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Read Soul Land 3: Legend Of The Dragon King Chapter 65 – Did You Win?

Soul Land 3: Legend Of The Dragon King is a web novel made by Tobey Marshall.
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“Thank you teacher.” Gu Yue nodded with a grin on her face.

Wu Zhangkong’s demeanor turned cold. “You should join them in running. This is a compulsory Physical Education. Xie Xie, you too.”

Xie Xie pointed out with a bitter face, “Teacher, weren’t we freed from running due to the match?”

Wu Zhangkong answered coldly, “Did you win?”

“I…” Xie Xie’s heart burned with rage as well as filled with depression. Wasn’t this so? If one related his matches with Tang Wulin, then most of Tang Wulin’s successes had some component of luck. However, he had exerted all his efforts and power into this match with Gu Yue, and in the end, he had still lost. This girl’s martial soul was too weird, wasn’t it? It was even weirder than his own pair of Dragon Daggers.

Gu Yue smiled. She didn’t try to avoid the training but ran towards the side of field and joined the rest of her cla.s.smates in their run.

Xie Xie let out a long sigh as he didn’t have much choice but to join in the training as well.

Gazing at their figures, Wu Zhangkong’s steely expression cracked to reveal a rare smile. He turned and walked in the direction of the main academic building.

Gu Yue’s steps were light and quick. As she reached Tang Wulin, she asked him with curiosity, “Why did you wrap iron chains around your body?”

Tang Wulin replied, “To build up my strength! The teacher gave me stricter requirements. You sure are formidable.”

Gu Yue grinned. “I’m really not that great. None of my elements are even that strong. It was just that I had controlled them well. All martial souls are the same. As long as you have enough soul power and you can fully comprehend as well as control your martial soul well, then it will bring you surprises.”

Tang Wulin’s heart moved a little upon hearing Gu Yue’s thoughts. Control?

“Is your waist not tired at all, from all that standing and speaking? Who could have controlled their martial soul in as many different ways as yours?” Xie Xie’s voice, with an air of nonchalance, sounded from Tang Wulin’s other side. Without needing to wear the weighted clothes, and after taking a break, he felt rather relaxed when he ran now.

Gu Yue answered, “That’s because you haven’t understood your own martial soul well enough.”

Xie Xie was not convinced. “How are you so sure that I don’t understand fully?”

Gu Yue replied, “You were just defeated; need I explain more?”

“I…” Xie Xie grieved and felt like smas.h.i.+ng his head into the wall. Was he not a prodigy? What had happened to him after entering this academy? Even more so, this was in the worst cla.s.s, yet he was humiliated repeatedly.

Wu Zhangkong walked into the school building. All of the were still being held, thus the corridors were empty.

Walking up to the teaching office, he stopped abruptly and thought deeply before knocking on the door.

“Come in!” Long Hengxu sounded.

Zhangkong opened the door and entered.

Long Hengxu was seated behind his work desk and sulking away. He was in a deep thought on how to manage his relations.h.i.+p with Wu Zhangkong. Today, this guy hadn’t given him any face. However, if he were to try to get Wu Zhangkong expelled, that would be practically impossible. Even more so if he were to seek the President’s agreement. How would he suggest to give punishments to Wu Zhangkong instead? Wu Zhangkong had already been sent to teach the worst cla.s.s of cla.s.s five, how much more severe a punishment could he be given? Could this be the cause of his att.i.tude? Was that why Wu Zhangkong was acting like a dead mouse that feels no cold?

Long Hengxu’s expression turned into one of surprise when he realised that Wu Zhangkong just walked into the office. With a cool front, Long Hengxu asked, “Teacher Wu, how may I help you?”

Wu Zhangkong walked up to his desk with a calm expression, then bowed towards Long Hengxu.

“Sorry, Director Long. I have come to apologise to you.”

Eyeing his bow, if one were to describe Long Hengxu’s previous heart as full of displeasure, then it would’ve turned into complete shock in that split moment.

What situation was this? The Icily Arrogant Prince Charming came to apologize? Had the sun risen from the west?

Towards this teacher with such extreme characteristics, he had quite some knowledge of him. Since Wu Zhangkong’s first day at the academy, he had been in the limelight. He had the looks, the strength, and the name of being the most powerful person in the academy. But, he was as arrogant as he was unyielding, and he hadn’t complied with the academy’s teaching syllabus and acted solely in accordance to his own views. The female students within the academy had since given him the name of ‘Prince Charming’.

This man even had the cheek to disregard the President. It was said that there was once a time when the President had sought to speak with Wu Zhangkong and he’d just left halfway into the President’s conversation.However, he had a right to be arrogant since he possessed six soul rings despite being under thirty years old. Furthermore, he was said to be from that monstrous place, but had ended up here for unknown reason.

That was why this man only had eyes at the top of his head. But why did this man, Wu Zhangkong, apologize to him? Did the graveyard just turn into a garden?

Wu Zhangkong continued seriously, “What happened today is solely my fault. Thus, I am here to apologise. I hope to seek your forgiveness.”

“Never, nevermind.” Long Hengxu didn’t know if he was shocked by Wu Zhangkong, or that the apologies had mellowed the rage in him, but as he replied in haste, it revealed some weakness in his vigour.

Wu Zhangkong nodded his head and continued, “Director Long, a new student has arrived in our cla.s.s. She has just pa.s.sed my test and fits well with our academy’s conditions. In accordance to the academy’s policies, if a potential student misses the date of admission, but has been accepted into the academy based on special conditions, they can only start from cla.s.s five. As such, I seek your permission in accepting her into the academy.”

As he spoke, he handed Long Hengxu the letter that Gu Yue had provided him with.

Long Hengxu took the letter. “Fine, I’ll see to this.”

Wu Zhangkong replied, “That’s it for now. I’ll wait for your permission.”

It was only now that Long Hengxu finally regained his consciousness. He finally understood why Wu Zhangkong came to apologize. He’d done that so he could come and seek Long Hengxu’s a.s.sistance!

However, Long Hengxu was no longer in rage after receiving Wu Zhangkong’s apologies. He didn’t know why, but the Icily Arrogant Prince Charming’s charm wasn’t just effective on females.

“Teacher Wu. I will still have to remind you to leave me with some dignity in front of the students” Long Hengxu voiced out gravely.

“Alright.” Wu Zhangkong nodded his head.

Long Hengxu didn’t expect Wu Zhangkong to agree to him so easily. This Icily Arrogant Prince Charming held his head up high. It was also the reason why he was a man of his words. Since he’d agreed to it, he would see it to the end. Long Hengxu didn’t expect their relations.h.i.+p to turn out well so quickly. It seemed that for now, having Wu Zhangkong in the intermediate academy wouldn’t be a bad thing after all.

‘Teacher Wu seemed to hold this student with high regards!’ As he thought, Long Hengxu opened the letter and read it in detail.

This letter came from an Elementary School in a small town, and looked like nothing special.

Gu Yue: Female. Soul power: Rank 15. Martial soul: Elementalist.

‘Elementalist? What kind of soul is that?’

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