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Throughout the battle, the role that Eisen took on was rather simple. All that he had to do was properly deflect the more large-scale attacks, whether it was through catapults or magic that was flung toward them. It wasn’t really all that hard to do so either. While Eisen’s element maybe wasn’t particularly great for combat, it seemed like it was still decent at defending him, especially if he created a thick layer of metal on his skin where anything may impact, his hands in particular.

This way he could reach for whatever sort of attack may be incoming and then push it away without needing to worry about anything too much. As if he was wearing gloves, actually.

And so, the giant figures in this fight were really just there for defense instead of attacking the monsters at all, which also had its own reasons to it. Obviously the focus of the monsters had been the ‘Giants’ of this war in the first place, but they hadn’t fought back at all. So if the ones who they were worried about the most weren’t actually fighting yet, and they were still pushed back so easily, then once they actually did start to fight themselves, that should have even more impact on the plan that Brody came up with. It was all just to make the monsters think they were facing an overwhelmingly strong opponent.

But besides that, Eisen was able to actually find a lot of things out like this, as he was standing in the very front of the battle, having an obviously amazing oversight over everything that he needed to. With his visual abilities that were connected to his truth-seeing eyes, the old man gathered as much raw information as he could, although that was really all only in the range of what would be useful to him as a craftsman if he was to make items for these monsters. Although even then, that still disclosed quite a lot of useful information.

He was able to figure out the rough numbers of the enemy monsters, and how many of each ‘kind’ there were, although he wasn’t specifically able to find out the races of the monsters just like this, and could only speculate a little bit here and there.

But to make up for that, another one was accompanying Eisen at the moment. Bree. While she had been considering changing her occupation for a while now, she still didn’t find the right route to go for, so she was still just an a.n.a.lyst. And that came in perfectly useful for something like this, where knowing as much about your opponents as possible was absolutely vital.

While Eisen was gathering rough, raw information on the whole army, Bree was trying to focus on more specific things, and instances of different monsters that were fighting to figure out their races and rough physical abilities.

And one other thing that she was trying to focus on as much as she possibly could was to try and figure out things about the people commanding the enemy-army. If she was able to find out things like that, and they may be able to kill those guys more easily for a slight advantage to break the morale of the enemy, then that would also come in more than useful.

All of this information was directly relayed to the others through some items made by the craftsmen, who were obviously not taking part in this actual fight, but were instead trying to support anyone that needed it from the backlines by repairing items, handing out new ones in case an item broke, or simply by preparing more things like potions, arrows, and other such consumables.

In the end, it seemed like this fight was going rather well so far since the Originals’ side was definitely pus.h.i.+ng back the Monsters’ side more and more the longer the fight went on. Literally, as they were getting closer and closer to the actual, seemingly ‘central’ town of this island. At this point, while the monsters were getting somewhat distracted, the scout squads were ready to find out more about that city.

And the leader of that scout squad was of course Jyuuk that was sending out some of his beasts to get direct information while he was slightly pulling back from the frontlines for a little bit. Eisen was constantly being supplied with any information that Jyuuk gathered through all of this so that he could be kept up-to-date as well.

[Jyuuk] The town seems like just a better camp

[Jyuuk] Everything that’s there is to support a war, and seems like it could be packed up within a day to move the whole town somewhere else completely

[Jyuuk] A lot of tents, a lot of monsters making items that could be used in combat

[Jyuuk] Ammunition, recovery items… anything

[Jyuuk] There’s a larger, central tent there as well. I think the Boss is in there

Since all of this was the case, Eisen was just thinking about all this for a while. If that ‘town’ was really just nothing but a war-camp in the end, then it may not be the best idea to try and invade it as if it was a normal town. After all, attacking the place where soldiers returned to treat their injuries or after losing a fight wasn’t the most respectful thing. And to beings whose literally only purpose of living was to wage war, such respect may be important to them. That may end up pretty harmful if u003cWorld’s Peaku003e was trying to basically ‘team up’ with them and turn this island into a part of u003cAsgardu003e.´

With a deep sigh, Eisen started to try and think about better ways to handle this, although before he could, he received a message from Brody.

