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Read Starting With Contract Pets Chapter 176 – Fire Immunity Encounters Fire Thief

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Chapter 176: Fire Immunity Encounters Fire Thief

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

In the face of successive bombings, the Water Spirit could initially resist with its water shield as a defense.

However, soon, it could not withstand it anymore. The water shield evaporated little by little in the flame, while the dino was still preparing to continue firing fireb.a.l.l.s on the other side.

“I surrender!”

He did not want his Water Spirit to suffer more serious injuries and originally bet that this Fireball technique would be extremely exhaustive or would have many restrictions, but there was no such thing at all.

“Su Bai emerges victorious!” the referee announced.

The audience was quite speechless and lost. This trick was really impregnable.

Some fanatics cheered, and some viewers expressed their hopes of Su Bai changing his fighting style. Only using this trick made people think that he was a one-trick pony.

The deputy captain of Ancheng returned to the team to complain, “This Su Bai is too shameless; he’s a complete b.u.mptious fellow. He can only use this Fireball skill to bombard his opponents, he has no standards at all. If his pet didn’t have this Fireball skill, I could easily send him begging for mercy on his knees a long time ago.”

“That’s right; it’s boring. Don’t use Fireball if he’s got the ability. He doesn’t have any compet.i.tive spirit.”

The other players also complained.

“No, I don’t think he lacks compet.i.tive spirit, but he’s too lazy to waste time and just wants to end the game quickly. You see, he hasn’t commanded the pet from start to finish; it’s the pet playing by itself.”


“Impossible. He probably thinks that they’re too weak and doesn’t take it seriously. Who does he think he is? So unrestrained.”

The deputy captain, who had just failed, was in a state of disbelief. He did not believe that Su Bai was really as strong as the captain said.

The other players did not believe it, either, thinking that the boy was just a b.u.mptious guy whose pet could only use fireb.a.l.l.s to smash their opponents. Without this Fireball technique, he would have no chance of jumping ahead at all. They all held the same views as some people on the Internet.

“w.a.n.g Jie is right. He really just doesn’t want to waste time with you. He’s not even thinking of being the champion. As long as he has taken part, there’s a high probability for him and low hopes for us.”

The coach smiled wryly. This kind of situation where one person would dominate the entire game happened from time to time, and this year was particularly scary.

“Are you for real, coach? Is he so scary?” The deputy captain and the others raised their heads.

“Of course, you can watch an a.n.a.lysis video just released on the Internet.

“Don’t think that his pet is so small; a cultivator with vicious eyes can tell that it’s not in its complete form at all.

“From his a.n.a.lysis of the total spiritual power density, etc., it has evolved twice, once each at the servant and warlord grades. Its evolutionary direction should still be the most terrifying direction among Purgatory Tyrants, the Purgatory Fire Thief.

“If you look carefully, you will find that it launches a fire attack that can spur the fire aura between heaven and earth. This means that it has completely comprehended the profound meaning of fire.

“This Purgatory Fire Thief has never shown its real strength from beginning to end.”

The coach shook his head and sighed. The gap was too big.

“It’s that terrifying?”

The expressions of the several players changed instantly. As soon as the coach a.n.a.lyzed it, they immediately realized that the gap was much more than the difference between heaven and earth.

“Actually, that’s not the most terrifying thing. Do you all think this Purgatory Fire Thief is his first pet?” asked the coach with a wry smile.

“Yeah, isn’t it?”

“It’s really not. Judging from the fighting videos involving him before, his first pet is a feline-like creature with a wood attribute and purple pupils.

“It even has a terrifying Thorns Domain. At that time, when the wood pet was a warlord, this Purgatory Fire Thief was only a high-level servant.

“In other words, he still has a high-level commander and even a monarch pet hidden.”

The coach knew that there was no hope of winning the championship anymore and simply revealed all these things to his players. Sometimes, after realizing the strength of the opponent, they might be more relieved in the fight.

Upon hearing this, everyone fell silent. It turned out that Su Bai really just wanted to end the battle quickly, and his true strength was far more formidable than they thought.

After a long time, the deputy captain said, “Coach, where is that video? I want to watch it.”

They understood the hawk eyes of the coach and had mixed feelings in their hearts. This was the first time that they had felt such a big gap between people.

The captain, w.a.n.g Jie, did not speak and walked into the arena silently.

He released a mid-level commander fire unicorn with wind-fire dual attribute.

“Have you watched that video on the Internet? Is the a.n.a.lysis in the video correct?” He turned to Su Bai and asked this.

“What video?” The latter was a little puzzled.

