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Chapter 717: Relatives

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

After a while, Yang Ming and others finished eating. Then Bao Sanli came back with Tian Dongguang who had a swollen face.

Tian Dongguang’s face was dejected, and Bao Sanli was much calmer than before. He wouldn’t express his emotions by talking.

“I lost! Brother Yang, your subordinate is also very fierce!” Tian Dongguang said depressed.

“It’s normal that you can’t defeat him.” Yang Ming looked at Tian Dongguang. Then he smiled and said, “Your lousy Kung Fu can only intimidate others.”

Recently, Tian Dongguang learned that his Kung Fu was too weak. He used to be invincible against any opponents, but this was only because these men held back because he was the second young master of the Tian Family. In fact, his Kung Fu was still far away from being a master.

Although Tian Dongguang later found several people to teach him Kung Fu, the progress wasn’t very fast. How can Kung Fu be mastered in one day? Did he think he was Yang Ming?

However, although Tian Dongguang wasn’t good at Kung Fu, and he was quite annoying. There was still one thing worthy of Yang Ming’s appreciation. It was that Tian Dongguang had the temperament of a young master. He solved his problems by himself. If he fought with someone, it was just a fight. If he lost in a fight, it was fine. He didn’t think about asking his underlings to take revenge for him.

This kind of forthright manner made Yang Ming not alienate him too much. This was different from a prodigal young master like w.a.n.g Zhitao. When he was in trouble, he only relied on his family’s people to seek revenge on others.

Tian Dongguang also had no face to continue to sit down. After all, his face was bruised. He said shamefully, “Brother Yang, your underling is very bad*ss. Can you let him teach me Kung Fu when he has the time…”

Yang Ming couldn’t help but feel amused. Bao Sanli is busy all day. How could he teach you Kung Fu? Don’t just think that he is just sitting here leisurely. He is just accompanying me. If it was another person, Bao Sanli absolutely wouldn’t appear here.

“Then you have to ask him.” Yang Ming said with a smile.

“Bro, can you teach me?” Tian Dongguang didn’t dare to simply ask Yang Ming to be his Master, but he thought, It should be fine to look for his underling, right?

“…” Bao Sanli looked at Yang Ming bitterly and looked at Tian Dongguang. “I came to Donghai to accompany Brother Yang and I’m going back to Song Jiang soon.”

” Ai …” Tian Dongguang sighed. He thought, My family definitely won’t allow me to go to Song Jiang.

My family is very clear about my own temper. I am a heroic type who likes to compete with others. My brother isn’t the same. My big brother is the kind of person who has relatively strong self-control, so my family is a.s.sured to let him go outside. I’m more impulsive…

Thinking of this, he had no choice but to say, “Then… I will go back first.”

When Tian Dongguang’s few underlings who were sitting at the other table saw Tian Dongguang coming back with a swollen face, they were dissatisfied immediately. “Young Master Tian, what happened? Who d*mn dared to touch you? Do you want us to go and beat up the person?”

Tian Dongguang curled his lips disdainfully. “You guys? You guys are not even enough for people to play with! Don’t f*cking give me trouble. I’m learning martial arts from others. My skills are weaker than others. How can I seek revenge for that?”

The few underlings immediately shut up. The manager, however, was secretly surprised. He didn’t know the background of the guests at the table. They beat the Tian Family’s second young master like this and he still supported them. Tian Donghua also didn’t have any thoughts. He said a few words to his underlings, and he brought them back in a hurry.

After Yang Ming finished the meal, he asked the waiter to bring the bill. The waiter smiled and said, “Young Master Tian has already settled it…”

” Oh , never mind then.” Yang Ming didn’t care. He left the restaurant with Lin Zhiyun’s family.

However, Lin Changqing seemed to notice something. When they went out, he pulled Yang Ming to the side when Bao Sanli went to start the car. He said, “Little Yang, what is the background of your friend, Bao Sanli?”

Lin Changqing thought that Bao Sanli wasn’t simple. When chatting, Lin Changqing also tried to inquire about Bao Sanli’s career. Bao Sanli only mentioned casually that he was working for Yang Ming.

However, Lin Changqing felt that Bao Sanli was like a person with upper-cla.s.s status. Moreover, Lin Changqing used to be a security guard at a big hotel. He knew a little about Song Jiang’s underworld and he seemed to have heard of the name Bao Sanli.

” Oh , nothing. He is just my friend. He runs an entertainment company.” Yang Ming casually explained.

“Then he… why do you say that he is your subordinate…” asked Lin Changqing suspiciously.

” Hehe , I have a share in the entertainment company.” Yang Ming smiled and said, “If Uncle Lin wants to know the details, then I will tell you in detail when we go back. Let’s get in the car first.”

” Oh ? That’s good.” When Lin Changqing saw Shen Yueping urging him, he knew that it wasn’t a place to talk, so he nodded and went to the car with Yang Ming.

“Uncle Lin, Aunty Shen, it’s still early. Why don’t we find a shopping mall to stroll around?” Yang Ming looked at the time and suggested.

Although Song Jiang sold everything now, most people had similar ideas that when they arrived in another city, they wanted to go to the local shopping mall to see if there was anything to buy.