[Brody] Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t fall back. But make sure n.o.body enters the town. Let the monsters fall back in there. I’ll take up initiative when it’s time to continue

With a slight grin, Eisen nodded his head to himself. He figured it was the best idea to just trust Brody for now. And seeing that Eisen’s frowning and thoughtful expression had changed to a smile, Bree, who had been sitting on Eisen’s shoulder in a safe place that the old man specifically made for her with his element, started to laugh and curiously asked, “Are you enjoying this war right now?” She inquired, and Eisen slowly turned his head and eyes and looked at the practically tiny figure of the young girl sitting on his shoulder before he shook his head.

“Not particularly. It would be better if this didn’t have to happen at all. I was just happy that we seem to have everything under control despite things turning out differently than we thought and planned for.” The old man explained immediately, and Bree slowly started to grin as she looked back at the s.p.a.ce in front of her, trying to continue to a.n.a.lyse the enemies’ peculiarities as quickly as she absolutely could.

And then, just a few minutes later, Bree yelled something else out, “Catapult shot an arm’s length to your left!” She exclaimed so that Eisen could hear her, and while he was certainly surprised, he soon noticed that a catapult really was shot, and he stretched his arm out immediately.

And to the old man’s surprise, the large rock, or rather the small boulder, that was used as ammunition for the catapult perfectly hit the old man’s palm, letting him stop it somewhat. It did damage him a little to just bluntly take this on, but this was the first time that he was actually able to ‘receive’ any of the attacks perfectly. Otherwise, he was really just able to deflect them or stop them by throwing his whole body toward them if they were aimed at a troublesome position.

While holding the small boulder in his hands, the old man slightly smirked and looked over at Bree again, “How’d you know? Can you suddenly see a bit of the future, like Komer?” Eisen asked, but Bree just looked up at him smugly.

“Nope! It’s just a newer ability I got for my ‘a.n.a.lysis’ ability. ‘Pattern a.n.a.lysis’. I was simply able to see what patterns the monsters follow while attacking us. I watched how they responded to the movement of you giants and the others behind us, and now I’m positive I can predict- Ah, giant Flame-Arrow! Two arm-lengths above, one arm-length to the right!”

Immediately, the old man responded to what Bree told him and jumped up and to the side, before he saw a large, magically-created arrow of flames shoot right at his face. But now, Eisen was able to move the boulder that he was still holding in his hand from before in front of him, helping him in blocking the incoming attack…

It seemed like they were now able to properly defend against all of this, although before, there were still a few of these large-scale attacks coming through.

Immediately, Eisen sent messages to Xenia and Jyuuk to tell them to give Bree permission to command the Giant Light-Minotaur, and they quickly did as asked, before Eisen quickly opened his item-storage and had Bree step inside of the room that currently appeared on the old man’s palm. He instructed her to grab a specific item and then got her back out of there.

It was a special necklace that was made to enhance the volume of one’s voice enough. Basically, just something to make it easier to command a lot of people at once if necessary. That, or to command those that were a slight bit too far away to be able to hear you normally.

“Bree, do you think you can tell the others as well? Tell them where to go and what to do in order to defend properly?” Eisen asked with a smile on his face, and Bree excitedly looked up at him and nodded her head.

“Of course! I’ll do my best!” She exclaimed, before proceeding to do her new task perfectly. She was able to bring the defenses against these large-scale attacks to a whole other level. Of course, they still couldn’t be defended against perfectly, and the monsters were trying to switch their tactics up a little bit, which made it necessary for Bree to re-a.n.a.lyze and -evaluate everything, but in the end, she was still able to help out in this.

And just like that, it seemed like one big portion of the monsters’ attacks had just been gotten rid of. As they were noticing that these tactics wouldn’t work anymore, the monsters stopped trying to employ them outright, and instead focused on lower-scale attacks.

But there, the Originals’ side wasn’t all too weak either.


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