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Read Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 19 An Old Tomb

Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect is a web novel completed by 青子 (Qing Zi).
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 19          An Old Tomb 

Ye Shaoyang raised the peach wood sword in his hand and directly pierced toward the coffin wood in the female spirit’s hand. As the sword struck the coffin wood, its dark aura slowly crept down the sword, as it tried to harm Ye Shaoyang. However, Ye Shaoyang was completely unfazed, and he quickly used some cinnabar ink to write the character Chi on his sword. Simultaneously, he mumbled, “O’ mighty Heaven and Earth, with the power of Yin Yang, destroy!” [TL note: Chi mean divine orders]

He pushed the sword slightly, and the coffin wood broke as a result. As it shattered into pieces, blood spurted from the coffin wood. The cursed weapon of the female spirit no longer existed, which caused her to partially lose her powers. The female spirit opened her mouth to yell, but no sound came out. Then, her fingers swiftly reached out and aimed for Ye Shaoyang’s neck, but he was already ahead of her, and he had aimed his palm at the Gui Men point of her face. This area was the weakest part of all spirits. [TL note: One of the acupoints, located between the eyes].

His palm landed on the weak spot, and a green light shot out in response. The previously blurry figure of the spirit became even more vague, as she began to wildly swing her hands. She was trying her best to scratch Ye Shaoyang’s face. 

“Stop struggling, or I’ll break you,” Ye Shaoyang said arrogantly. Spirits were generally smarter than the undead, which was why he had spoken out. They would become more obedient if they heard this kind of threat. 

Strangely enough, the female spirit did not comply. Instead, it became more combative. Ye Shaoyang had not expected such a reaction, so he was caught off guard, and the spirit scratched his face.   

“F*ck!” Ye Shaoyang dropped his peach wood sword and quickly used a Restraining Talisman to stop her movements. 

Ye Shaoyang produced a copper mirror from his bag; he used the light from the candle to check the condition of his face. There were some minor scratches, and a green fluid oozed out. He quickly got some black bean powder and applied it to the wound. 

“I’ll ask you questions, and you’ll answer them, okay? Or else, we’ll destroy you,” Xiao Ma said confidently when he saw that the female spirit was no longer a threat. 

The female spirit stared at him blankly and did not utter a word. 

“What’s your name? Tell us!”

She did not reply. 

“What era are you from?” 

The female spirit still did not reply. 

“Don’t waste your time,” said Ye Shaoyang, “Her ears and mouth were filled with mercury before she died, so she is unable to speak or hear.” 

This explanation shocked Xiao Ma, and he said, “Really? How do you know?”

Then, Ye Shaoyang pointed at the odd embroidery on her dress and explained, “This embroidery is used to lock her spirit in this realm, keeping her from going to the underworld. These things are usually used on servants who are going to be buried with their masters, and the souls of these servants were kept in the tomb to protect their master. The mercury that is poured into the ears and mouths of these servants aims to keep the servants from saying anything unfavorable about their masters when they eventually go to the underworld. Of course, these small tricks are useless in the underworld.” 

Then, Xiao Ma replied angrily, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? If that was the case, I wouldn’t have asked her all those questions and make myself lose face.”  

This led Ye Shaoyang to think, Well, at least you didn’t actually lose your face. She scratched my face while I was questioning her, what a disgrace to me!

At this point, Xiao Ma walked around the female spirit and said, “No wonder they buried her with her master; this body of hers ….” 

“Can you stop making fun of her? She already had a rough life,” Ye Shaoyang wrote an Explanation Talisman and showed it to the female spirit. The female spirit read it and seemed very grateful for his actions.  

“So, don’t do anything funny once I remove the Restraining Talisman, okay?” Ye Shaoyang tried communicating, as he was scared for his precious face. 

When Ye Shaoyang peeled off the talisman paper, she just obediently stayed still and looked at him.

“Sorry for doing this,” said Ye Shaoyang, as he reached over to take off her garment.

“Wow man, what are you doing; you’re even doing it to a female spirit!?” Xiao Ma yelled in shock.

“What the h.e.l.l are you even thinking about? The embroidery on her garment is still locking her here,” said Ye Shaoyang. Then, he quickly took off her garment, which revealed the Chinese undergarment that covered her chest and belly. Other than the abnormally pale skin, she was basically a hot woman.  

