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Read Starting With Contract Pets Chapter 299 – Plant The Next Leek

Starting With Contract Pets is a web novel completed by Ooty.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Starting With Contract Pets Chapter 299 – Plant The Next Leek

Chapter 299: Plant the Next Leek

He shuttled through the mist of Heavenly Abyss as he constantly looked for suitable s.p.a.ce cracks.

Soon, he found a more suitable s.p.a.ce crack.

This was a s.p.a.ce crack entrenched by a Zerg race; a lot of bugs emerged from it. All kinds of monsters could be found here, with most of them being above the commander grade.

This showed that the worm mother in this s.p.a.ce crack was not weak and was at least a high-level emperor or even a sovereign.

“Okay, let’s start here.” Su Bai nodded and made up his mind.

Because he was not going in for a fight, he had to sneak in silently. The concealment ability of Planet Eye was excellent, but in order to be safe, he still released Starry Omnivore Kraken.


As soon as it was released, it rubbed Su Bai and looked around. It seemed to be looking for something to eat.

“You’re not out to eat. Wrap us up, activate your concealment skill, and bring us in.” He patted its head.

This guy’s breath was still growing steadily, and it was obviously still digesting the power stored in the four altars that it had swallowed.

He wondered if it would evolve once the altars were completely digested. If it did, then what would it become?


Hearing his words, the kraken suddenly looked disappointed and fell to the ground as if all of its dreams had been destroyed.

It turned out that there was no food!

Despite feeling sad, it opened a black shield to cover Planet Eye.

Dark Diving (Darkness characteristic. Obtained by the power of miracles. Activate this characteristic to enter the Darkness state, which is extremely conducive to hiding in dark places. Even a Tier 2 detection monster cannot find it.

(When the kraken is motionless, there is no way to find it without mastering detection skills or using extremely special monsters.)

Su Bai wondered if he could hack the system. This Dark Diving characteristic was very peculiar. As long as Starry Omnivore Kraken was motionless, its characteristic would be extremely strong. No monsters, other than an active detection type, could find it.

Now that the kraken was lying on Planet Eye, it was considered to be motionless. Was there a way to trigger this characteristic?

After Planet Eye had traveled a distance, he found that it was impossible.

Was it really impossible?

Theoretically, though, there was no absolutely static object in the world. Everyone, even humans, was moving despite standing on the motionless Blue Planet.

Blue Planet revolved around the sun at a very high speed.

Thus, humans were actually still moving, just not relative to Blue Planet.

“Is it related to Pipi’s consciousness?”

Su Bai’s mind suddenly flashed with an idea, and he felt that this was likely to be the case.

“Pipi, don’t move and don’t resist. I’ll give you something delicious to eat later.” Su Bai first comforted it before looking at Mewling Fox and saying, “Hypnotize it into thinking that it’s not moving or build an illusion.”

Okay, Ah Bai.

Nodding, the fox wrapped the Starry Omnivore Kraken with its mental wave.

A few seconds later, the kraken temporarily fell into an illusion.

Su Bai checked its information again, and a hint of joy flashed across his face. Sure enough, its Dark Diving feature had been fully activated.

This discovery was a big surprise. With this ability, he could not only explore the depths of the abyss where there were immortal monsters but also enter no man’s land.

He could sneak in quietly without anyone noticing him.

“I’ll have to find a fast way to upgrade Pipi’s level to a high-level emperor or even a sovereign. This way, Pipi can use the Dark Diving characteristic to explore the abyss’s bottom and scout the area ahead.”

Su Bai’s face showed a hint of joy; at the same time, he could not help but pat his head. How stupid was he not to think of this earlier?

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking about it and looked at Planet Eye. He then addressed Purple Jade and Little Blood Dragon. “Let’s go in. Get ready. We must succeed in one try.”

“Roar~” Don’t worry. As long as it’s not too strong, there should be no problem, said the dragon.

“Okay.” Su Bai nodded, stopped talking, and watched as Planet Eye quickly moved toward the depths of the s.p.a.ce crack.

After drilling into the s.p.a.ce crack and seeing the situation inside, he exclaimed in surprise.

There was actually a red planet very similar to Mars here.

