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Chapter 1031: Secrets

“Who? Who’s still alive?” The old servant subconsciously asked again.

“Who else?” Han Qian sneered as disgust filled her expression. “Of course it’s that Young Master Qin with the G.o.d Race’s bloodline!”

“Ah!” The old servant paled as he exclaimed in shock, “How, how is that possible?!”

“This is strange news to me too.” Han Qian frowned slightly and said in puzzlement, “I remember clearly that I’ve taken his life. His True Soul should’ve completely dissipated before Qin Shan came to us. So, how could he have come back to life?”

“Are we absolutely sure it’s him?” the old servant asked again.

“There should be no mistake. He’s called Qin Lie, and he possesses the G.o.d Race’s bloodline too.” Irritation suddenly plagued Han Qian. “Furthermore, Ji Qi’s Heavengold Mirror is in his possession!”

“Did he go to the chaotic streams of s.p.a.ce too?” The old servant looked astonished.

“He does have the G.o.d Race’s bloodline, so it’s not really surprising that he found that place. That’s nothing surprising.” Han Qian’s lips curled as she said in a cold tone, “It seems that his bloodline has finally awakened and he has reached the Fragmentation Realm after three hundred years.”

“What should we do?” the old servant said in panic and worry. “Although the Qin Family suffered a terrible blow three hundred years ago, everyone knows how extraordinary Qin Shan is in the art of artifact forging and how wealthy the Qin Family was, not to mention that they still possess formidable strength. Back then, the reason the Qin Family hadn’t fought us to the death was because they knew that they couldn’t fight all six Gold rank forces by themselves. Moreover, Qin Hao’s Soul Altar was shattered during the fight. That was the ultimate reason they evacuated from the Central World and hid in those unknown realms.”

“Everyone knows how scary Qin Hao is. He was able to escape all of us even after his Soul Altar had exploded.”

“Three hundred years had pa.s.sed. Qin Hao should’ve recovered his Soul Altar already.”

“After so many years of rest and recuperation, the Qin Family might have regained their full strength.”

“If the Qin Family returns to take revenge, Miss and the Han Family… will certainly become their highest priority target.”

“What should we do?”

The old servant looked absolutely terrified when he mentioned the Qin Family. It was as if a calamity was about to befall them.

He held deep rooted fear towards the Qin Family.

“Back then, the six great forces had successfully exiled the Qin Family from the Central World. Even if they did recover their strength after three hundred years, they are still no match for the six great forces!” Han Qian’s eyes chilled a little as she sneered. “As for that trash, I can always kill him again just as I’ve killed him three hundred years ago! If he truly still lives in this world, then I will end his life once more!”

Then old servant stared at her in astonishment.

“I will personally head to the Land of Chaos after we’ve returned to the Central World. His elimination takes priority over other things,” Han Qian said calmly.

“You absolutely mustn’t!” The old servant hurriedly stopped her. “The Land of Chaos is a special place. All Gold rank forces of the Central World are strictly forbidden from setting foot in that land. We may be able to influence the situation over there from behind the scenes, but the elderly experts will probably reprimand us harshly if we appear openly in the Land of Chaos!”

“Why’s that?” Han Qian frowned.

She was aware of the rule that was obeyed by all eight Gold rank forces of the Central World. No one had ever expanded their influence into the Land of Chaos.

It was because the leaders of the eight great forces kept a tight rein over their subordinates and stopped them from putting their fingers in the Land of Chaos.

She once inquired about the exact reason from the elders of Ninth Heaven, but the matter seemed to be a subject of great taboo, and they weren’t willing to talk to her about it.

“I don’t know. The Han Family wasn’t an important family back then, so of course we weren’t qualified to learn such secrets.” The old servant shook his head.

“Then why is that trash able to go to the Land of Chaos? Why is he allowed to cause so much turmoil over there?” Han Qian asked again.

“I only know that the Qin Family had purposely stopped the martial pract.i.tioners of all forces from entering the Land of Chaos before they evacuated from the Central World.” The old servant looked very puzzled as well.

“You’re saying that the leaders of the Qin Family aren’t restricted by this rule?” Han Qian stared at him blankly.

“That is what I heard.” The old servant nodded.

“The first generation leader, Qin Shan and the second generation leader, Qin Hao of the Qin Family were unrivalled heroes of their generation, so I can accept that they had the right to go to the Land of Chaos. But right now that trash is the one over there. You’re not telling me that the Qin Family treats him as their third generation leader, are you? What an absolute joke this is!” Han Qian’s eyes were full of disdain.

“Who knows?” The old servant was just as puzzled as she was.

“Get everything ready as soon as possible. I’m going to meet those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds at Ninth Heaven and see what their stance is knowing that Qin Lie is still alive,” Han Qian instructed.



At the Terminator Sect.

After Shen Yue had taken Qin Lie to Shen Kui, he immediately asked to know about the reason the Central World kept away from the Land of Chaos.

“Elder Shen, you are a senior in Terminator Sect, and you are very familiar with the past news of the the Land of Chaos. Can you tell me why the Central World has no influence in the Land of Chaos?”

“Little Yue, please leave us,” Shen Kui didn’t answer him immediately. Instead, he waved for Shen Yue to leave.

“Grandfather, you… can’t even let me know?” Shen Yue looked astonished.

Shen Kui nodded. “Only the leader of a force has the right to know this.”

The color of astonishment in Qin Lie’s eyes deepened even further when heard this.

