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As he cast his eyes over at the long parade of soldiers marching in aggressively, a terrified expression was brought upon the barbarian leader’s face.

A whistle was sounded, and the army of barbarians hastily retreated back into the woods. Especially those bird barbarians, they fled faster than anybody else. A huge amount of feathers fell from the sky, together with shrill cries of birds. The bird barbarians turned into a dark cloud and flew away in a disordered fas.h.i.+on.

Three elks pulled the flying coach and quickly arrived outside Little Meng City. They took half a circle around the city wall before rus.h.i.+ng in front of Luo Kedi and Ma Liang.

When Lu Chengfeng saw Tie Yuewu bringing the Cavalry of Lu family here, he was struck with awe and had his eyes gone wide. He hastily dragged Wu Qi, who was still confused, together with all his hanger-ons and three thousand full armored soldiers of City Guard, removed the rubbles that blocked off the breach and greeted the visitors.

The clatter of iron hooves filled the air. Under the command of Tie Yuewu, the Cavalry had surrounded the Crocottas Cavalry of Yulin Army.

Wu Qi threw a curious look over at those Cavalry. Their mount looked like a mixed-breed of buffalo and horse. It had the head of a buffalo and body of a horse. The body was big and masculine, and two sharp, pointy horns were found on its head. It was clad in a heavy, thick armor of grayish green color, and it gave forth a feeling as if it was a small hill that could freely move around. The cavalrymen of Cavalry were also men with burly physique. They were clad in a fully closed heavy armor, carrying a mace in their hand which looked lethal and heavy. Together, they looked very deterring.

If Crocottas Cavalry could be described as a raging flame, then the Cavalry would be a solid mountain. Perhaps it was because Lu family was richer than the imperial family of Lu Kingdom, no matter how Wu Qi looked at them, the armors and weapons used by these eight thousand Cavalry were much more superior than those of Crocottas Cavalry.

An unsightly expression was brought upon Luo Kedi’s face. He clenched his jaw tightly, ran his eyes around and looked at the large Three Clovers Hibiscus symbol on the chest of Cavalry. He then spewed out cold words from his tightly clenched teeth, “Maiden Rongyang, what are you doing? I thought our Princess had come to an agreement with you, the Lu family?”

A door on one side of the flying coach was forcefully kicked open by someone. Clad in a luxurious imperial dress with the main hue of black, Tie Yuewu held her head up and stepped out from the coach on the arms of two serving ladies, proud and beautiful like a devilish phoenix. The Crimson Blue Snake, which had its tongue sliding in and out, was following closely beside Tie Yuewu, high and mighty, fixing its deep and malicious eyes on Luo Kedi’s face.

A long crimson carpet rolled out from the coach like a stream of river, stretching further away from in front of Tie Yuewu and stopped before Luo Kedi. While wearing a cold face, she stepped onto the soft carpet, walked slowly and came in front of Luo Kedi. From the corner of her eyes, she gazed at Luo Kedi and said, “This is absurd! What rights does that Princess Yingchuan has that allowed her to make a deal with us, the Lu family?”

Luo Kedi was struck speechless. But before he could yell out in fury, Ma Liang strode forward and bowed deeply toward Tie Yuewu. “What the lady said is absolutely right, General Luo was just a.s.suming. Our mission has nothing to do with her highness, I hope your lady can have mercy with us and let us go freely.”

The oppressed yet thunderous sound of marching grew louder. The Heaven, Earth, and Mortal battalions of Bloodshed Army had gotten off from their mounts a few miles away, lining up in a neat array of ‘Fish Scale’ [1] while pressing forward slowly. When they reached to the distance of two miles away, three battalions split up. Both battalions of Heaven and Earth held their position and guarded against any possible threat coming from the direction of north, both sides of northwest, south, and southwest, while the Mortal battalion continued pressing their way further.

The Bloodshed Army was the best and strongest army among all others who protected the border of Lu Kingdom, consisting of elite soldiers who had gone through numerous tough battles. As the Mortal battalion approached closer, a horrifyingly murderous aura soared up high into the sky. In contrast, the cavalrymen of Yulin Army lived a comfortable life in the capital of Lu Kingdom. Agitated by such an intense, menacing aura, cold sweat starting to drip down from their foreheads.

