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Read Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 366 – Transplanting Chives

Spare Me, Great Lord! is a Webnovel completed by 会说话的肘子, The Speaking Pork Trotter.
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Chapter 366: Transplanting Chives

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the Liujiazhai Village, Lu Shu was leisurely lounging on his deck chair, “Plant the chives sprouts evenly!”

“From Little Fury’s distress, +399!”

In front of the courtyard that Lu Shu bought, Little Fury was holding a bunch of chives in its arms, planting them into the soil. The chives were even taller than itself…

Little Fury wrote on the soil, “Why don’t you plant!”

Lu Shu shot it a glance, “Do I look like a farmer?”

“From Little Fury’s distress, +666!”

Little Fury had learned most of the words. But just when it thought it could finally embrace its hard fought liberation, Lu Shu returned with even more work…

By right, sowing was the best way to farm chives on a large scale, but Lu Shu could not find any vendors selling chive seeds. Thus, he resorted to the current method. He himself did not have to do the labor anyway…

Under normal conditions, chives for sale should be cut at most six times. But Lu Shu wanted to know how chives would grow in a magically rich land. In any case, their life cycle was short, so they did not have to worry about the waste of time.

Lu Xiaoyu had brought Naughty Pig and Big Cat into the mountains for some fun. Although Little Fury planned to join them, it was forced to stay and sweat away for Lu Shu… Before it could convince Lu Shu to make Big Cat plant chives together, the latter had already run far away.

At that time, Lu Xiaoyu had become familiar with the Heavenly Network members stationed at Beimang, and she loved to receive snacks from them. Every time when she returned from the mountains, Naughty Pig would be fully loaded with snacks on its back, as though they had just gone through a round of snacks hunting…

Little Fury suddenly could not take it anymore. It called in a dozen of its minions, and gave the farming duty to them. Suddenly, it realized the benefits of having some followers…

To Lu Shu’s surprise, there appeared more than ten Cla.s.s F rats in a month after Little Fury disseminated diluted refresher fruit juice to its rodent minions.

Was the effects of refresher fruits so powerful on the beasts?

In the past, Lu Shu was already impressed with its ability to improve one’s apt.i.tude. Honestly speaking, though, Chen Baili’s and Li Xianyi’s breakthrough was not solely due to refresher fruits, but mainly their own acc.u.mulated power. They had been trapped at the bottleneck for a long time before the restoration of their foundation. After the repair of their foundation with the help of refresher fruits, they wasted no time in ascending to Cla.s.s A.

But now, Lu Shu was wondering, if all Little Fury’s minions could climb to Cla.s.s F, how scary would it be?

He decided to add more investment in Little Fury some time…

After the a.s.sessment, Lu Shu had more than three million yuan, over sixty magical stones and an extra standard sword at his disposal.

Usually, he would find a platform to sell the stones, but most black markets in the central region had been exterminated…

With so much cash in his pocket, his interest drifted to opening a hotel again. As the only household in the vicinity, he had more than enough land.

After all, sooner or later a Pract.i.tioners school would be established there, so why not take care of their accommodation first? It seemed a promising business…

Currently, Lu Shu was hiding in the mountains only to avoid Li Yixiao, who had cast aside his school duties and become a frequent visitor of Lu Shu’s house, trying to persuade Lu Shu to join him for his adventure overseas.

Li Yixiao was dead broke now. He could not sell his Black Dragon Spear anyway.

Despite his status as a prestigious Heavenly King, Li Yixiao could not reap any monetary benefits from the missions, but Lu Shu seemed to be having luck all the time. Nie Ting had told him that Lu Shu was highly likely the person behind the Gongyi black market incident and that the kid probably had all the money.

At that moment, Li Yixiao was pondering, his lack of money-making brains was precisely what landed him in such a poverty stricken situation!

For so many years, he had been walking on blades. Combats were his strength, but besides robbery, he knew next to nothing about earning money via other means.

Although he lacked the brains, he could find someone with the brains!

Li Yixiao would seldom ponder about a question too, which was why Nie Ting had mentioned Lu Shu when he a.s.signed him the mission. However, since he could not come up with a logical explanation, he might as well give up his attempt. After all, Lu Shu must go with him!

Li Yixiao was not a man of reason. When Lu Shu rejected his invitation, he decided to stay at Lu Shu’s house. When he was hungry, Lu Shu also had no choice but to attend to his growling stomach…

The next morning, all the chives in the magical field were ready to be harvested. More eerily, the ends of the chive leaves were as red as fire!

It was a drastic difference from ordinary chives. There were villagers crowding around when Lu Shu stepped out of the house.

To the natives, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were like aliens. Let alone the fact that the enormous alpha boar and the leopard cat were meekly following the little girl, many had witnessed how Little Fury planted chives the day before.

In fact, they were aware that Lu Shu was a Daoyuan Cla.s.s student, but did the head not claim that there was nothing special about that piece of land? Why did it suddenly change after this student came?

Thus, this student was the key!

It was none of Lu Shu’s concern, though. The general rise in the number of new, magically rich lands could be a reasonable explanation. If he was really questioned, he could argue by saying he was of the sensory type, which enabled him to discover its magical potential. After all, sensory types were an open secret.

Now, he had learned to hide the main secrets while covering himself with insignificant ones.

“Guard the house and don’t let anybody steal our chives,” Lu Shu left the words and went out with a bundle of chives. He was heading downtown to look for any potential buyers for his chives.

Nonetheless, his worries turned out to be redundant. With Naughty Pig and Big Cat around, ordinary villagers did not even dare to lay a finger on his land…

In the past, there was a villager who came close for a curious look, but ended up being chased around the hills by Naughty Pig. Actually Naughty Pig did not mean to harm him either, it simply felt like chasing after people…

Lu Shu had chosen the fine arts market as his location. Although the connection between a bunch of chives and fine art seemed nonexistent, there were people trading botanic items, such as walnuts, gourds and bracelets. But still, chives sounded like a total mismatch in this context…

Lu Shu did not care about that. Did the Xijing black market not begin from a fine art site? And he was going to treat the chives as a new form of fine art!


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