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Read Start By Becoming A Mangaka 1166 Kuroki Vs. Kanoh 2

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Kanoh grabbed Kuroki’s wrist to stop him from stabbing his shoulder further. He knew that this “Devil Lance” was very powerful, but he didn’t expect it to be this much. He didn’t realize that Kuroki had instilled the wariness feeling inside his head.

However, Kuroki’s attack didn’t stop and used his other hand to send out an eye poke.

Kanoh jumped backward and hurriedly escaped from Kuroki then stood on his knee.

Kuroki moved forward and sent out his “Devil Lance” once again, but that attack had been read by Kanoh and that attack was almost brought broken by the right elbow blow.


Kuroki’s four fingers were broken by this elbow blow.

Kanoh didn’t let go of this chance and sent out blow after blow.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was just when they thought that Kanoh’s blows had connected, they saw that Kuroki was in “Sanchin kata”. (Put both of his arms in front of him and squeeze his legs at the same time).

Sanchin is a defensive kata with origins in Ryukyuan karate, it is said to be the simplest yet the ultimate kata. A seasoned master such as Kuroki can use Sanchin to shake off any and all blows.

However, Kanoh didn’t stop his attack even though he felt that he was. .h.i.tting a boulder.

In Kanoh’s mind, even though Kuroki’s Sanchin kata made him able to put a very strong defense, it had made Kuroki lose his chance to counter.

Kanoh wouldn’t stop this attack and kept attacking since even the strongest boulder would be destroyed if you kept hitting it.

Then suddenly Kuroki moved, but it was easily countered by Kanoh.

Kanoh sent out a blow on Kuroki’s face and blew him away. He kept sending out blow after blow without stopping that made Kuroki almost lose his posture.

But it was at this moment that Kuroki dodged to the side and sent out a hand chop.


However, the luck wasn’t on his side since because of that hand chop his fingers were being broken once again by Kanoh who blocked that hand chop.

Kanoh sent out a blow once again, blown Kuroki a few meters away.

Kuroki raised his arms protecting himself. This figure seemed similar to a turtle who hid inside its sh.e.l.l.

However, Kanoh knew to break this sh.e.l.l. He needed to be serious and started to weave both of his shoulders. Then he charged once again toward Kuroki, sending out a powerful blow.


Kanoh was fighting using a technique known as “formless”. It wasn’t a special technique, but rather the way he fought and with this technique he could counter any enemy by predicting their moves, however, he had changed after he trained with his co-worker.

Kanoh had learned a martial art to make his power became stronger since the reaction of “formless” was too long (even though the time difference isn’t that much). In his mind, only a second could decide everything in this battle.

Kanoh knew that Kuroki was the man in the peak of martial art, and it was impossible to defeat him using a martial art, and that was why he decided to combine both “formless” and martial art during this attack.

Baam! Baam! Baam! Baam!

They could see how fierce Kanoh’s blows were, however, Kuroki was unshaken.

Kuroki, who was a fighter who had the highest defense in the tournament, was similar to a huge mountain. Then during a very second moment, he saw an opening and sent out a “Devil Lance” with his broken fingers.


However, Kanoh caught Kuroki’s wriest beforehand and twisted it making Kuroki’s left shoulder dislocated.

Katahara who saw this battle was surprised since he could see that Kanoh had evolved once again and had become stronger in this battle.

Kuroki, whose arm had been dislocated, was being greeted by blow after blow.

Kanoh kept using both “formless” and martial art, changing his style in blow after blow.

Kuroki was at the disadvantage, his four fingers on the right hand were broken and his left shoulder had been dislocated. He had lost both of his weapons and he was in a predicament.

And in this situation, Kanoh became stronger and stronger. He looked at Kuroki and knew that he had won since he had destroyed Kuroki’s weapon, but in that very moment, suddenly he felt a pain in his left hand. He looked at his left hand and saw a small wound. Then he realized that Kuroki was using his thumb to stab him.

Kuroki whose thumb was covered in blood put his stance once again and ready for the fight once again since it wouldn’t stop him from fighting.

Kanoh looked at Kuroki whose shoulder had recovered. He thought that Kuroki was using centrifugal force in his arm to connect back his shoulder. He was cautious, but because of that Kuroki took advantage of that and sent out an attack.

Right or left?

Kanoh was battling against Kuroki inside his mind but suddenly sent out a left hook punch to the liver.

The internal organs feel no pain. Orgain pain is caused by peritoneum, which covers the viscera.

The impact pa.s.sed through the peritoneum to the liver and the decrease in blood flow caused a functional decline.

Kuroki once again sent out his spear using his thumb alone.

However, Kanoh deflected that spear away.


Even though that spear was deflected, Kuroki slammed a headb.u.t.t right into Kanoh’s nose.

Kanoh was stagger, and Kuroki slammed his elbow blow.


Kanoh didn’t understand why Kuroki’s attack could have this much of an impact. He had fought against Gaolang and Wakatsuki who were known for their powerful strike, but none of them could be compared to Kuroki’s strike since it gave him a lot of impact.

However, that answer was extremely simple since Kuroki had found an opening between the changing time of “formless” and martial art in Kanoh’s technique. In that void of time, Kuroki sent out his blow that connected right into the body of Kanoh and made an impact right into his body, especially after Kanoh was very worried about Kuroki’s spear.

This delay caused Kuroki’s blows to land on Kanoh’s body.

Those blows, perfected by decades of training, had struck Kanoh’s body without warning.

Kuroki had the upper hand, but it wasn’t easy to defeat Kanoh since Kanoh’s spirit was still alive. He wouldn’t lose in this battle.


Kanoh sent out a powerful kick that cracked Kuroki’s side.

“Wheez… Wheez…”

Kanoh was tired, but he didn’t want to lose in this battle.


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