Near instinctively, Luo Kedi raised his right hand high up. A deep and m.u.f.fled gear moving noises came from within all thirty odd Mo Machines as they started to adjust their angle, aiming right at the soldiers of Bloodshed Army who were approaching slowly from two miles away.

Tie Yuewu snorted coldly and said, “Luo Kedi, how dare you?”

A faint snort followed right after her words. A few figures suddenly sprung out from Cavalry. Wu Qi had a keen eye, and saw those were four old men clad in long black robes with a symbol of cloud st.i.tched on their backs. All four of them were emanating a strong aura, and they should have the cultivation base of at least Mind Focusing tier and above.

Four dazzling green sword beams of over six feet long suddenly burst out together with a loud sword cry, flying at top speed and circling around those thirty odd Mo Machines. The sword beams pierced through from some random spot on the Mo Machine, precisely killing the soldier who was hiding inside and controlling the machine. Faint shrieks kept coming out from those Mo Machines, and within just the blink of an eye, the threat of Mo Machines had been removed.

Tilting her head up proudly, Tie Yuewu said with an indifferent voice, “So, these Mo Machines are the one that gave you the courage to stand up against me? Luo Kedi, how dare you!”

Luo Kedi’s eyes went wide and were about to refute, but was hastily pulled back by Ma Liang. Ma Liang took a step forward and came in front of Tie Yuewu, bowing repeatedly and said with a rather dry laugh, “Dare not! How could we set ourselves against your lady? We will follow everything your lady says in today’s matter. I hope your lady doesn’t blame us at all. If there is anything we did that had offended your lady, I hope your lady can forgive us for the sake of her highness princess and his highness.”

Tie Yuewu sneered, and suddenly pointed her finger at Luo Kedi.

The Crimson Blue Snake who was coiled up at the back of Tie Yuewu immediately let out a sharp hiss, darting forward at lightning speed and ferociously bit on Luo Kedi’s thigh. A shrill cry burst out from Luo Kedi’s mouth, and his body was thrown to the ground instantly. Without hesitation, Ma Liang pulled out a dagger and waved it cruelly, cutting away nearly one kilogram of flesh from Luo Kedi’s thigh, and removing all the muscles around the bite wound caused by the Crimson Blue Snake.

Luo Kedi let out a miserable howl, holding on his b.l.o.o.d.y thigh and s.h.i.+vering constantly.

Tie Yuewu looked at Luo Kedi, who was now severely wounded, then she nodded her head satisfyingly. “I’ll not dispute with you over this matter. Now go back and tell your master… Chenfeng is my son, and only I can teach him a lesson! No one is allowed to use all kinds of groundless accusations to try to harm his life!”

Waving her hand disgustingly, Tie Yuewu said, “You can leave now.” Cavalry split and made a path. Ma Liang hastily bound up Luo Kedi’s wound, then gave Tie Yuewu a respectful bow before bringing all his remaining soldiers and leaving the encirclement. Thirty odd Mo machines were left behind, and Ma Liang didn’t ask any of his subordinates to pull them away.

The Crocottas Cavalry of Yulin Army had quickly left. Tie Yuewu sighed faintly and turned around slowly. Her beautiful face that looked like a young girl of sixteen years old was beaded with glittering teardrops. From afar, she spread her arms toward Lu Chengfeng, and cried with a sorrowful voice, “Chengfeng, my good son, mom is late to the rescue… Are you hurt?”

Wu Qi felt his entire body was s.h.i.+vering. He looked at Tie Yuewu up and down, and couldn’t help have his mind filled with mixed emotions.

This Maiden Rongyang Tie Yuewu looked just like Lu Chengfeng’s younger sister, or she could even be his niece. No matter how Wu Qi looked at her, she just didn’t look like Lu Chengfeng’s biological mother at all. All he could think of was she really knew how to keep her youth well, and Lu Chengfeng was overly washed-up and matured.