Lin Changqing didn’t care much. After all, he had been working here for a while. However, Shen Yueping hadn’t been to Donghai yet. When Yang Ming said this, she was somewhat excited.

“Alright, then let’s go around!” said Shen Yueping.

Bao Sanli parked the car at the entrance of a nearby shopping mall. When Yang Ming saw the name of the shopping mall, Xinheng Department Store, he couldn’t help but be stunned. He didn’t expect Wu Zhongjie’s business to be quite so big. There were even chain stores in Donghai.

After buying a few pieces of clothing for Lin Zhiyun, Shen Yueping mostly looked at the clothes but didn’t buy them. Finally, under Yang Ming’s persuasion, she had to pick a few pieces of clothing that cost about half a month of her salary.

Lin Zhiyun’s and Yang Ming’s relations.h.i.+p had progressed to the next step. Her att.i.tude toward Yang Ming had also undergone a tremendous transformation. From the original shyness, it became an attachment to Yang Ming.

When they were paying, Bao Sanli took out a member card from his wallet and said, “Brother Yang, I have a member card here.”

“Member card? I seem to have one, too.” Yang Ming suddenly remembered that Wu Zhongjie gave him a member card for the Xinheng Department Store. So, he opened his wallet and searched around. He really found the member card.

“Sir, can you please pay a little faster. There are people waiting in line…” The cas.h.i.+er said with some impatience. In Xinheng, many people had member cards, so the att.i.tude of the cas.h.i.+er wasn’t so respectful.

However, when she saw the member card in Yang Ming’s hand, she was stunned all of sudden. Her eyes showed an expression of surprise.

“Sir, your diamond card can enjoy a 30% discount.” The cas.h.i.+er’s tone changed immediately, and she said it carefully.

“It’s still Brother Yang’s card which is bad*ss…” Bao Sanli shook his head and kept his regular member card. His card could only be used for a 10% discount, but he didn’t expect Yang Ming’s card to get a 30% discount.

“Wu Fugui, this boy isn’t genuine. The card that he gave me is useless. I need to find him to teach him a lesson!” Bao Sanli had to swear in order to save face.

” Ha , Wu Fugui isn’t genuine… This card was given to me by his son, Wu Zhongjie…” Yang Ming smiled and said, “My and Zhiyun’s tutored student…”

The cas.h.i.+er was shocked. She thought, The two people in front of me aren’t simple. They can talk directly to the chairman and the son of the chairman! She immediately became somewhat cautious.

After paying the money, when they looked at the time, the saw that it was about time. Then, they rushed to Donghai International Airport.

At 11:30, the plane from Australia to Donghai via Shanghai landed in Donghai. When they reached the exit, a lot of people came out.

“Big sister!” A 30-year-old man wearing and looking handsome shouted excitedly and waved at Shen Yueping.

“Yuefeng!” Shen Yueping was also a little excited. She hadn’t seen her brother in about five or six years.

“Isn’t this Yun Er? Did you miss your uncle?” Shen Yuefeng looked at Lin Zhiyun by the side and said happily.

“Uncle.” Lin Zhiyun shouted sweetly.

” Oh ? This is…” Shen Yuefeng looked at Yang Ming next to Lin Zhiyun and asked curiously.

“h.e.l.lo, I’m Zhiyun’s boyfriend, Yang Ming.” Yang Ming quickly introduced himself.

” Oh ? Since that’s the case, then you can call me uncle!” Shen Yuefeng said intimately.

“Uncle…” Yang Ming didn’t want to let him down. It could be seen that his relations.h.i.+p with Zhiyun’s family wasn’t bad. Moreover, it seems that he was doing well, but why didn’t Lin Zhiyun’s family didn’t borrow money from him when they had difficulty?

“Sister, brother-in-law, Zhiyun and Yang Ming, right?” Shen Yuefeng pointed to a woman who wasn’t very outstanding, but she was somewhat arrogant. “I want to introduce to you my fiancee, He Lulu.”

“h.e.l.lo, I will call you sister-in-law…” Shen Yueping quickly reached out and wanted to get close to He Lulu.

He Lulu didn’t reach out, but said cynically, “You can call me Lulu. I’m not married yet. Everything is just a variable.”

” Ah …” Shen Yueping was astounded. She took back her hand and didn’t know what to say.

Yang Ming frowned. What the f*ck is going on? Does she need a lesson? Yang Ming glanced at Shen Yuefeng who was shaking his head helplessly. This kid seemed to have no position in the family.

If Yang Ming’s woman spoke like this, Yang Ming would be enraged already. However, other people’s family affairs had nothing to do with him, so it was inappropriate to say anything.

As for Lin Zhiyun, she called “Aunty He” intimately, but there was still no smile from He Lulu. She just nodded.

Lin Changqing also saw that He Lulu wasn’t friendly, so he simply didn’t say anything at this moment.

“However, I say, Yuefeng, your niece’s boyfriend looks very handsome… but then again, in this day and age, looking handsome isn’t quite useful… Am I right?” He Lulu glanced at Yang Ming and curled her lips.

Shen Yuefeng was very embarra.s.sed. He coughed a little, but in his heart, he felt that he was a good-for-nothing. If I knew this, I wouldn’t have brought her along.


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