This planet was inhabited by all kinds of insects, both flying and not flying. They were so densely packed that people’s trypophobia would be triggered.

In the core of the planet was a large, insect mother, with a size of over one hundred kilometers. It was occupying a nest of over a thousand kilometers.

Around this lair was a small cl.u.s.ter of spiritual veins and spiritual springs, which constantly gushed out.

Above the waist of this huge worm mother was what looked like a large wasp. It had a white belly and a diameter of more than fifty kilometers; it constantly gave birth to white worm eggs.

While it gave birth to insect eggs, it also ate monster corpses and spiritual fruits brought by other kinds of insects.

Planet Eye stopped just outside the nest. Su Bai examined the mid-level sovereign worm mother, which was called the Poisonous Bee Worm Mother. There were three low-level sovereign and one hundred emperor insect monsters guarding the nest.

Although the worm mother’s realm was high, it did not have much actual combat ability. The most important thing was the existence of these worm monsters in the nest.

When ants were well-organized, they could kill an elephant. Not only were there many insect monsters here, they were also very strong. Furthermore, they possessed various strange and unknown characteristics and skills. If they were all allowed to exert their strength, it would be too terrifying.

“Dragon, get ready.” Su Bai summoned his contract book directly, and endless blood was injected into its body.

Almost instantly, Little Blood Dragon completed its metamorphosis. It became evil and terrifying as it directly evolved into the immortal Ancestor Blood Dragon.

“Designated strengthening technique, First Dragon Blood!”

With a move of his mind, a b.l.o.o.d.y light emerged from the contract book and sank into the dragon.


It suddenly let out a low roar, and all the insect monsters on the planet turned soft and knelt on the ground.

The fear coming from the depths of their blood rendered them immobile.

The moment the Dragon Curse was formed, all the insects in the vicinity all froze in place, unable to move.

A blood-colored beam of light then fell from above and entered the Poisonous Bee Worm Mother’s body. Not long after, it ignited with blood and a scarlet pattern appeared on its body.

It had been transformed into the Striped Poisonous Bee Worm Mother.

“Come on. Let’s go,” Su Bai glanced at the worm mother, which had completed its transformation, and said.

For safety’s sake and in order not to be found out by anyone with ill will, neither he nor Little Blood Dragon exposed their figure. Cloaked by the Starry Omnivore Kraken’s Dark Diving characteristic, they continued to remain well hidden.

Su Bai took out a bunch of prepared Blood Curses and handed them to the dragon while evacuating. The Blood Curses allowed it to recover quickly and pa.s.s the transition period of using its divine skill.

“Come on. Let’s continue finding other insect nests.”

Once he was done handling everything in this place, he spoke again.

Insects multiplied in large numbers and spread quickly, making them the best choice.

All day long, he searched for large and small insects in the abyss and quietly transformed their insect mothers into blood descendants.

At 1pm, he returned to Yulong Gymnasium’s gathering place.

On this day, he had been to more than five hundred large and small insect monster nests and had asked his dragon to use the First Dragon Blood to transform more than one thousand insect mothers into its subordinates. Although this was a drop in the bucket compared to the entire Sea Abyss, as long as the seed was planted, it would eventually blossom.

Especially where the Mist of Evolution had just filled the Sea Abyss, it could be said to be the best.

The insect mothers, which had been converted into blood descendants, would continue to produce insect monsters. Because of the blood, the insect monsters produced by these mothers would be Little Blood Dragon’s blood descendants since birth.

Insects reproduced super fast, and even more so with the Mist of Evolution. In a short time, countless bloodline insects would be born.

Some of these blood worms would become stronger by themselves, while some would be swallowed by other monsters.

If they were eaten by other monsters, it stood to reason that they would all turn into pure power and return to the dragon’s body.

However, Su Bai specifically let the dragon interfere and did not let the power return. He let insects be eaten by other monsters so that they could also unknowingly be transformed into blood descendants.

This way, with the pa.s.sage of time, the number of the dragon’s blood descendants in the Sea Abyss would increase and become stronger.

Finally, when their number reached a certain level, the dragon would directly harvest one-third or half of their power, or even all of them.

