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Read So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 854 – A One Hit Kill

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Chapter 854: A One Hit Kill

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Even if you are eloquent, you can’t persuade the dead to be alive. In the end, you will still get killed by me. In Ouyang Kanqi’s view, Yang Ming was only running his mouth and spoke something against him.

“Kid, you brought this on yourself. I let you make the first move, but you gave it up. When you meet the Yama King [1], don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance!” Delay Man 001 heard to Ouyang Kanqi’s order and spoke to Yang Ming.

” Oh , I’ll let you make the first move. When you see the Yama King, you can tell him that you didn’t take your chance!” Yang Ming said indifferently as he shrugged.

Delay Man 001 sneered. He admitted that Yang Ming had a smart mouth. He couldn’t beat Yang Ming with words, but that didn’t matter. Since Yang Ming wanted to die early, Delay Man 001 would fulfill his wish.

Delay Man 001 no longer cared about Yang Ming. His figure swaying, Delay Man 001 made his move. He was equipped with a sharp dagger hidden at his waist. As he reached out his right hand, the dagger was firmly held in his hand, dazzling with a chilly reflection.

Yang Ming seemed to joke around with his words, but when Delay Man 001 made a move, he didn’t dare to neglect. No matter how bad the Hawkeye was, there were always one or two pillars in the group. Because Delay Man 001 was brought out by Ouyang Kanqi, there must be something extraordinary about him.

Yang Ming stared at Delay Man 001’s action. When Delay Man 001 approached, Yang Ming was going to dodge behind, because the blade was too sharp, and it would hurt if Yang Ming were to confront it directly. Surprisingly, Delay Man 001 actually stopped. The dagger stopped in front of Yang Ming. The blade was half a meter away from him, so it was suspended in the air.

Yang Ming was baffled. Does this person have epilepsy or something happened to him? Or does his hand have a disfunction?

How could Yang Ming know that Delay Man 001’s usual killing habit was to have a one-second delay before killing the target so that he could appreciate the panicked expression of the deceased before his death?

Usually, in this case, no one could react at all. In just one second, the moment was over. But Yang Ming was different. This second was enough for Yang Ming to do a lot of things.

Although Yang Ming didn’t understand what Delay Man 001 intended to do, Yang Ming would never give up such a great opportunity. Yang Ming quickly reached out and dislodged the dagger from the hand of Delay Man 001. Then, under the stunned expression of Delay Man 001, Yang Ming stabbed it into his heart.

“How is it possible-?” This was the last sentence that Delay Man 001 said before he died. He couldn’t understand why Yang Ming’s reaction was so fast. There was only a short one-second pause, and yet Yang Ming actually was able to grab the dagger.

Little could one imagine that Yang Ming’s own skills weren’t weak. After a long period of rigorous training, even if Delay Man 101 had a one-second pause, Yang Ming wouldn’t be stabbed by him. However, this one-second pause had instead given Yang Ming the chance to grab the dagger!

At the moment when the dagger was pulled out, the blood of Delay Man 001 poured out like a fountain and sprayed all over the floor.

“Old man Ouyang, the next time you bring someone out to kill me, can you find someone that has nothing wrong with them?” Yang Ming was very casual. His tone didn’t seem like he just killed someone. “Does this guy have epilepsy? Why did he pause his move?”

Ouyang Kanqi looked incredulously at Yang Ming and Delay Man 001 who fell to the ground. He didn’t expect that the somewhat abnormal habit of Delay Man 001 would be the reason for his death!

Although Ouyang Kanqi used to think that Delay Man 001’s habit was terrible, and it could easily give his opponent a chance to breathe or escape, he never thought that the enemy could counterattack within one second. This is not a movie. How was it possible?

It could only be explained that his thoughts were like a frog at the bottom of the well [2]. He thought that his group was great, but he would never know there was someone even more powerful.

Liu Jihao had already peed in his pants at this time. He really regretted it. Why did I listen to Ouyang Junwei’s words and get involved with this matter? If I only extorted Yang Ming’s money, probably Yang Ming wouldn’t make a move. But now…Liu Jihao could hardly imagine what Yang Ming would do with the rest of the people after killing Delay Man 001!

Why did I believe in Ouyang Junwei? He boasted Delay Man 001 to the sky, saying that he was unparalleled in Kung Fu. The result was good. He said that he would end Yang Ming in a move. But, he himself was a one hit kill.

Ouyang Kanqi just wanted to speak, but Yang Ming barged in, ” Oh yes, there should be no next time. Keeping you old and young in this world is just making trouble for me!”

” Hmph ! Stop thinking of yourself so highly. You are lucky enough to kill Delay Man 001. If you are that great, try with me!” Ouyang Kanqi snorted. Although his heart was bleeding because he lost a talented person, on the surface, he still pretended to be calm.