“Alright.” Left with no choice, Shen Yue left the room so that Qin Lie and Shen Kui could speak privately.

“Come with me to the private room.”

After Shen Yue had left, Shen Kui stood up and led Qin Lie into a stone chamber nearly a hundred meters underground.

The stone walls of this chamber were clearly covered in rippling energy barriers. After Qin Lie walked into the stone chamber and tried to set loose his soul consciousness, he discovered that his thoughts couldn’t pa.s.s through the barrier at all.

“This room isolates all sound and soul perception. Not even a Void Realm expert will be able to infiltrate this place with their soul.”

“Is such caution really necessary?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

Shen Kui sighed quietly. “It is a matter of great importance. If we are so lax that the news is spread, a malicious person may use it to their own benefit and bring a calamity upon us all.”

“Calamity? What calamity?” Qin Lie smiled and paid his words no mind. “It can’t be worse than the time the three ghoul races nearly tore the Land of Chaos apart, can it?”

To his surprise, Shen Kui actually nodded in response. “Yes, it is far worse than that!”

Qin Lie withdrew his smile completely and sat up straight. He asked seriously, “What in Spirit Realm is it?”

Shen Kui suddenly fell silent. He seemed to be choosing his words carefully and pondering how best to explain everything to Qin Lie.

The young man waited anxiously for his answer.

A very, very long time later, Shen Kui sucked in a deep breath before saying, “Truth be told… I don’t know all that much. Everything I know comes from the previous sect master of the Terminator Sect. He knew that he might die in the process of ascending to the Void Realm, so he told me this news so I may pa.s.s it down to Nan Zhengtian or Xu Ran. Of course, everyone who ultimately becomes the next sect master of Terminator Sect has the right to learn this too.”

“You mean only the sect master of Terminator Sect has the right to know this?” Qin Lie exclaimed in astonishment.

Shen Kui nodded yet again. “That’s right. Still… Xu Ran have travelled to many places, and it seems that he has learned about this secret through other means.”

“Please tell me everything you know, Elder Shen!” Qin Lie said seriously.

“Can you answer me a question first?” Shen Kui suddenly asked.

“Please ask!”

“Not long ago, there was a ball of souls hanging above Flaming Sun Island. Did it belong to the Soul Progenitor? Also, did the Soul Progenitor’s remains explode to bits?”


“Naji’s Dark Soul Beast possessed many subsouls. Did they merge with the Soul Progenitor’s soul sphere?”

“That’s right.”

“Where did the ball of soul go in the end?”

“I have sealed it away with a spirit artifact.”

Qin Lie didn’t hide anything and told Shen Kui everything he knew. However, his puzzlement also grew during the process.

He didn’t know why Shen Kui was suddenly so interested in this matter.

“Did Hester tell you that the Dark Soul Beast, Soul Devouring Beast, and Blood Soul Beast were causing havoc before the G.o.d Race arrived in Spirit Realm? Did he tell you that the Soul Progenitor had slowly gained a sizable amount of prestige among the human race around that period?” Shen Kui asked.

“He did!” Qin Lie nodded strongly.

“How much do you know?” Shen Kui asked again.

“After I’d discussed about this with Hester, I learned through other means that the Soul Devouring Beast of Nether Realm, the Dark Soul Beast of Asura Realm, and the Blood Soul Beast of the Ancient Beast Race all possessed a subsoul ability. These three strange beasts differed in appearances, but their abilities were extremely similar to each other!” Qin Lie said seriously, “It is said… that the Soul Progenitor’s soul secret arts were extremely similar to the three strange beasts as well. Hester’s ancestor once served the G.o.d Race, and it was they who told him that the three strange beasts and the Soul Progenitor might belong to a completely different race—the Soul Race!”

“You even know about the Soul Race?” Shen Kui exclaimed. “Hester shouldn’t know this name!”

“I had learned it from somewhere else,” Qin Lie explained.

Shen Kui shot him a strange glance before he nodded. “It seems that you’ve done some investigation of your own. It is true. The Soul Progenitor, the Dark Soul Beast, the Blood Soul Beast and the Soul Devouring Beast were in fact all of the Soul Race.”

“How are they connected to the Land of Chaos then?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“They had come from a mysterious place right beneath our feet.” Shen Kui smiled bitterly.

Qin Lie’s expression changed as he let out an involuntary yell. “Right beneath our feet?!”

“To be more specific, the Soul Race came from an abyss channel deep under the sea of the Land of Chaos.” Shen Kui inhaled deeply before continuing, “Before the G.o.d Race had arrived at Spirit Realm, the Soul Progenitor, Blood Progenitor, Voodoo Progenitor, Corpse Progenitor, and the Curse Progenitor had used their vast power to connect many islands and transform them into the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, Heavenly Silence Continent, Heavenly Calamity Continent, Heavenly Wither Continent, and Heavenly Fissure Continent.”

“The five progenitors are responsible for creating one continent each. At the bottom of the five continents, they had constructed a mysterious ancient formation that is made of many layers of restrictions. The five continents are the cores of the formation, and the purpose of the formation is to suppress the abyss channel and prevent more Soul Race members from coming into our world.”

“The Blood Progenitor’s inheritance, Black Voodoo Cult’s inheritance, and Miao Fengtian’s corpse inheritance were left behind during that time.”

“Heavenly Calamity Continent was created by the Blood Progenitor himself. He was also responsible for constructing the ancient formation under his continent. Heavenly Slaughter Continent was created in the same way by the Voodoo Progenitor.”

“The remaining three continents are the same.”


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