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Kuina, Yukana, Ranko, along with anyone who was interested in the treasure hunt had decided to come to the museum of Koumi Island. They had decided to partake in this activity since they had decided to find the treasure on this island.

Haibara didn’t really want to join but she thought that it was still better than diving in the sea.

They borrowed a bicycle to the tourism office and went to the museum together. They entered the museum and heard a familiar voice.

“Huh? Haibara! Onee-chan!”

They were also familiar with this voice and turned.

“You kids? Are you here too?” Ranko was surprised.

“Yes, I’ve heard from the professor that you will go to this island too,” Ayumi said.

Haibara sighed and nodded, “Yes, I am joining their group.”

Conan looked at her and asked, “Where is Yuuki?”

“He was going diving,” Haibara answered and asked, “Where is your lover? It is quite rare for you not to be together.”

Conan blushed and shook his head, “Ran isn’t my lover!”

“I have never said that Ran is your lover,” Haibara snickered.

“….” Conan had a headache when he was dealing with this girl. He shook his head and said, “She should go diving too.”

Haibara smiled, “Then, you should be careful that he isn’t going to eat her.”

“Eat her? What do you mean?” Conan asked with a confused expression.
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“Nothing, it seems that it is still too early for a kid like you,” Haibara said and joined everyone who listened to the introduction of the treasure hunt.

“Haibara!” Conan hurriedly followed her.

No one said anything and listened to the explanation of the treasure hunt in the museum.

The treasure hunt is one of the most popular tourism activities on this island.

Why a treasure hunt? Because there is a legend that there a treasure that is buried on this island by legendary pirates.

They had listened to the story of Anne Bonny and Mary Read from Yamaguchi before but they didn’t know the details.

“Anne escaped from the Bahamas Prison and moved her beachhead to the Pacific Ocean. She still worked as a pirate and waited for Mary to escape from prison. This was proved much later, which is why there’s a rumor saying that they hid their treasure on Koumi Island.”

“Let’s look for the treasure of Anne and Mary!”


Everyone was excited when they heard the last sentences of the introduction of this treasure hunt.

“Are these real?” Haibara looked at the cutla.s.s and pistol that was displayed at the museum. She saw that both of them were found by the treasure hunter and it was something that was used by Anne and Mary in the past.

“It might be, but it might be a big deal if that’s true,” Conan said.

“Maybe they were just made to publicize this island,” Haibara said.

“Eh?” Conan was startled and sighed, “That might become a big problem too.”

“In any case, this isn’t a trivial matter,” Haibara said.

Everyone was discussing the treasure hunt until they heard the voice of their tour guide.

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry to make you keep waiting—.”

Jouji Iwanaga is the name of their tour guide. He is a Koumi Island sight-seeing executive and he is very knowledgeable about this island. He is fat built and wearing thick His definite feature is that his front hair almost becomes bald. He fell down on the ground when he was running toward them.


They closed their eyes since they felt that it would hurt to fall down that way.

Iwanaga stood up and gave everyone the map of the treasure hunt, “This is the map for the treasure hunt. Starting from here, solve the riddles to collect a stamp from each of the 5 places hidden on the map.”

Everyone looked at the map curiously.

“This is the first spot,” Iwanaga said and pointed at the table beside him, “Take the stamp and stamp it on the blank s.p.a.ce here, then take a clue card from the treasure box there to find out where the next spot is.”

They went to take the stamp and stamp it on their map. They saw two numbers 10 and 12 in red colors.

“Hmm, what do these numbers mean?” Yukana was curious.

“This is a game for a kid,” Haibara said.

“You’re a kid,” Kuina said.

“…” Haibara wanted to refute her but she couldn’t. She sighed when she thought this girl wasn’t his harem or else it would be easier to explain it to her.

“10 and 12, is this the key to finding the treasure?” Ranko frowned since she didn’t understand. She took the card and started to read it, “The next spot would be….”

“Even if the setting sun is almost at its end, a pirate still shines,” Ranko didn’t understand and frowned, “What does that mean?”

Iwanaga who saw them smiled and said, “Do your best, guys! You will get a present if you find the treasure!”

“Is there food?” Genta asked with a drool on his face.

“You’ll know when you solve these riddles,” Iwanaga said.

Ranko sighed, “So there isn’t any real treasure?” She was quite disappointed when she heard it.

“Ranko-san, don’t worry, this will be quite fun,” Hinako tried to cheer her up.

Ranko nodded and hugged her, “Then, let’s go! Let’s start out treasure hunting and give him a surprise!”


Conan, who saw the riddle, couldn’t help but ask, “Uncle.”

“Yes, what?” Iwanaga asked.

“Did you think of these riddles by yourself?” Conan asked.

“Eh? Of course,” Iwanaga smiled and said, “Ah, that’s right, you can rent bicycles in the next door. Take a bicycle since it’ll be tiring if you walk.”



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