At that time, the harvested power would turn pure and return to the dragon. His pet could also absorb the evolutionary essence acc.u.mulated in the Mist of Evolution.

Its strength could not only be restored to the sovereign grade at once but could also even directly reach the peak sovereign, perhaps even the immortal grade.

After all, the number of blood descendants it had would be at least billions by then.

This was a big game he was playing. Now that the leeks had been planted, he could just pay attention to them as he waited for the harvest.

However, in order to harvest them smoothly and to speed up the harvesting process, he kept making his dragon secretly transform various monsters.

“Fortunately, there’s enough Blood Curse coming from the gym, or else this’ll be a bit difficult to accomplish.” Su Bai sighed with emotion. Under normal circ.u.mstances, this method would cause Little Blood Dragon’s strength to decline continuously. After all, this consumed its origin.

The support of the gym was fortunately ever available. This way, with its steady supply of Blood Curses, the dragon’s recovery could be fast and it could complete such a huge project.

“Roar!” I think that I can break through to the immortal level at once! said the dragon confidently.

“I think so, too.”

Laughing happily, Su Bai caressed the dragon on his wrist.

Now, he did not care much about the selection of the curator. Once Little Blood Dragon was promoted to the immortal grade, Zi Wuji would have no rights to compete with him.

Everyone in the gym would surely know to choose the immortal Ancestor Blood Dragon. This was an existence that could break the selection rules.

“However, before that, I have to upgrade the contract book to epic level, or else the embarra.s.sment of last time may happen again,” Su Bai nodded and murmured to himself.

“Howl~” I also want to become stronger. When you have time, use the Blood Moon divine skill on me a few times, so that I can experience the feeling of evolving into the G.o.d of Beauty. I might even have an epiphany, Purple Jade turned its head and howled.

“Roar~” I want to experience it, too~ Little Tyrant raised a small claw.

“Onom~” Starry Omnivore Kraken flicked its tail to join in on the fun.

“Of course, you can, but wait a few days and try it one by one. If you’re all in a period of weakness, it’ll be no good if we encounter danger,” Su Bai caressed the elf’s head and said.

Now that his pets were at the emperor level, their advancement and evolution were getting more and more difficult, and the power of the Blood Moon divine skill was now manifested.

It allowed his pets to experience the feeling of evolving. After many tries, they might even gain some insights and greatly reduce the difficulty of evolution.

This was his ability that other Pet Tamers’ capabilities could not hold a candle to.

“Oh, by the way, I’ve forgotten one thing. Come drink this potion, Mewling.” He suddenly remembered something and took out a potion from his storage ring, which looked like a bottle of high-quality ink.

This was the potion made using Dark Heart, one of the treasures that the Hou family had compensated him with.

“Hing…” Mewling Fox cried and opened its small mouth to gulp down the potion.

Soon after the potion was swallowed by it, the fox transformed into the Nine-tailed Magic Fox as the potion’s effect was brought into play. The dark mist around its body became thicker, which was a sign of the energy density reaching a certain level.

The fox’s rank went past the low-level monarch and reached the mid-level monarch, but its improvement showed no signs of stopping.

“It seems that this potion is useful.” Seeing this development, Su Bai showed a hint of clarity.

The effect of the potion is so strong; it actually melted the Demon Crystal inside my body by a third and turned it into wholly absorbable particles!

I can refine it much easier now and believe that, as long as I completely absorb these particles, it won’t be hard for me to rise from the mid-level to a high-level emperor.

When it felt the changes in its body, the fox showed a look of antic.i.p.ation.

“Haha! That’s good.” Su Bai picked the fox up and caressed it like he would a cat.

He was used to caressing Purple Jade and felt very comfortable doing so.

However, now that Purple Jade had turned into a human form, it would be a little perverted if he touched it randomly, so Mewling Fox had become its subst.i.tute.

Thank you, Ah Bai!

It smiled sweetly and licked his hand with its tongue.

He entered the gathering place while rubbing the fox. After going out for a day, he naturally was unaware of the gym’s troubling matter.

When he returned, he saw He Yu, Han Wei, Ouyang Du discussing something, looking very worried.

“What happened?” he asked curiously.


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