she would be so happy!” Yang Ming said innocently.

Zhao Ying collapsed. Is it me, myself, who was not suited to be a teacher, or is it Yang Ming, himself, who was not suited to be a student? Why is it that every time I speak to him it feels like I am falling into a trap?

Even though Yang Ming had his fantasy about Zhao Ying last time, he wouldn’t have said it out loud. However, a huge part of the reason he dared to speak of it today was due to the special power that he had obtained. His confidence had exploded ever since that discovery.

At this time, the school was already pitch-black. The only lit buildings were the houses surrounding the school. As Yang Ming and Zhao Ying walked on the field, since Yang Ming was taller than Zhao Ying by a head, they looked like a couple who was taking a walk in the park.

Zhao Ying had also noticed that it was a bit inappropriate after a few steps, therefore, she walked faster. However, Yang Ming easily caught up to her. She sped up again yet Yang Ming still followed her closely.

Not long after that, Zhao Ying was so tired that she had to slow down.

“Young Teacher Zhao, are you okay? Are you practicing for a marathon?” Yang Ming knew why Zhao Ying was doing this, but he pretended not to know.

“Marathon!?” Zhao Ying almost fainted. I don’t even plan to join the Olympics, why would I practice for a marathon? How can he even think this kind of nonsense?

“Isn’t it?” Yang Ming followed up.

“No, I was feeling a bit cold, so I wanted to go back sooner!” said Zhao Ying as she turned her eyes away from him.

“Oh.” Yang Ming nodded his head, took off his jacket and put it on Zhao Ying.

Zhao Ying was stunned for a moment but then, she felt a sense of warmth in her heart. Ever since she came to this city by herself, it had been a while since someone showed such care for her like this. Occasionally, there were some flies who wanted to give her flowers, however, she hadn’t felt any act of kindness like this in the city thus far.

Actually, she can’t really complain about those flies. It was Zhao Ying, herself, that had never given them an opportunity to s.h.i.+ne!

“Thank you.” Zhao Ying said softly. Even though she’s a teacher and an adult, after removing all these facades, she was still a little girl who required others’ care.

“Ah?” Yang Ming was just playing along with her. He didn’t realize that an unintentional act would make Zhao Ying thank him. Therefore, he said courageously, “I am a man. Protecting pretty girls is my responsibility.”

“Hehe, what man? Still a small boy!” Zhao Ying laughed after she saw his action.

“Not that small anymore…” Yang Ming wanted to say that his part “down there” wasn’t that small, but then he remembered that this was a teacher. The jokes can’t go overboard or else it would really have the opposite effect.

“Alright. I will consider you as a man, but you are still not as old as me!” Zhao Ying laughed because she did not realize he intended it to mean something else.

“Young Teacher Zhao?” Yang Ming asked suddenly.

“Yeah?” Zhao Ying replied.

“Can I call you sister in the future?” Yang Ming actually had a plan. After reading so many novels online, he would have been a disgrace to the pickup community if he couldn’t even take this basic step. First, sister; then, lover; lastly, wife. Initially, Yang Ming had never thought these things were possible in reality but now that he could obtain a special power, what more was impossible?

“This…” Zhao Ying didn’t know that Yang Ming would come up with this request. She remembered a lesson from educational psychology, which stated that a closer psychological distance between student and teacher would help with the student’s growth. After a bit of hesitation, she said, “Alright, but only when it’s just the two of us! If you say that in cla.s.s, I am going to stop caring about you!”

After Zhao Ying finished saying that, she realized it sounded a bit off. Her tone sounded like she was flirting with a lover. Ah, I hope he didn’t hear that tone!

How could Yang Ming not realize Zhao Ying’s flirtatious tone? However, he didn’t point it out. Good things come slowly. Chasing after a teacher required him to take it step by step. If he was in too much of a hurry, she would have become defensive instead.

“Understood, pretty sister!” Yang Ming said cheerfully.

“Remove the other word!” laughed Zhao Ying.

“Yes, pretty!” Yang Ming said seriously.

“Not sister, but pretty!” Zhao Ying replied.

“Yeah, I know. You are pretty,” said Yang Ming.

“I mean – the word I want you to remove is not ‘sister’, but ‘pretty’!” said Zhao Ying slightly irked.

“Ah, you could have said so earlier! Pretty sister, removing pretty,” said Yang Ming pretending to finally understand her.

“…” Zhao Ying silently chanted. Don’t be angry. Don’t be angry. Life is like a movie. If you are sick, no one can replace you…


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