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Read Start By Becoming A Mangaka 606 Hina-Chan Is Sick! 3

Start By Becoming A Mangaka is a web novel made by akikan40.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Yuuki helped Mayuki who was overwhelmed by a lot of guests who came to the cafe.

“Thank you, Yuuki,” Mayuki sighed in relief since Yuuki had helped her.

“Don’t worry, let me borrow your kitchen for a bit,” Yuuki said.

“Do you want to make something?” Mayuki asked.

“Yeah, I’m thinking of making applesauce for Hinchan,” Yuuki said and asked, “Is it okay to use the apple here?”

“Sure, let me taste it too later,” Mayuki said, and felt that it was a rare chance to taste his cooking.

“My cooking skill isn’t that good,” Yuuki gave her a wry smile.

“Oh, but I can’t wait to taste it,” Mayuki smiled.

“Alright, I will make some for everyone,” Yuuki said. He took the apple and cut it into dice. He put it on the pan and put some water, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon. He boiled it for a while and made it into a puree with a blender.

Mayuki, who was near him, couldn’t help but smell something nice, “This smells really nice.”

“This is very simple though, try it first,” Yuuki said and took a spoonful of applesauce, “Aahh…”

Mayuki was a bit embarra.s.sed but she opened her mouth, “Aahhh..” She ate it slowly and her eyes lit up, “Hmm, this is good!”

Both of them were talking about this applesauce until someone called him.

“Yuuki Hinchan is calling you,” Chiaki said and looked at both of them, “What are you eating?”

“Ah, Aki-chan, you should try this applesauce, this is very good,” Mayuki said.

“Oh, let me try it,” Chiaki said and opened her mouth to him.

“Alright, here,” Yuuki fed her this applesauce.

“This is good, is this for Hinchan?” Chiaki asked.

“Yes,” Yuuki prepared a bowl for Hinako.

Chiaki and Mayuki couldn’t help but feel envious. They thought that it would be really good to be taken care of by him.

“I will take care of you too when you get sick,” Yuuki said to both of them and went out while bringing this bowl of applesauce.

“Do you think that we can get sick?” Chiaki asked.

“I – I’m not sure,” Mayuki blushed.

*knock knock

“Hinchan, I’ve brought you applesauce,” Yuuki opened the door and he was stupified by the scene in front of him.

“Hiss! Hiss!” Kuina was there trying to scare Hinako while wearing a white snake costume.

“What are you doing?” Yuuki asked.

“I have read that the bite of a big white snake can cure any disease—“

“If that’s real, alright don’t make trouble for her, let her take a rest,” Yuuki said and took her out. He sighed and sat beside Hinako. He felt that it was wonderful that they were worried about her but their way was a bit too much.

“Y – Yuuki…” Hinako was a bit sleepy.

Yuuki placed the bowl on the table and he could warm it later with his magic, “You should take a rest first.” He said while caressing her head.

“Hmm, give me your hand,” Hinako said with spoiled tone.

“Alright,” Yuuki smiled and let her play with his hand.

“It’s comfortable,” Hinako said while rubbing his hand on her face. She started to feel asleep while holding his hand.

Yuuki was sitting calmly on the chair until someone opened the door again.

Yua came inside while nodding at him. She walked calmly toward Hinako and took out a ward stick that was used for a ritual, “G.o.d, please h…..”

Before she finished the door was opened again by Chiaki.

Chiaki who saw this scene pulled Yua away from her room.

“I just – um… ano…” Yua was nervous.

“Don’t be noisy,” Chiaki said simply and took her outside.

“Yes,” Yua answered.

‘What the heck?!’ Yuuki was just too late to react since this situation was just too baffled for him. He didn’t need to wait too long and the door opened again.

This time, Kuina came to Hinako’s room while wearing a dragon costume. She raised both of her hands and showed her teeth, “Gao!!!”

Chiaki, who saw this scene by chance, couldn’t help but sweatdrop and pulled her away.

“I have read that the bite of a dragon can cure any disease—“

“If that is a real dragon,” Chiaki said while pulling her outside.

The door was closed and the room had become calm again.

Yuuki wasn’t bored since there were a lot of funny things that would come to this room and he was right. He didn’t need to wait too long and the door opened again.

This time, Yua came to her room while wearing a cloak and bringing an orb in her hand. She raised this…o…b..and started to chant, “Elohim essaim… Elohim essaim… I hope….”

Chiaki also came again and looked at this scene with a tired expression. She didn’t say anything and pulled her away.

“T – this is… ano….” Yua was nervous.

“What a good thing to call a demon in this room,” Chiaki said while pulling her away.

“Ah, I have chanted the wrong spell,” Yua was startled.

‘Good grief,’ Yuuki shook his head and looked at the girl who was sleeping by his side. He felt that this girl was really lucky to have a lot of caring friends even though they were a bit strange but all of them were very cute.

“Hurry up and get better alright,” Yuuki thought for a bit and decided to kiss her forehead.

“Hmm…” Her breath was hard but she wasn’t sure why she was smiling right now.

Hinako opened her eyes slowly and felt that her throat was dry.

“Do you want to drink water?”

Hinako nodded slightly.

“Alright, wait for a while.”

“Open your mouth.”

Hinako opened her mouth and she sucked a straw in her mouth greedily. She felt that her throat was very comfortable and looked at someone who was helping her, “Yuuki?”

“I’m here, I will be here until you have gotten better,” Yuuki said.

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“Hmm,” Hinako smiled.

“Do you want to eat something?” Yuuki asked.

Hinako nodded slightly.

“Alright, I have made your applesauce earlier, I hope you like it,” Yuuki said and started to feed her.

“Aahh,” Hinako opened her mouth and started to eat it slowly. She felt that this applesauce was really delicious and made her body feel better.

“Is it good?” Yuuki asked.

“Aahh,” Hinako opened her mouth again while nodding.

“What a spoiled girl, here’s another one,” Yuuki said.

Hinako felt warm right now even though her mother wasn’t her but she had him right now. She suddenly remembered something and touched her forehead.

“What’s wrong?” Yuuki asked.

“I – I feel something nice on my forehead before,” Hinako said with a reddened face.

“Really? What is it?” Yuuki teased.

“I – I’m not sure…” Hinako wasn’t sure but she felt shy.

“Oh, I can give it to you but you can’t tell it to anyone,” Yuuki said.

Hinako thought for a bit and nodded.

“Good girl,” Yuuki said and kissed her forehead once again.

Hinako blushed but she was really happy right now.

“Do you want to eat again?” Yuuki asked.

“Yes,” Hinako said.

“Alright, open your mouth,” Yuuki said.

“Aahh,” Hinako felt that she wanted him more right now. not as a friend, but as something more, she thought to call her mother about this since it was her first time to feel this feeling.


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