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Read Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 252 – Lan Xuanyu’s test

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Chapter 252: Lan Xuanyu’s test

Lan Xuanyu unwillingly followed the sloppy, middle-aged man over to an elevator. His eyes never left the s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p until the elevator doors closed. ‘I really want to pilot such a wars.h.i.+p!’ It was simply far better as compared to his daily training. What kind of precision and skill was required to be unable to see even a single seam on the entire wars.h.i.+p?

Lan Xuanyu’s breathing was slightly rapid, “If I can own a similar s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p, how awesome will that be?’

Of course, it was just a thought. He was aware of the extravagant value of the s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p.

The elevator doors opened. Lan Xuanyu did not know where they were and only sensed that the elevator had travelled downwards instead of up. ‘Are we underground?’

The sloppy, middle-aged man walked out of the lift as Lan Xuanyu quickly followed after him. After going around a bend, a metal door opened, revealing a large s.p.a.ce within.

It was a standalone room with a set up Lan Xuanyu was extremely familiar with, the s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p simulation cabin.

Furthermore, the 10 similar cabins were too familiar to him as they were identical to the one Yin Tianfan frequently used. They were all top-grade items.

Yin Tianfan had told him before that his s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p simulation cabin was the highest grade in the entire federation. There was no doubt that the ones in Shrek Academy were the same.

The sloppy, middle-aged man did not say anything, walked over to open a cabin and gestured Lan Xuanyu over.

Lan Xuanyu walked over immediately, sat inside the cabin, fastened on the familiar safety belts and connected the corresponding links.

The soul world simulation cabin was far more complicated than the simulation cabins to enter the Soul World. Furthermore, because piloting a s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p required imitating the various movements and changes in s.p.a.ce, the impact from the s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p simulation cabin was much more than the ordinary simulation cabin could compare to, thus the need for safety belts.

Seeing his familiarized actions, the sloppy, middle-aged man squinted his eyes and nodded. At the very least, the young man before him had definitely used the simulation cabin before. And adding Lan Xuanyu’s previous declaration of infatuation towards s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+ps, his feelings toward him had become much more positive.

However, adoration was adoration; there were countless people who adored s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+ps, but how many could truly control and pilot one?

“In a minute, you’ll be the wingman; follow me and lead the fleet into s.p.a.ce battle, understand?” The sloppy middle-aged man said.

Lan Xuanyu nodded, “I understand. I will take the position of main wars.h.i.+p, you’ll be the wingman.”

The corner of the sloppy, middle-aged man’s mouth twitched, ‘Wingman, hehe! How long has it been since I was the wingman? This brat is rather interesting.’

What Lan Xuanyu was unaware of was that if Yin Tianfan was here and knew that the sloppy, middle-aged man was Lan Xuanyu’s wingman, he would be so shocked that his chin would have fallen off.

There were many types of s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p battles like fleet battle, solo combat, team coordination and more. Regardless of how many wars.h.i.+ps there were, coordination could be applied. Even two wars.h.i.+ps could coordinate with each other. Ordinarily, one would be the main wars.h.i.+p, the other as support. This was the difference between the main wars.h.i.+p and wingman.

The wingman was usually meant to attract the enemy’s attention, lure the enemies for the main wars.h.i.+p, obtain the opportunity for the main wars.h.i.+p to engage, and protect the main wars.h.i.+p’s mission at the same time. It was mainly used to correct errors and pull the enemies away.

Simply said, the wingman wars.h.i.+p was responsible to taunt and protect, while the main wars.h.i.+p was to kill and destroy. A good wingman wars.h.i.+p could potentially allow the main wars.h.i.+p to display an all-out offensive might while arrogantly flying the battlefield. And a good main wars.h.i.+p would alleviate the pressure on the wingman wars.h.i.+p, allowing it to display the greatest methods of attracting the enemies.

The last thing Lan Xuanyu saw as the cabin doors closed was the sloppy, middle-aged man entering the cabin next to him.

