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Chapter 71: Tricks

On the other side of the camp, the officers who brought the teams over, and the officers who were stationed at the camp gathered to chat with each other. The officer with the lowest military rank in this house was at least a lieutenant colonel. Because there was no one else around them, the normally serious-looking officers all appeared to be more relaxed now, and judging from their conversational tones, they all knew each other well.

“Gerrard, why are you the one bringing the team this time? Isn’t Huo Neil the one who usually does this?” someone asked.

They all knew that the thing Gerrard hated the most was being a ‘nanny’, which was why Gerrard had chosen the police division and not the training division when he and Huo Neil were sent to Planet Seven Lights back then. Gerrard had nowhere near enough patience to baby those young masters and mistresses at the training division.

Leading soldiers was one thing, but leading students was completely out of the question. If he was to apply what he learned from the army onto the students, they would have to shed a whole layer of skin in less than two days, a.s.suming they even survive it. Moreover, the students in Seven Lights all had a certain level of background. Gerrard might not fear them, but he did not wish to go for wool and come home shorn, and he was lazy to deal with the twists and turns of politics either. It was exactly why the last few years’ integrated warfare contest were all led by Huo Neil.

“Huo Neil’s got business, so I’m leading the team this time.”

“But you don’t look reluctant either. So it was an excuse, wasn’t it?” The speaker lifted his leg and kicked Gerrard on his seat while saying.

“The main reason is because our candidates this time were pretty good, and I even hand picked six of them myself.” Gerrard felt like laughing the moment he thought of them in the team. He wondered if those punks would cause some sort of trouble.

“You got to pick six candidates yourself? I only got to pick four at our place; the remaining six were all cut and dried for someone already.” another person complained. People like them usually talked with their fists, but Sector B’s rules were obviously more complicated.

“Sigh, let’s not talk about those sickening topic. It’s annoying enough being a ‘nanny’ already and you people just had to talk about them.” one person slapped the chair’s armrest and said.

The leaders of the four military academies and base officers grinned at their complaints; thank goodness they weren’t a.s.signed to Sector B.

“Speaking of which, Gerrard, you’ll be coming back after another year, won’t you?” A base officer asked.

“Yeah!” The moment the topic was brought up Gerrard grew incredibly excited.

Everyone here had five years of away mission, and once the mission has ended, they would return to the army and have their military ranks would increased. Currently both Gerrard and Huo Neil were colonels, and their next step would be to rise as major generals.

“Heh, congratulations on your early freedom. We still have two years ahead of us.”

“Don’t forget to treat us then!”

While they were speaking, someone suddenly said, “Yo, Gerrard, it’s one of your brats.”

Gerrard looked at the monitor the person was pointing and chuckled, “Why is it them four again!”

The rest of them also looked towards the monitor. There was a list beside them that displayed the registration of the fighter aircraft in use.

“I knew that Knight wouldn’t be able to restrain himself.” someone laughed while speaking. Some of these people were soldiers under Knight’s father just like Gerrard, so they were familiar with Knight as well.

“This is the Shadow X they speak of.” one person pointed at Cillin.

“The young master of the Andrea Family is in this as well? I heard that the old man (Lung’s father) from the Andrea Family p.i.s.sed off a few old generals so badly that they nearly spew blood not long ago.”

Everyone here knew about the trivial matters between the Andrea Family’s old man and the few heads within the army. They argued against each other almost every day, but although the argument had gone on for nearly a hundred years, no one actually pulled any real punches because of it. But for whatever reason they just loved picking at each other’s faults and trigger a topic to be quarreled about. Some of the fundings in the army were bamboozled by the old generals from the Andrea old man, and anyone who could shakedown a person of the Andrea Family is a crafty old fox.

As for Ci Jincheng, they very tacitly avoided discussing about him. They did not wish to dwell anymore than necessary when the surname ‘Ci’ was involved.

“Should we toy with them a little?”

“Bulls.h.i.+t, you gonna just sit by and leave this golden chance to waste? They literally delivered themselves to our doorsteps!”

Gerrard dragged his chair over and said, “Do your worst. The four of them have quite the big heart.”


That officer was so excited he rolled up his sleeves, wriggled his fingers and chuckled evilly. Besides him, the few other people inside the room had also dragged their chairs closer to the screen and looked on with incredible interest in their eyes.

Meanwhile, at this very moment, the quartet flying happily on the sky were still chatting very leisurely and had not entered into a compet.i.tive state from the very beginning. In fact, most of the time Cillin, Knight and Ci Jincheng were listening to Lung making a loud ruckus in their earphones.

“Holy s.h.i.+t, there’s a sea! I can’t believe there’s a sea at this place! Eh~~ Cillin y’all look quickly, the shape of that coral reef zone looks like the a.s.s of a hot babe bending downwards!”

Cillin and others: “…”

Most people would describe it with a heart shape, wouldn’t they?! Why does everything comes out weird from his mouth!

Back at the monitor room, Gerrard facepalmed. He had a taste of this fellow’s idiocy a long time ago, so it could be said that he was somewhat prepared for it.

Meanwhile the team leaders in the room looked at the base officers with a ‘oh so that’s your taste’ look on their faces, p.i.s.sing off the base officers so much that they wished they could run right over and beat that f.u.c.ker to a pulp. That coral reef zone was formed naturally, so what the h.e.l.l did it have anything to do with them! It was only now they finally understood why the old generals were the way they were after getting p.i.s.sed off at the old man from the Andrea Family.

A drill was being conducted at the sea surface beneath them. The explosion beneath the water caused the sea water to be splashed sky high. Since this wasn’t an official drill, no lockdown was carried out in this area. But most students flying a fighter aircraft would know to avoid them if they were pa.s.sing through this area.

“Oh, are those caused by torpeeeeeeeeeee~dos? How spectacular! Truly an eye opener!”

Bulls.h.i.+t! What’s the act for? Have you really never seen a torpedo before? Your family built so many torpedoes they could blow up an entire Sector!

The base officers inside the monitoring room were so p.i.s.sed they couldn’t wait to pull out their guns and charge out into the open. How could this b.a.s.t.a.r.d use that ‘no big deal’ tone of his so naturally and say something as bulls.h.i.+t as ‘truly an eye opener’!

Gerrard continued to facepalm.

After a base officer opened communication and gave out a few orders, the wars.h.i.+ps on the sea began to open fire towards the sky.

Although those people on the sea were firing at the sky, it was very obvious that they were just pus.h.i.+ng them away.

Cillin and co pulled their fighter aircrafts upwards towards higher alt.i.tude. However, when they rose about twenty thousand meters or so, Knight suddenly recalled something. Before he could speak, his communicator already let out static sounds that indicated that the signal was interrupted.

That wasn’t all. Something happened to the fighter aircraft’s propulsion system and the engine had shut down on him. The current situation was that the fighter aircraft was headed straight for a nosedive!


Knight swore. Why had he forgotten about this!

Those officers must be waiting full of expectation for them to embarra.s.s themselves right now. All sorts of confusion and bewilderment, panic and helplessness, fear and despair; these were the thing those officers sitting in their monitoring room were looking forward to!

Such similar incidents would happen during the selection of certain pilots in the army to test their adaptability. Knight had forgotten about this s.h.i.+t after his long stay at Sector B. This place was under the army’s supervision, and thus their tricks would be army-style as well.

But those three should be able to handle this, right?


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