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Start By Becoming A Mangaka is a Webnovel completed by akikan40.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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The next day, Yuuki received a message from Serafall that he could get back Jeanne. He didn’t wait too long and teleported directly to Sona’s house on Kuoh. He met a lot of people there and he was in his disguise. “Sona.”

Sona looked at Yuuki and nodded. “Archer.”

“Where is Serafall?” Yuuki asked.

“She should be quite busy taking care of her magical girl activity…” Sona said with a sigh.

Step! Step!

Yuuki heard a footstep toward him and saw a girl that he had been waiting for. “Jeanne?”

Jeanne looked at Yuuki who was disguised as an Archer with a confused expression since she didn’t know him. “Who are you?”

“I’ll tell you later.” Yuuki walked toward Jeanne and said, “You’ll go with me.”

Jeanne looked at Archer and wondered what he wanted to do with her. She knew that she had become a prisoner and had been left by the organization. She sighed and followed him on his back. She couldn’t use her Sacred Gear and her power since it was sealed by magic on her body. Her condition was very helpless now and was similar to a fish on the top of the cutting board.

Sona looked at Jeanne and looked at Yuuki. “You’re going to make her maid, right?”

“Maid?” Jeanne twitched her lips.

“That’s the plan,” Yuuki said.

Jeanne could only sigh by their side.

“Well, it should be better than becoming a magical girl, right?” Sona looked at Jeanne.

“…..” Jeanne didn’t answer Sona but her body was shaking too much. She didn’t want to become a magical girl!

Sona looked at Yuuki and asked, “What are you going to do after this?”

“I am going back. Thought I could stop for a while for a coffee or something,” Yuuki said.

Sona raised her eyebrow and said, “I’ll prepare a coffee, can you play chess?”

“I am not that good, but it’s alright,” Yuuki said.

“So let’s play for a while,” Sona said.

Yuuki patted Jeanne’s head and said, “Wait for a while.”

Jeanne sighed and sat down on the nearby chair. She wasn’t sure what to do and she was alone now. She was wondering whether she could meet with Zero, but she couldn’t use the communication device to call him. That guy had also broken their promise to meet each other in Kyoto. ‘b.a.s.t.a.r.d.’ She knew that the Hero Factio was over after that guy had killed Cao Cao in the past. Even though Cao Cao was a bit stuck up and strange, she missed him or her now.

Yuuki sat down on the chair and looked at Sona who prepared a coffee for him.

Sona took two cups of coffee and placed one of them in front of him. “Please.”

Yuuki nodded and took the coffee. He sniffed it and felt surprised by the aroma of the coffee. He sipped the coffee and could taste the bitterness of the coffee, but it instantly disappeared from his tongue. He also tasted some sourness and it didn’t taste bad. “It’s good.”

“Hmm… It’s the original Blue Mountain Coffee,” Sona said.

“It’s quite rare coffee,” Yuuki said.

“Yeah, but there are a lot of routes to get to them,” Sona said.

“That’s true.”

“How about we start our chess match?” Sona asked.

“Sure.” Yuuki hadn’t played chess for a long time. In his opinion, to play chess sometimes someone didn’t need to be smart, rather they needed to be cunning and cautious, but also confident. It sounded quite contradictory, but that was the gist of playing chess.

Sona placed her piece and asked, “Have you heard that there is an explosion on the Realm of the Dead?”

“Explosion?” Yuuki raised his eyebrow.

Sona looked at Yuuki for a while before saying, “During the chaos on the underworld, in the realm of death or Hades’s home there is someone who has attacked that place and made a very big explosion.”

“Hmm…” Yuuki wouldn’t admit that it was him and there wasn’t any evidence that it was him. “How is the victim?”
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“Hades has used his full power to contain the explosion, but some a hundred Grim Reapers and their house have become a ruin,” Sona said.

“I remember that one of your servants is the Grim Reaper, is she okay?” Yuuki asked.

“She is alright and her parents are also alright,” Sona said.

“That’s good,” Yuuki said.

“That’s good, but they have lost their home,” Sona said.

“They can build it again in the future. It’s good as long as you have your own life,” Yuuki said.

“That’s true,” Sona said. She adjusted her and asked, “So who do you think has done it?”

“It should be the Khaos Brigade or someone beside them,” Yuuki said.

“Someone beside them?”

“I have heard that Hades has a very bad personality. I wouldn’t even be surprised if someone had a grudge against him,” Yuuki said.

Sona smiled and said, “That’s true.”

They continued to play chess while talking to each other, but suddenly Sona had a sweat on her forehead.

“Here you go. I won this match,” Yuuki said.

“…….” Sona was silent and looked at the board of chess.

“What’s wrong?” Yuuki asked since he felt that Sona was somehow strange.

Sona adjusted her again and looked at the chessboard intensely with a nervous feeling.

“Are you sick?” Yuuki asked in worried.

Sona shook her head and said, “No, I am alright, but I might need to rest.”

“Then, I’ll go back now. You should rest early,” Yuuki said and stood up. He said goodbye to Sona and went to Jeanne to bring her back.

Sona wasn’t sure what to do when she saw the result of their chess match. She felt dumb to underestimate Yuuki, but she also felt that it wasn’t that bad. She sighed and said, “I wonder why I have made such a stupid promise.”

Yuuki would probably stun in place when he knew that there was a hidden reward when he had won a chess match against Sona. He didn’t know about that and decided to go to the Hanging Garden of Babylon together with Jeanne who had joined with him.

“Let’s go.”


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