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This person stood with his sword drawn and a calm and collected expression on his face. He yanked the ropes, breaking the binding on the Qin disciple, and brandished his sword: “Those who do not fear death, come.”

This person had a slim body and had a rare youthful appearance. He did not seem to be a few years older than the Qin disciple he had rescued. His looks were as perfect as a flawless jade and was extremely handsome. Despite being surrounded by powerful enemies, he still talked cheerfully and wittily. Appearing neither rushed or calm, he seemed to not fear the difficult situation before him.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang could not help but praise him greatly as he saw this person’s temperament: “Who is this young master, could he be a disciple from the Heavenly Emperor Qin headquarters? His moves and his aura are extremely extraordinary!”

When he thought here, he could not help feeling even more impressed. He glanced at Bao Bao to motion them to not act recklessly. They shall wait for his signal.

General Manager Su waved his hand and stopped the charge of the the other people. He took a step forward and sized this young man up from head to toe. Then, he said coldly: “Young man, you are rather bold. May I ask your name?”

That young man glanced at General Manager Su lightly and did not seem to put him into his eyes. He laughed straightforwardly: “My two-character surname is Jiu Fang, my first name is Yunfei. Remember it well!”

“The Jiu Fang clan?” The expression of General Manager Su’s face changed slightly.

Jiu Fang Yunfei laughed: “So you are not completely ignorant, and you’ve heard about the Jiu Fang Clan!”

The face of that General Manager Su changed drastically: “Your Jiu Fang Clan is also getting involved in these absurd matters?”

Jiu Fang Yunfei said proudly: “In the end, you are ignorant. If you know those secret stories from three thousand years ago, you should know that without the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan, there would not be any descendants of the Jiu Fang Clan. Presently, with the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan in danger, of course the Jiu Fang Clan would not remain indifferent.”

Again, General Manager Su’s expression changed again. His face full of confidence from before had become slightly less calm. There were more traces of solemnity and vividly, he seemed worried.

However, General Manager Su was used to see big scenes. When he saw this situation, he only smiled lightly: “I don’t want to know about the relations.h.i.+p between the Jiu Fang clan and the Qin Clan. This Hundred Leaf Qin disciple is our prisoner. If you want to take him today, you must pay a price!”

“Is that right? To you?” There was a trace of disdain from Jiu Fang Feiyun.

General Manage Su laughed: “Perhaps you didn’t know that we have tied this Qin disciple here publicly to lure a big fish in like you? Do you think you can take him out of the Black Raven Royal City easily?”

Jiu Fang Feiyun smiled lightly: “Even if you have set up an inescapable net in the Black Crow Royal City, would I be scared?”

“Is that so?” There was also a trace of icy coldness on the corner of General Manager Su’s mouth.

“No?” Jiu Fang Feiyun gave a cold sneer and suddenly, he lifted his body and soared to the sky. Then, he threw the sword from his hand and turned it into a green colored sword light.

With one step, Jiu Fang Feiyun stood on this green sword light and rode away. The fast speed and the swift movements made the entire square erupt into a rumble of noise. Apparently, everyone was shocked.

“How is it possible?”

“Flying on the sword?”

“d.a.m.n, he’s too cool? Just who is this kid!”

General Manager Su saw that this Jiu Fang Feiyun had made his first move by riding on the flying sword. He also saw that his skill in terms of riding the sword was not that of an ordinary beginner!

The fast speed made General Manager Su feel far inferior. He stomped on the ground as he was infuriated. Suddenly, he lifted his body and soared to the sky by transforming into a shadow. Indeed, he had gone to chase him.

Only, the speed of this General Manager Su was clearly much slower than Jiu Fang Feiyun’s. As soon as Jiu Fang Feiyun had initiated the sword intention, it had allowed him to traverse the sky like a rocket.

And at a certain height, this General Manager Su was unable to keep climbing upwards. He could only fly horizontally. And he had travelled slowly and not like the lightning-fast speed of Jiu Fang Feiyun.

Qin Wushuang raised his head and looked at this sudden change with shock. Inwardly, he was also speechless. At this point, he had truly experienced the advantage of riding on a sword to fly in the air.

If one had grasped this skill, regardless of the tough battle on the ground, as long as one could fly into the air, it would be an unimaginably astounding thing to do by leaving behind a crowd of shocked and terrified people.

“Flying skill!” Inwardly, Qin Wushuang said to himself, “Regardless of the Cloud Garment Feathery Covering technique, or the Yin Yang Purple Cloud Wings, I can only use them at the Void Martial Stage.”

Especially that Cloud Garment Feathery Covering technique that could only be utilised at the Transformation Void Martial Stage. From Qin Wushuang’s knowledge of the Void Martial Stage, he had acquired some basic understanding.

Within the four stages of the Void Martial Stage, the Refined stage was the beginning step. One could refine his shape, transform his appearance and merge into the sky.

When one had entered the second Transformation Void Martial Stage, on the basis of the Refined Void Martial Stage, a portion of people with superior skills and extreme talent would possess the skill to fly. Regardless of riding on a sword, use their own flying technique, their bodies could transform to become as light as feathers when merging with the sky. At this point, although they could not soar into the sky, flying in the air was not impossible.