Lu Chengfeng walked slowly forward expressionlessly, then kneeled down respectfully on the ground full of mud and blood, gave Tie Yuewu a few kowtows and said, “Greeting, my mother. Can I know what is the purpose for you to travel so far and come to this remote land?”

Tie Yuewu breathed out a gentle sigh. She touched Lu Chengfeng’s head with full affection and loving smile. “Do you really have to act so strange towards your mom? Can’t I come to see you, even without a purpose? Nevertheless, you’ve suffered a lot during these few years.”

She breathed out a long sigh, then ran her eyes over Wu Qi and few other men who were standing around. Smiling pleasingly, she said, “So these are the subordinates you’ve recruited after you came? They do look alright.” When she finished her words, an old man from the four who used sword beams and killed the soldiers controlling Mo Machine just now came beside Tie Yuewu, murmuring a few words under his breath.

Tie Yuewu immediately looked at Lu Chengfeng in astonishment, then she gave Wu Qi a hard look. Her splendid face bloomed with a smile like the flowers in Spring time, charming and enchanting. “Yo, my good son, you have attained the cultivation base of Xiantian realm? And how do I address this young man? It is rare to see a young man at this age who achieved the realm of Xiantian!”

Though Tie Yuewu had a bright smile on her face, her mind was actually filled with extreme shock. Without the help from the family, without consuming any magical pills and medicines and receiving any guidance from someone of the Xiantian realm, how exactly did Lu Chengfeng break through into Xiantian realm? And how did he manage to recruit a Xiantian realm expert? This was simply impossible!

Even for an enormous family such as Lu family of Liyang, they too didn’t own many Xiantian realm warriors! So, how exactly did Lu Chengfeng achieve that?

Lu Chengfeng arose, spoke in a respectful but emotionless voice, “My dear mother, let us go to Mayor Mansion now, we shall talk when we are there. The pungent smell of blood is too strong here, and it is a great disrespect to my dear mother.”

Tie Yuewu nodded her head, and on the arms of her serving ladies, she returned to her flying coach.

After a long restless moment, the rubbles and pillars that blocked off the city gate were finally cleared off, and four pa.s.sages that led into the city were made. Tie Yuewu brought a part of her men into the city while the rest of the soldiers encamped outside the city.

When everything was finally settled down, dusk had also drawn down and blanketed the world. Cries of misery were heard throughout the entire Little Meng City. The civilians and soldiers who survived from the slaughter of bolts during daytime were now carrying torches, busy in rescuing people from the collapsed buildings and removing and burying the dead bodies killed by bolts.

However, the atmosphere inside of Mayor Mansion was rather odd.

Tie Yuewu was sitting aloft behind the table in the center of the main hall. Slowly and steadily, she explained the ident.i.ty of Lu Chengfeng’s biological father, and what had happened to him. After she finished explaining, Tie Yuewu said with a rather light touch, “For your own good, for the sake of your mother, and also for the interest of your maternal grandfather’s family, you need to use the fastest speed possible and rush to Ji City and inherit everything left behind by your father.”

While harboring a mind-full of ulterior designs, Wu Qi kept looking at Lu Chengfeng from top to bottom. He was surprised to find out that Lu Chengfeng’s irresponsible biological father had such an overwhelming background. The top imperial member of Great Yan Dynasty? The great-grandson of the emperor Yan Dan? Duke of Great Yan Dynasty? Didn’t that mean Lu Chengfeng had also become one of the top and core imperial members of Great Yan Dynasty?

Wu Qi’s heard started to race. He recalled something that Lu Chengfeng told him not long ago: something related to the cultivation sects of Great Yan Dynasty.

Lu Chengfeng was sitting with his back straight on the right-hand side of Tie Yuewu, bowing his head and not saying anything. His expression was calm.

Nearly a full fifteen minutes pa.s.sed after he finished listening to Tie Yuewu, Lu Chengfeng finally raised his head and spoke with an indifferent tone.

“Is that so? Then is it better if I rush to Ji City tonight?”

“Little Meng City is the first foundation I have in the Lu Kingdom. I hope mother can help me to protect it, and not let anybody else capture it!”

[1] Fish Scale Array – This image ill.u.s.trates how it looks like


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