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Start By Becoming A Mangaka is a web novel completed by akikan40.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Yuuki came back to his home after he took Tsugumi, Koizumi, and Chitoge back to their home. He had asked Claude to use his motorcycle to go back since he decided to go back with everyone.

Claude was kind of annoyed but it was his fault to be found by him.

Yuuki wasn’t sure how to continue his relationship with Chitoge since her ident.i.ty was quite complicated. She was the fake lover of his little brother in public and it was kind of strange for him to suddenly steal her. He decided to play it slowly and didn’t think too much.

Yuuki walked into his house and saw a lot of people in the living room. He saw them studying together and asked, “Why are you studying?” He felt weird for them to study since they usually were playing around or watching television.

“Huh? Did you forget that tomorrow we have a test?” Yukana said.

“Yeah, did you forget about it?” Ranko asked.

Utaha who was reading a book and said, “I don’t really need to study but I need to teach both of them.” She was ranked first in the entire year of her school. She was really smart even though she rarely showed it to everyone.

“Hehehe, thank you, Utaha,” Yukana said.

“Ugh, this math is too hard,” Ranko said.

Yuuki sat beside her and said, “Give it to me, let me tell tutor you.”

“Sure,” Ranko said.

Yuuki gave them an easy way to get a good score for tomorrow. He knew that both Ranko and Yukana were very bad at studying. He needed to be patient while telling them how to solve the test and some clue for tomorrow test. At the same time, he needed to become strict since both of them were quite lazy.

Yukana and Ranko tried to plea and acted cutely to take a break from their study, only it failed and backfired at the same time. This time, they were studying harder than before.

“Don’t ever think about taking a break now,” Yuuki said.


Sona was in her working room thinking about the day when she met him for the first time. She knew that her older sister had wanted him to become part of her peerage but she also wanted him to become part of her peerage. She sighed but decided to give up since it had been a while for her big sister to take an interest in someone beside her.

‘Gram Demolition,’ Sona remembered that it was the name of his sacred gear. She had seen the power of this sacred gear wasn’t that simple and it was very dangerous. She was grateful that he was the business partner of his big sister. She also tried to search for information about his sacred gear but she couldn’t find anything. She thought it was similar to Kiba who had a mutation in his sacred gear.

Sona shook her head and needed to think about a group of humans that attacked both of her group and Rias a few days ago. Luckily, it was already solved easily by both of them. She only knew that they were part of the Khaos Brigade group. She was worried that they would start another attack similar to Kokabiel in the past. She was even more worried when she remembered that the group could reincarnate someone. She had gotten a lot of headaches and needed to take a break from this matter.

Sona had heard that her older sister talked about this matter to the three factions and they were still in a dilemma about something. She knew that she couldn’t do anything and better to prepare some important doc.u.ments for their school second year to take a trip to Kyoto.

*knock knock

“Enter,” Sona answered.

“President,” Tsubaki entered the room.

Tsubaki Shinra is a third-year student at Kuoh Academy, the Vice-President of Kuoh Academy’s Student Council, and Sona’s Queen.

“What’s wrong, Tsubaki?” Sona asked.

“Serafall-sama has asked you whether you want to go with her to Kyoto to watch her new anime studio,” Tsubaki said with a strange expression. She knew that the older sister of her master was quite quirky but it had exceeded her imagination.

Sona twitched her lips when she heard it. She had gotten a headache from the Khaos Brigade but her older sister was preparing a new anime studio. She looked at her and answered, “No, I won’t go.” She thought about a lot of matters that she needed to solve and she couldn’t follow her sister to Kyoto.

Tsubaki nodded and bowed her head, “I will report to your older sister, right away.” She said and left her room quietly.

Sona decided to take a break and looked at the ceiling. She pinched the bridge on her nose while thinking about the new members of her peerages. She had invited them and knew that they would accept her invitation soon.

Akeno was doing yoga in her room until someone teleported. She didn’t need to see who it was since she had known already. She felt that someone was hugging her body.”

“I’m home, don’t you want to kiss your husband?” Yuuki whispered to her while hugging her.

Akeno snorted and kissed him, “It is quite rare for you to come, why do you come suddenly?”

Yuuki rubbed his nose, “Of course, because I miss you.”

Akeno hugged him and said, “Do you want to do it?”

Yuuki nodded and brought her to the bed.

Both of them were ready to start their action only someone knocked on the door.

“Akeno, are you there?”

Both of them were quite familiar with this voice.

“Yes, Rias, I’m inside, what’s wrong?” Akeno answered with a sigh.

Rias opened the door and saw someone was there beside her, “Archer?”

“Yo!” Yuuki said.

“D – did you?” Rias asked nervously.

“Yeah, we’re about to do it, but it is okay, what’s wrong?” Akeno asked calmly.

Rias sighed and looked at both of them, “Well, it is okay, Archer, do you know anything about a group of humans who attacked us?”

“Huh? Have you been attacked by someone?” Yuuki asked curiously. He didn’t come to the headquarters of The Khaos Brigade or join their meeting. He only came to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to play with Kuroka, Ophis, and Le Fay.

Akeno nodded, “Yeah, Issei and everyone was attacked by a group of humans with a sacred gear.”

“Hmm, sacred gear, huh? How many people?” Yuuki asked.

“There is quite a lot and everyone has sacred gear,” Rias said.

“Sacred gear, human, I guess I know the one who attacked you,” Yuuki said.

“Who is it?” Rias asked. She was very agitated when her cute servants were attacked by this mysterious group.

“As you know, the Khaos Brigade has a lot of factions, one of them is a group of humans and the name of this group is The Hero Faction,” Yuuki said.

“Hero Faction?” Rias and Akeno were startled and felt strange with this name of this group.

Yuuki nodded, “Don’t underestimate them, they’re very dangerous, especially, they have three Longinus users in their group.”

“Three Longinus users???” They were startled when they heard it. They knew that the Longinus users were rare but they didn’t expect three of them would gather together. They knew that they couldn’t ignore them anymore and needed to gather their information as soon as possible.


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