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Read Star Rank Hunter Chapter 243: The Fourth Test [Part 2]

Star Rank Hunter is a web novel made by Chen Ci Lan Tiao, 陈词懒调, Lazy Cliché.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 243: The Fourth Test [Part 2]

Zanny looked at the crowd. “I’m going to be one of the opponents you guys have to face, and you better pray you don’t run into me, hehe!’

After he said that, Zanny glanced at the group of people who obviously didn’t belong to AF3. It was obvious because the examinees had just gone through a test and didn’t look as tidy as the students of AF3. “I would very much like to call y’all my junior brothers and sisters, but the problem is I have no idea if y’all have the right to call me your senior brother.”

His tone was mocking. In the end, only those who were accepted into AF1 had the right to call Zanny their senior brother, and it was obvious that some of the people in this test wouldn’t be part of that final group of people. Some of them would be eliminated during the test and the final interview.

Zanny left the training ground and flew towards the testing ground where the fourth test would be taking place. When he got closer, two people wearing flying suits flew over to meet him. They had seen what Zanny did at the training ground earlier.

“What’s wrong, Zanny? That’s not even half a minute. Don’t your speeches normally last five minutes at minimum?” One of them smiled. They knew Zanny well enough to know that he normally mocked the examinees at the training ground very harshly. Today though, he left after dissing them for just a moment.

Zanny’s lips curled. “I saw a troublesome guy and don’t feel like wasting my time there.”

“Eh? There’s actually someone you want to avoid in that group? Who is it?”

Before Zanny could answer, a couple more previous term students came over to join them. They didn’t have wings or flying suits. Instead, they had impressive jumping ability that allowed them to jump a far distance from a small tree. Moreover, the noises they created when jumping were as soft as wind blowing up a cloud of sand. One of them asked when they heard the group’s conversation, “Was it the guy who wielded K?”

“The guy who wielded K?”

“Yeah, the guy who wielded PTS K during the shooting range of the third test.”

“PTS K?!” Zanny’s voice climbed up a pitch when he heard this. He had just come back from a mission, so he didn’t have the chance to witness the first few tests and was shocked to hear this.

It was the PTS K! The PTS K that was given out by Guan Feng and no one else!

“You didn’t know? Then who were you talking about earlier?”

Zanny thought for a moment before bringing up an image he stored in his communicator. “Are you guys talking about him?”

It was none other than an image of Cillin.

“Yeah, that’s the kid! After he carried the box holding PTS K into the shooting range, he hit fifty targets with just five shots.”

“So it was him…”

Zanny flapped his wings. “Okay guys, I need to leave.”

After bidding the students goodbye, Zanny flew down a particular direction. Not long after, he saw Goryeo shaking his leg and playing video games while lying on top of a large tree branch.

“Hey, I saw your future junior brother.”

“Hmm?” Goryeo didn’t even look up.

“The guy that dodged four of your shots? Your teacher gave him K.”

“Mm, I know.” Goryeo continued to play his game.

“I don’t feel a sense of crisis from you at all!” Zanny said while looking disappointed at Goryeo’s lack of reaction.

Goryeo let out a snort. “You should tell this to the others, not me. The reason teacher brought him here was to send a wake up call.”

“So, do you want to meet him after the they enter the testing ground?” Zanny asked.

“Nope!” Goryeo said bluntly.

“Then I’m not going either. If he has a good aim then I’m going to suffer. If he has a bad aim then I might suffer anyway considering how high PTS’ accidental injury percentage is!” There’s no way I’m partic.i.p.ating in a lose-lose situation like this!

While Zanny and Goryeo were conversing with each other, the teams of examinees and AF3 students had entered the testing grounds.

The testing ground was known as Small Garden in AF1, so of course there were plenty of vegetation in this place. However, there were plenty of poisonous plants as well. Most of the plant species in this place were mentioned during cla.s.s, so the attentive students would find their paths clearer and easier during this test. The problem was that most of the students who were partic.i.p.ating in this test were like Bel. Pay attention in cla.s.s? The school authorities would feel lucky if they didn’t skip their outright.

And so the AF3 students wallowed in misery when they saw the familiar-looking plants they couldn’t quite put their finger on. Why hadn’t they paid attention during cla.s.s? No wonder the teacher had smiled so uncannily after cla.s.s was over!

Right now Bel and Gen Xingming were feeling the exact same way.

“I have a feeling that we’ve been fooled by our botany teacher,” Bel said.

“I haven’t attended his cla.s.s more than three times overall. I don’t recognize a lot of the plants here.” Gen Xingming said while staring at the small, white flowers before them. He remembered the old man mentioning about this flower during cla.s.s, but he didn’t know what kind of poison it had or where the poison was stored.

“Long story short: it’s poisonous!” Ulaganuo resolutely avoided these flowers.

Libero and the others looked a little dumbfounded by this. These AF3 kids seriously don’t know how to appreciate what they have. Everyone outside is trying their d.a.m.ndest to get into an affiliated school, but the actual students themselves are doing their d.a.m.ndest to skip cla.s.s. What the h.e.l.l man this is so unfair!

The gray cat didn’t follow Cillin because pets were disallowed in this test. Therefore, the gray cat went away to network with its new friends.

Cillin looked at the flowers and gave them a sniff. Then, he cut open the stem and leaf and stared at the outflowing transparent, sticky liquid. “This liquid contains a kind of nerve toxin, but it’s not fatal. At worst, it can knock out a person.”

Cillin collected some of the liquid for himself. Bel and the others also did the same after an idea struck them. They might be able to use this against their “enemies”.

“Hmm? What’s that noise?” Walley leaned his head sideways and listened carefully.

“It sounds like a kid is crying somewhere,” Teita said.

“That’s the sound of a man eating salamander. They’re pretty dangerous, but we should also be able to find a water source down that direction.” This one Bel knew because they all attended a zoology cla.s.s.

The man eating salamander was an amphibian. It has a flat upper body and a lean tail. There were clear wrinkles on both sides of its body. Although its skin was smooth and scaleless, it was covered in stripes and sticky liquid. Its teeth were sharp and densely packed, and it normally swallowed its food whole instead of chewing with its teeth. Its mouth could easily fit in a human adult.

There was a stream down that direction as Bel had told them, but the group simply watched from the distance and didn’t approach. Many gray brown man eating salamanders were lying on top of some giant rocks beside the stream and making crying noises. They opened their mouths and revealed the sharp teeth inside when they cried.

“Let’s go. These violent creatures are not getting a meal today,” Bel said.

After they left the stream, Cillin’s group didn’t manage to get far before Cillin suddenly came to a stop and looked at a certain direction. Everyone swiftly reacted and fell into defensive postures too.

When the person approaching towards them grew clearer however, the Three Dissolute Musketeers immediately hid behind Cillin’s back. Gen Xingming was the fastest out of all of them.

Everyone could more or less guess the newcomer’s ident.i.ty as he walked towards them. He shared similar features to Gen Xingming, but he was definitely not an AF3 student.


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