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Read Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman Chapter 143

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Chapter 143

The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 143 – A Dragon Cannot Crush A Snake In Its Own Haunts (强龙不压地头蛇)

Jing Yunzhao and the three returned to Cozy Garden, but their curiosity towards the two transfer students did not subside

In the kitchen, Jing Yunzhao made the medical cuisine as per the instructions within the spirit jade . The trio waiting in the living room were practically salivating from the smell overflowing from the kitchen, but they could only eat some fruits to satisfy their stomachs for now .

“These fruits are all grown by Biao-jie’s s.h.i.+fu, they’re so fres.h.!.+ A few days ago, I ate too much spicy food, and if it weren’t for these fruits, I would have grown more pimples on my face!” Su Chu was holding a large apple while nibbling and talking at the same time like a hamster . Both her cheeks were stuffed till they were round, her appearance was extremely cute .

All along, Xiao Haiqing was not interested in cute things . Compare to cute little girls, she liked Jing Yunzhao’s cold, empress type more . But now that she was faced with Su Chu, she did not feel any disgust . She couldn’t even resist being attracted by this girl who was cute to the point that she broke meters .

Perhaps her cuteness was different from those students pretending to be pure!

Xiao Haiqing turned her head to look at the kitchen and spoke without thinking, “That Tang Zihua guy’s a bit weird . ”

“Why do you say so?” Su Chu did not understand .

Gan Jinchen pupils contracted . “You think so too?”

“The moment one sees Tang Zihua, it’s obvious he looks like a rich second generation . Even if he doesn’t publicize it and still looks genial, personality traits don’t lie . This kind of person suddenly running into this small county of ours, I don’t believe he doesn’t have a purpose . ” Xiao Haiqing bit into her fruit with a ‘Ka-cha’ and continue, “That He Jiasi…”

“He Jiasi has a huge animosity towards Jing Yunzhao,” Gan Jinchen picked up from where she left off . Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations . wordpress . com ?

“Who cares about her? If she dares to bully my family’s Yunzhao, I’ll kick her to death . A powerful dragon still can’t crush a snake in its own haunts!” Xiao Haiqing rolled her eyes . Just thinking about that girl made her lose her appet.i.te .

The voices of the three were not loud, but Jing Yunzhao could hear everything clearly . She was both helpless yet moved by them .

In her past life, she did not have a single friend . Living was just a sad reminder . This feeling of being protected was not bad .

Her lips curved into a smile and she served the food that was done onto the table . Xiao Haiqing, in the meantime, was hugging tightly onto her elbow and refused to let go .

“Yunzhao, your body smells really good,” Xiao Haiqing acted like a pervert .

Jing Yunzhao played along, acting unsatisfied, “The smell of grease and smoke, yet you still want to mention it? If you think it smells good then go to the kitchen, you can smell until you’re satisfied . ”

“Ah ah ah~ Did you guys realize? My family’s Yunzhao is really too cute! Why am I not a man, I really want to kiss…” Xiao Haiqing completely ignored whatever Jing Yunzhao was saying, her eyes s.h.i.+ning with pride . After she was pushed away for finding somewhere to rub on, she held Su Chu’s face and spoke in resentment .

Being made fun of Xiao Haiqing like this, even Jing Yunzhao’s face was slightly red . Who let this be the first time in both of her lives to experience this?Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations . wordpress . com ?

Gan Jinchen followed her gaze and also looked at Jing Yunzhao when his heart suddenly skipped a beat, thus he quickly retracted his gaze .

Jing Yunzhao’s figure was tall and thin, p.u.b.erty had treated her well, but she was not charming . Her phoenix eyes were bright but cold, and her eyebrows as dark as night . She had a pair of thin red lips that gave the illusion that they were smiling yet not . Because they were at home, she previously wrapped herself in a green silk shawl and carried herself lazily . Her gaze on everyone carried a unique lightness in her pupils, and likely because she was teased by Xiao Haiqing just now, the tips of her ears were faintly red . Unfortunately, due to her inborn distant temperament, it made her look proud and trying to be brave . No matter what, it made people experience a different kind of cute .

Gan Jinchen took a calming breath . He was a good student, he did not want to experience early love . However, staying with Jing Yunzhao, this kind of girl, the pressure was huge!Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations . wordpress . com ?

“Gan Jinchen, why’s your face red? It can’t be that you want to kiss my Yunzhao too?” Xiao Haiqing wore a thieving smile and continued, “But don’t even think about it, Yunzhao is mine!”

Gan Jinchen originally was not blus.h.i.+ng, but the moment he heard her, his face instantly emitted smoke . He wanted to drill his head into the floor tiles .


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