Xiao Ma’s audibly gulp behind Ye Shaoyang, who turned to glance at Xiao Ma and said, “Grow up.” Then, he turned around and secretly gulped too. The female spirit became free after Ye Shaoyang removed the embroidery. She bowed extremely deeply to him and slowly turned into smoke and fused with the talisman paper. Then, the talisman paper slowly flew toward the exit, as they watched it slowly make its way out, old Guo said, “Junior brother, I think there’s a tomb in here. But I’ve never heard of a tomb in an air-raid shelter.”

“There is probably one. Otherwise, how could an undead lord take form?” Ye Shaoyang said, “Let’s just find this white-haired undead, and we’ll know everything.”  

After he said this, Ye Shaoyang took out a piece of talisman paper and folded it into a crane. When he finished this, he blew it into the air, and the paper crane started to slowly fly off. 

This sight stunned Xiao Ma, and he asked, “What’s that thing?” 

“Yin Yang Crane; it can follow the Yin Qi and bring us to the source.” So, the three followed the paper crane; after a few turns and a while of walking, they ended up at the starting point.

“F*cking undead, he must’ve walked all over the place, leaving his Yin Qi everywhere. This confused even the Yin Yang Crane.” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and said, “We have to come up with another plan.”

Then, Old Guo smiled slyly and said, “Junior brother, I have an idea. The white-hair undead loves blood. Since the ventilation of this place is bad, we can probably lure it here with enough human blood.” 

Ye Shaoyang tapped his head and said, “That’s right, how could I forget. We could also set up some traps in preparation for it.” 

“Well, that is easier said than done. Where are we going to find blood in this place?” Xiao Ma looked around and searched for blood. But when he turned back, he saw two pairs of glowing eyes that stared at him, “You … what are you guys looking at? F*ck no, you want my blood!?”

“Well, my blood scares them away. When they smell my blood, they won’t even come close,” Ye Shaoyang quickly used a reason to exclude himself. 

“I erm … I am scared of being cut. Also, I’m quite old. What if I faint because of it? You, on the other hand, are young and healthy. So, you’ll be fine even if you lose some blood,” said Old Guo; he patted Xiao Ma’s shoulder. 

Xiao Ma sighed and said, “Wait, you knew this was going to happen, so you let me come along. Am I right?” 

“Of course not, how could I? But for real though, young people should give something back to society ….” 

Xiao Ma rolled his eyes and retorted, “Hey, my body is filled with fat okay, not a lot of blood. So, why don’t you contribute to society instead?”

“two thousand,” said old Guo.

Xiao Ma’s eye changed, and he said, “five thousand!”

“Three thousand!”

“Deal, so how much blood do you need?” Xiao Ma asked, as he willingly rolled up his sleeve.

“A small bowl will do,”Old Guo explained, as he took out a small and an old bowl from his bag.

Xiao Ma saw the bowl that Old Guo took out and scolded, “I knew you planned this; you piece of sh*t!” 

Then, Old Guo used a small knife to cut Xiao Ma’s middle finger and squeezed the blood out into the bowl. He was still somewhat humane, as he only took half a bowl of blood from Xiao Ma. After this, Ye Shaoyang lighted up some dried Mugwort Leaves and heated the bottom of the bowl, as this would help speed up the rate at which the smell diffused through the shelter. Ye Shaoyang began to set up traps around their location; he took out his ink container and used cinnabar ink to draw ten red lines around the area. Subsequently, he added some glutinous rice and realgar to the floor. 

After his preparations were complete, he took the leftover blood that was evaporating in the small bowl and dabbed it onto Xiao Ma’s shirt. This shocked Xiao Ma, and he yelled, “Hey, hey, what are you doing? This Valentino … fake is worth 200 Yuan man!”

“The undead lord is not dumb. He will go away if he finds out that there is no one around. So, I want you to stand in the middle of the trap and wait for the undead lord. I’ll deal with it when it comes, so don’t you worry.” 

Fine sweat covered Xiao Ma’s forehead, “Little Ye, I … I’ll be fine, right?” 

“Of course. Come on now. You still want your three thousand or what?!” 

Xiao Ma drew up all the courage he had and slowly walked into the middle of the traps. 

Not long after, heavy but slow footsteps echoed from the hallways. At the same time, a few they could hear beast like roars. The white-haired undead was coming! Xiao Ma’s legs began to shake uncontrollably, “Little Ye ….”   

“Don’t make any noises. Wait till it comes close, and I’ll attack it then!” 

Then, Ye Shaoyang gave old Guo a signal, and they both went into one of the rooms to hide and prepare. The footsteps were getting closer and closer, Xiao Ma’s eyes were wide open, as he looked into the dark hallway and waited for the thing to come. Finally, a very tall humanoid figure appeared. It was like a terrifying monster that slowly made its way towards its prey ….

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