In other words, the Transformation Void Martial Stage was the entrance to the flying skill.

And at the third stage of the Void Martial Stage, in the Profound Void Martial Stage, besides flying skills, one could completely merge themselves into the sky and learn a variety of related techniques.

If one could grasp different escape technique, then it would be more advantageous than flying techniques. It could even be more suitable. After all, the process of performing the flying technique could always be tracked. On the other hand, escape techniques were unpredictable. Unless there were extremely skillful warriors specialized in this field, not to mention tracking the traces, they would not even be able to discover where they had gone. Regarding where one had escaped to, and how had they done it, it would be hidden.

Of course, the flying skill and the escape techniques itself did not differentiate between good and bad. Only, by using it in different situations and how it was used would reveal different results.

The highest stage of the Void Martial Stage, the Perfect Void Martial Stage, was the most well rounded stage. The use of all different techniques were brought to the point of perfect and one would have merged their body as one with these skills. At the Perfect Void Martial Stage, they would be competing on details, their trump cards. Unless one had encountered special fortuitous opportunities, otherwise at this stage, each of their own skills would not be much different.

While he was immersed in this train of thought, that General Manager Su dropped back onto the ground. Revealing an ashen face, he stomped angrily.

“How did it go, General Manager Su?”

His two left and right subordinates all went up to him and asked with a caring tone.

General Manager Su gave a cold sneer: “That kids’ sword riding skill is not ordinary. And that sword should be some ancient legacy. The light of the sword was too fast, and my flying speed could not even catch up to him. I think that the Jiu Fang Clan also resided at the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gate in the past. It’s not strange for them to have some legacy.”

“Unfortunately, if the other General Managers were here, they would not have let this kid run away.”

General Manager Su shook his head: “Even if Commander Chen comes, he would win over that kid with his strength. However, it would be tough to catch up to him.”

“Even Commander Chen could not catch up him?” Those two looked at each other in dismay.

Someone had immediately accepted this mission when it arrived at the Orderly Mountain prefecture. The person in charge of this mission was the so-called Commander Chen.

Besides him, there were four General Managers. These five were the main people in charge of this mission. And that Commander Chen was the only elite warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage.

All four of the General Managers were elite warriors at the Transformation Void Martial Stage.

The limit of a million gold crystal stones as a reward was tempting an elite warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage. At the Perfect Void Martial Stage, usually they would focus on their training to pursue that Miraculous Mysterious stage. Who would waste their energy and time for a mere million gold crystal stones?

Thus, to the Hundred Leaf Qin Clan, the elite warrior at the Profound stage was the limit. If a Perfect Stage had come, most likely they would not have the power to resist. No matter how strong their castle was, they could only submit to fate. Unless a miracle had appeared.

General Manager Su did not find it too shameful. After all, everyone had witnessed the strength of Jiu Fang Feiyun and it was unnecessary for him to cover up his faults.

Facts would win against arguments.

Everyone around were engaged in lively discussion.

General Manager Su instructed while frowning: “Have these people disperse, there’s nothing further to see.”

That man in black walked up and shouted after receiving the instruction: “Disperse, disperse! Those who wants to sign up can register at the Freelance Martial Artist union!”

“May I ask, how much crystal stones could we get by partic.i.p.ating in this mission?”

“Haha, how much money? Money will make a devil turn the millstones. If the rewards is high, we will sign up. If not, we will not get involved. After all, it’s not an beneficial matter to offend the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan.”

“Haha, announced the price.”

That General Manager Su sneered: “It’s easy to negotiate the price. I’m only afraid that you would not have the strength. You will not lack in money if you have the power.”

“General Manager, should I announce the requirement?” The man in black whispered, “The other three General Managers have almost finished with their recruitment. We shouldn’t lag behind too much on our side.”

Initially, General Manager Su was not in a rush. In his opinion, he would prefer quality over quant.i.ty. Thus, he was careful when recruiting at the Black Raven Royal City. He had been investigating each person as he was afraid of a spy coming in. Then, he was scared that some people might make up the numbers despite their inferior skills.

General Manager Su nodded lightly: “You can make the announcement.”

After having received the permission, that man in black walked up and cleared his throat to shout: “Listen carefully. This time, the people registering to join in the attack on the Hundred Leaf Qin castle are different than the previous temporary employments! The requirements are much stricter. At the very least, you must be at the Advanced Stage of the Upper Sky, it would be best to be at the Perfect Stage. You would be even more welcomed if you are at the Refined Void Martial Stage! The recruitment is restricted within the three levels. For Refined Void Martial Stage, as long as you partic.i.p.ate and make some contribution, you will receive a basic salary of five thousand gold crystal stones. Then, depending on your contribution, you will get other rewards. If you make a great contribution, including the basic salary, you can receive up to twenty thousand gold crystal stones for this mission! The Upper Sky Perfect Stages will get half of the Refined Void Martial Stage. Whereas Advanced Stage warriors will get a base salary of one thousand gold crystal stones, but you can also earn as much as three thousand gold crystal stones!”

This rewards were not small. To different leveled elite warriors, the price was rather fair! This way, the interest of these people had been stimulated.


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