“With you?” It wasn’t that Yang Ming belittled Ouyang Kanqi. It was just that Ouyang Kanqi didn’t seem like a person who had practiced at first glance. Maybe he was good at fighting since young, but when it came to Kung Fu, he obviously wasn’t in shape.

People who practiced Kung Fu, regardless of their age, could be distinguished from ordinary people at a glance, but Ouyang Kanqi didn’t appear so at first glance.

“Yes! Do you have the b.a.l.l.s? If you are a man, come one on one with me!” As Ouyang Kanqi spoke, he began exercising with both hands and feet, as if warming up before a fight.

However, Ouyang Kanqi’s movements were quite funny in Yang Ming’s eyes, so that he couldn’t help but laugh. Is this warming up? Why is it like a toad?

Where does Ouyang Kanqi know Kung Fu? This was the clearest in his own heart. Although he was the leader of the Hawkeye Group, it did not mean that he was also an!

He provided the Hawkeye Group with capital and training environment. In fact, it did not need Ouyang Kanqi to perform any tasks in person. However, this time he said this to distract Yang Ming’s attention, and then he would give Yang Ming an unexpected fatal blow.

While Ouyang Kanqi was dancing around, his right hand slowly touched his own arms. His movements were natural, and there was no feeling of pretense.

However, Yang Ming had long felt that Ouyang Kanqi was not normal. He had been staring at the old guy’s move and saw his hand touch his chest, which immediately roused Yang Ming’s suspicion.

Yang Ming directly looked at Ouyang Kanqi’s arms with his special ability and found out that there was a small 77 pistol hidden in his arm!

D*mn! Yang Ming really wanted to point at the old man, Ouyang Kanqi, and give him a scolding! He even said, “Do you have the b.a.l.l.s? If you are a man, come one on one with me!” Wasn’t he afraid of losing his tongue?!

Do you want to play guns with me? That is fine! After Yang Ming noticed the old man’s intentions, he reached out and took out w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s lipstick pistol from his pocket and shot it directly in the heart of Ouyang Kanqi. Ouyang Kanqi’s eyes widened, and his throat rumbled twice. He fell to the ground unwillingly.

“Don’t you want to play guns with me? Then I will help you.” Yang Ming put back the lipstick pistol into his pocket.

Liu Jihao had almost rolled his eyes. Who is this guy? He actually has a gun.Although Liu Jihao also mingled in the underworld, he was still far from the firearms. It wasn’t surprising that Ouyang Kanqi had a gun because he was the leader of the group! But Yang Ming actually had a gun?

Liu Jihao complained and couldn’t wait to slap himself a few times! It seems that Yang Ming is obviously a ruthless person! The words that Yang Ming said at the coffee shop that day didn’t seem to be fake. When he mingled in the underworld, what was I actually doing?

If I knew that Yang Ming was so powerful, even if I were beaten to death, I wouldn’t dare to extort money from him! Isn’t this joking with my life? The Ouyang Family was nothing. They had a strong appearance but was weak in reality. Yang Ming had killed two people in an instant. For those remaining here, it was also a matter of time.

Ouyang Junwei did not expect Yang Ming to actually carry a gun and kill his father with a shot! Ouyang Junwei screamed with sorrow, “Dad!” Then he looked at Yang Ming with hatred. His eyes were full of angry flames.

Ouyang Junwei knew that it wasn’t the time to grieve. If Yang Ming weren’t killed, he wouldn’t be able to go back today.

“Only you left. That Ouyang Jun something, how do you want to die?” Yang Ming did not ask Ouyang Junwei for a duel but asked Ouyang Junwei how to die. Yang Ming was quite arrogant in his tone, but he had the capability to do so.

Ouyang Junwei repressed his anger. He glared at Yang Ming and said a word, “Taekwondo. Do you dare?”

“I don’t know that stuff. If you want to fight, I can only use something else.” Yang Ming snorted.

“You can do anything, but you can’t use a gun!” Ouyang Junwei said this in his heart. If Yang Ming used a gun, he could do nothing, and there was no need to fight.

Ouyang Junwei was also making an attempt. If Yang Ming were willing to let him go, then it would be better. He would rather be a coward if it would be worthwhile. Anyway, ten years isn’t too late for a gentleman to get revenge. He would later find some ways to kill Yang Ming.

“Fine, as you wish.” Yang Ming laughed. It turned out that this Ouyang Junwei was also a coward. Yang Ming thought he was quite capable. If no gun was allowed, so be it. Yang Ming didn’t plan to use a gun anymore.

w.a.n.g Xiaoyan’s lipstick pistol could only hold two bullets. One was used yesterday, and the remaining one was awarded to Ouyang Kanqi. Even if Yang Ming want to use it, he couldn’t.

“Come on!” Ouyang Junwei took off his coat and made an inviting gesture to Yang Ming.

“I am still following the same sentence. You must make a move first. Otherwise, you have no chance after one of my moves!” Yang Ming said.


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