“It’s a video about you. The a.n.a.lysis in the video says that you still have a wood attribute high-level commander pet and even a monarch pet. Is that true?” w.a.n.g Jie asked.

Su Bai was shocked upon hearing this. Someone had a.n.a.lyzed it so soon?

“It’s just to sway people; I don’t have such a strong wood pet.” He shook his head.

The cub was indeed not that strong, but it was not far away.

“Very well. I’ll let you see my strength then.” w.a.n.g Jie nodded. He naturally would not easily believe what the other said.

The Fire Unicorn shot three flame tornadoes at the dino. With the fire taking advantage of the wind, the fire tornado raged and increased in power.

“Roar!” The Little Tyrant threw two blighted fireb.a.l.l.s and detonated the fire tornadoes.

Then the white light on its horn flickered. It condensed dead coc.o.o.ns, which turned into streams of light that hit the Fire Unicorn.

“Use Wind Shadow!”

Wind grew at the feet of the Fire Unicorn, and as blue light flowed, many unicorn shadows appeared all of a sudden. Its body avoided the attack of the dead coc.o.o.ns at an incredible speed.

However, the dino was in no hurry. According to the usual routine given by Su Bai, it raised its hand to seal the path with fireb.a.l.l.s. One by one, the mushroom clouds exploded on the Fire Unicorn, making it quite breathless, but fascinatingly, the fierce attack did not cause any injuries to it.

Only the withered power of the Fireball weakened its breath a little.

Let’s go with dead coc.o.o.ns again, then use the Fire Theft skill! It’s immune to fire attacks, so don’t waste any more spiritual power. He instructed the dino telepathically. This Fire Unicorn actually had a rare fire immunity characteristic and could be regarded as a very powerful pet.

“Roar!” I see! No wonder it’s so hard to injure.

Letting out a roar, it burst forth with blighted light and condensed three dead coc.o.o.ns above its head, which it launched on the Fire Unicorn.

The Fire Unicorn once again attempted to dodge the attacks by moving with the wind, but this time, the dead coc.o.o.ns followed it like tracking missiles.

Having been hit by the withered power of the Blighted Fireball before, the dead coc.o.o.ns could now track it.

In desperation, w.a.n.g Jie could only let it turn around and attack and destroy the dead coc.o.o.ns or the threat would be too great.

It turned around with an ultrhigh-temperature flame to destroy the dead coc.o.o.ns, but at this moment, the dino took the opportunity to activate its Fire Theft skill.

The Fire Unicorn was unable to dodge it and was. .h.i.t. Tiny flames flew from its body over to the dino and was eventually swallowed by it.

Dumbfounded, the Fire Unicorn could only watch as its flame disappeared into thin air. There was still plenty of fire spirit in its body, but it was as if they had been solidified and could not be mobilized at all.

While it was still in a daze, the three dead coc.o.o.ns rushed over and directly burrowed into its body. With the Fire Theft skill, its vitality began to drop quickly.

“Roar!” The dino roared arrogantly and provocatively hooked its claw at the Fire Unicorn. Come on; why don’t you continue spraying fire on me? 

It chased after the Fire Unicorn with a fireball.

“Oh, my G.o.d! This is actually the Fire Theft skill. Su Bai’s pet’s evolutionary direction is actually a Purgatory Fire Thief. This is too terrifying.

“The fire immune Fire Unicorn has actually encountered a Purgatory Fire Thief which has the ability to steal fire! There really is always one mountain higher than another.”

The commentator was shocked by this interesting development.

“F*ck! I heard that Fire Theft is even better at restraining fire skills than any fire immunity skills. It can directly prevent the opponent from using any fire skills and is much scarier than all fire immunity skills. The Fire Unicorn has really met its doom; it’s too unlucky.”

“It turns out that Su Bai is really so strong and formidable. I thought that his pet could only hit its opponents with fireb.a.l.l.s. Who knew that it’s actually in that terrifying evolutionary direction? I’m now convinced that it’s too ferocious.”

“So the a.n.a.lysis video on the Internet is true that Su Bai also has a high-level commander wood pet? I’m afraid he might be the reincarnation of a true G.o.d.”

The audience was shocked to see this scene. In particular, those on the Internet who said that Su Bai could only smash people with fireb.a.l.l.s were speechless for a while.

The powerful performance shown by the boy turned out to be just the tip of an iceberg.

They thought that he would have a hard time fighting with the Fire Unicorn, but who knew that it would be over so soon?

On the battlefield, the Fire Unicorn was immersed in Dead Coc.o.o.n and completely lost its combat power. The only way left was to surrender.