The familiar sound was heard as the revving engines of the s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p came out. Lan Xuanyu immediately felt his blood burning with excitement. All the words he had spoken to the sloppy, middle-aged man were words from his heart. Ever since he had gotten used to the impacts and turbulence from the s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+p, he had truly grown fond of the freedom in flying. Especially as his body and spiritual power got stronger, his piloting skills became more and more effortless, as though he had merged with the wars.h.i.+p as one.

The buzzing became louder as light began to appear in his eyes. An emulated control screen appeared before Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu quickly adjusted his settings to his favorite mode of operations.

Most of the b.u.t.tons were laid in front of him in a sequential order. The thrusters were situated beside his left leg, which he used to control the speed of the plane, while his right leg controlled the wings. Manipulating the wings changed the trajectory of the flight, and was the most crucial point while performing complicated movements.

Wars.h.i.+p pilots that just joined would mostly control with the hands as it was more suitable. But by doing so, the speed of control would be affected.

A truly strong wars.h.i.+p pilot could use all four limbs to pilot the wars.h.i.+p.

Yin Tianfan was undoubtedly a good teacher on this aspect. Right from the get go, he never allowed Lan Xuanyu to control the wars.h.i.+p with only his hands but by using all four limbs. This feat was extremely difficult and had caused Lan Xuanyu to suffer greatly, but as he familiarized himself with it, it allowed Lan Xuanyu to join the orthodox method of piloting a wars.h.i.+p well.

Going via an orthodox means as a foundation was a good foundation to bring out the biggest potential.

As his left leg stepped on the thruster, the Soul Guidance wars.h.i.+p gradually shot forward. Lan Xuanyu pushed the helmet slightly upwards as his eyes beamed with a light through the visor, his focus had reached its peak state.

The gold and silver vortex on his chest maintained a steady revolution as all the energy converged into one, allowing him to reach his best state. His limbs relaxed and maintained a nimble stance, ready to operate on the various controls at any time.

At the other simulation cabin, the sloppy, middle-aged man sat lazily inside. On the left side of his screen was a small image of Lan Xuanyu.

‘His foundation is good without any extra movements or bad habits. That’s difficult to achieve, seems like he has a good teacher.’

He stepped down with his left leg as the thrusters got engaged, and his wars.h.i.+p gradually flew forward as well.

The excitement in Lan Xuanyu got stronger as it had been days since he had piloted a wars.h.i.+p. There was no unfamiliarity at this moment but instead felt as though his bloodline had formed a connection.

After the mutation of his Martial Soul and body, his body endurance had improved significantly. At this moment, the wars.h.i.+p he was in was identical to that of his training, and this familiarity gave him extreme confidence.

He had checked on all the weapons and found them to be the same as the ones he used frequently, thus he knew all of them like the back of his hands.

“Wingman, wingman, get ready for battle; we are moving out.” Lan Xuanyu’s voice suddenly sounded out inside the sloppy, middle-aged man’s cabin.

The sloppy, middle-aged man’s expression froze. ‘Stinking brat, you’re really treating me as your wingman now!’

“Ready for battle.” The sloppy, middle-aged man retorted.

“Move out!” Lan Xuanyu bellowed and ga.s.sed the thrusters and caused the Soul Guidance wars.h.i.+p to accelerate exponentially, forming a blazing tail behind. With a whoosh, it flew straight into s.p.a.ce.

For the main attack plan, Lan Xuanyu chose the battlefield, which was the meteorite belt that Yin Tianfan had brought him for the first time.

Meteorite belts were considered a dangerous setting for s.p.a.ce wars.h.i.+ps. The reason being that there were too many random asteroids that flew in different directions and angles. This required the pilot to have an abundance of experience and foresight.

But at the same time, the environment would affect other wars.h.i.+ps, leaving plenty of opportunities.

The sloppy, middle-aged man’s wars.h.i.+p flew out at the same time alongside Lan Xuanyu.


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