“I admit defeat,” w.a.n.g Jie said dejectedly. He thought that he could build a name for himself and become famous. Who knew that such a terrifying opponent would defeat his pet so soon? The guy was even with unfathomable strength.

“Su Bai wins! Let us congratulate Cannes’s juvenile team for winning this year’s X Province’s City League Tournament.

“It is worth mentioning that today is Su Bai’s seventeenth birthday, and it is his first anniversary after becoming a Pet Tamer. Let us send the most sincere blessings to this talented young man.”

“Happy birthday…”


The background music sounded, and the falling colored papers accompanied the audience’s hoa.r.s.e cheers. Su Bai had established his position and successfully won the provincial league championship.

Everyone felt that he would definitely be able to win the national championship on behalf of Province X the national league in July.

He could even partic.i.p.ate in the highest compet.i.tion held by the Pet Alliance, the King of the World Round-robin Tournament and win the t.i.tle of King of Pet Tamers.

When Su Bai returned to the lounge, Li Xing rushed forward. He quickly prepared to dodge, but at the turn of his head, all eight teammates had surrounded him. He then was hugged in the middle by them and thrown up in celebration.

“Happy birthday! Thank you for taking us to the championship. Thank you!”

The group of people shouted in unison despite the fact that they had experienced many contradictions among one another and had not seen eye-to-eye.

That was just a pa.s.sing moment and was normal for teenagers. Now that they were out of Cannes, they felt grateful and glad because they were all from the same city.

The previous compet.i.tion in their city seemed to have become a trivial matter, just like a small conflict between brothers and sisters in a family.

“Thank you. It’s actually not my credit alone. If you guys didn’t survive the points match, no matter how strong I might be, it would be impossible for me to win the championship.”

Su Bai smiled and nodded at them. He originally felt indifferent about winning the championship, but after feeling the audience’s cheers and hearing his teammates’ praises, he understood what it meant to bask in glory.

“You’re not allowed to refuse today’s party. It’s to celebrate our win and your birthday at the same time. You’ve already rejected us several times and stayed to sleep in your hotel all day long. If not for Sister Ruoxue being absent, we would suspect that you’re doing something mischievous.” Li Xing rebuked him.

“Yes, even if you run today, we will carry you out if we have to, so don’t even think of running away.” Zhao Li grinned.

“That’s right! Don’t blame us for carrying you away if you try to escape.” w.a.n.g Er booed. After leaving the city and the province, he realized that the previously distant schoolmate relationship had become more precious.

In fact, being able to meet with others, be it a friend or an enemy, was extremely precious. After all, meeting among billions of people was also considered destiny.

“Relax. I won’t run today.” Su Bai smiled.

Soon the rostrum was ready for him and the other five in the team to come onstage and receive the award.

He took the golden trophy and looked at it. It felt pretty good. In addition to this trophy, everyone had a prize of ten million, and all monster wildernesses in Province X would be open to them for free in the next year.

Su Bai did not care about these rewards. He just wanted to get first place in the national city league so he would have the qualification to enter the King of the World Round-robin Tournament to see how strong the world’s top compet.i.tors were.

“Let us congratulate Cannes for winning this championship.”

Amid cheers from the audience, Su Bai and others retired with the trophy.

At a restaurant table, everyone raised their for a toast. “Happy birthday, Su Bai!”

“Thank you.” He raised his wine gla.s.s and thanked them.

He was genuinely grateful.

Everyone clinked their cups lightly and then downed the content in one go.

“Haha! Why don’t you drink more?” Li Xing walked over with a gla.s.s of red wine.

“Exactly. Shouldn’t the birthday celebrant drink more? I suggest that everyone drink one gla.s.s with him each.” Zhao Li laughed.

“That’s not good.” He shook his head.

“What’s so bad about that? Let me pour it for you. Drink or are you still harboring grudges against me?” Li Xing poured wine for Su Bai and looked at him.

“No, I’ll drink it.” He reluctantly raised his gla.s.s.

Soon after, the party was over. Li Xing and the others walked toward the hotel with flushed faces; Zhao Li and a few of them were also slightly dizzy so they could not walk straight.

Only Su Bai, the coach, and some others were normal.

He spread his hands out and shrugged. With the backfeeding from five strong pets, his alcohol tolerance was much stronger than the others.

Shaking his head, he silently returned to his room and released the pets.

His pets bought his birthday present online, but it had yet to arrive.

Early the next morning, everyone took the same old train back to Cannes.

“See you guys again in July.” He waved to everyone.

“Goodbye.” Li Xing glanced at Su Bai a little bitterly. She then finally let it go and waved goodbye before turning to leave.

“Goodbye!” The others waved their hands to bid farewell as well.


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