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Read Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1309 – Xie Zhengshi’s Killing Intent

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Chapter 1309: Xie Zhengs.h.i.+’s Killing Intent

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo saw clearly that the red beams Cha Qizhao used was truth realisation state domain flame.

“Argh…” Two howls of pain sounded and the shadows were crippled. It was slow and after the flame pa.s.sed, it seemed to be gathering again.

Before Cha Qizhao could use his domain flame again, Ye Mo flung his heaven flame over and those two figures instantly melted. Cha Qizhao felt a little awkward. The difference in flames were too great.

Just when Cha Qizhao wanted to say something in self mockery, he saw Ye Mo wave his hand to him and hack down with Zi Xu in a place not far away.

A vibrant purple ray flashed across and a ten meter long sand wall was raised.


A ravine tens of meters deep was revealed.

Before Cha Qizhao could realize why Ye Mo did this, a dark blue figure darted out from the ravine like lightning.

It was very fast but even Cha Qizhao felt it pause for a moment.

The next moment, Cha Qizhao saw the figure outside. He called out in shock, “City lord Xie, it’s you? What are you doing here?”

Ye Mo was going to attack this figure, but hearing this he stopped.

The blue figure landed on the sand, it was an extremely handsome middle-aged man. He seemed a little shabby and a crack stretched across his chest on the armor.

The middle aged man saluted with his fists to Cha Qizhao. “Brother Cha it’s me, congratulations on getting away.”

Then he looked at Ye Mo and said, “Friend, you’re so powerful, such a powerful domain! I was almost injured.”

Ye Mo stared at this man and asked heavily, “You’re West Cultivator City’s city lord, Xie Zhengs.h.i.+?”

Before he could reply, Cha Qizhao quickly said, “Yes, he’s Xie Zhengs.h.i.+, city lord Xie.”

Then Cha Qizhao said to the middle-aged man, “City lord Xie this is Ye Mo, he came from your West Cultivator City to help us release the seal. I survived because brother Ye helped me. Otherwise, I would be dead.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man seemed surprised and then saluted with his fists. “So it’s brother Ye, I’m Xie Zhengs.h.i.+. Brother Ye’s sword art is so powerful, but as the city lord, I’ve never seen brother Ye.”

Ye Mo put away Zi Xu and said, “It’s because I’m pa.s.sing by and city lord Yue, city lord Luo, and w.a.n.g Xie as well as Niu Ruyang asked a favor of me, so I came here to help. But I happened to meet brother Cha before so I helped him.”

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ breathed easy and saluted with his fists. “Thank you brother Ye, I didn’t expect brother Ye to not fear the shadow at all and to also be able to notice me hiding in the sands. Your power is something I’ve never seen before.”

Ye Mo smiled but didn’t speak, but Cha Qizhao asked, “City lord Xie, how did you kill that shadow?”

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ looked scared. “The instant I woke up, I used my heaven flame Li Ming Flame to burn all of my body to kill that shadow. That shadow is indeed as brother Ye said, it fears rare flames, especially heaven flames.”

Ye Mo approved, no wonder this Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ was city lord of West Cultivator City. He even had the ninth ranked heaven flame of the cultivation realm.

“There were more than ten of us this time, how many can survive?” Cha Qizhao sighed.

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ showed pity in his eyes and said, “Although we lost a lot, your Mi Le G.o.d Lord and Heartless Forest’s brother Ji should be fine. Those things are scary, but if the cultivator can keep their consciousness, then it’s easy to annihilate.”

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ looked at Ye Mo and asked, “Brother Ye, did you notice me because I was a little shocked when I saw you easily annihilate the two shadows and thus leaked a little cultivation essence wave?”

Ye Mo smiled but didn’t reply. He didn’t notice Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ at all, he just felt there was danger there.

Only those who had killing intent towards him would make him feel danger, so Ye Mo didn’t even trust Xie Zhengs.h.i.+’s words that much. No matter how well Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ hid his killing intent, Ye Mo felt it.

He didn’t know why Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ had killing intent towards him. He was here to help, Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ shouldn’t have that killing intent.

“City lord Xie, since you’ve escaped the shadow why are you still staying here?” Cha Qizhao asked in confusion.

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+’s face was calm but Ye Mo felt there was some change. Ye Mo asked again, “City lord Xie, do you already know what this shadow is?”

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ was shook but he immediately nodded. “That’s right, I already know what it is. When we opened a corner of the seal, the black mist that seeped out was probably demonic chi from the demon realm. Over the countless years, many people have died in the Sand River and so there is such hate filled qi in here. Those who died here were pretty much all powerful cultivators and this hateful qi is different from ordinary hateful qi.

People who stay in here for a long time lose their minds, and after that hateful qi combines with the demonic chi, it forms an evil spirit with consciousness.”

Ye Mo nodded, he felt Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ was right.

Cha Qizhao wasn’t dumb, he felt Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ was a little strange too but hearing this, he breathed easy. “So that’s it, as long as we know about it, it’s no big deal. If you can see it, it is easy to deal with.”

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ shook his head. “No, these evil spirits are just in the formatory stage. Once they mature, they will become very scary.”

Ye Mo looked at Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ and asked, “Is city lord Xie staying here to observe the growth of these evil spirits?”

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+’s face froze as he felt that Ye Mo had noticed something was wrong and even noticed his killing intent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask something like this. He couldn’t see Ye Mo’s power level at all but seeing how easily Ye Mo killed that shadow and his terrifying domain, Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ knew that Ye Mo’s power could only be above his.

Thinking about this, Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ immediately answered, “Although I can kill those evil spirits, I can’t do so as easily as brother Ye. There’s half a months distance between here and the exit, so I’m not sure if I can make it out. Thus, I hid here.”

Ye Mo knew this was a lie but he didn’t say anything, he just looked at Cha Qizhao. “Are the sealing grounds here?”

Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ saw this and immediately knew Ye Mo was suspicious of him, however he wasn’t worried and didn’t say anything.

Cha Qizhao nodded. “Yes, that seal is here.”

Then, Cha Qizhao released a tower and smashed at an empty s.p.a.ce. It was a top grade cultivation artifact.

There was a wail and a huge tower landed from the air, the s.p.a.ce nearby was cracking under its pressure.

Only halfway to the ground, the s.p.a.ce rattled showing a huge light pillar.

It was a seal indeed. Ye Mo hacked out with Zi Xu and with a rumble, the light pillar was more visible.

Inside was the 8 trigram disk, around it were thousands of immortal crystals. Ye Mo had used these before and he knew they were higher grade than the ones he got.

“The disk is spinning!” Cha Qizhao called out in shock. “The disk never spun before. Why is it spinning faster and faster?”

Ye Mo was a level nine formation grandmaster, and seeing this, he knew why the disk was spinning and why Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ would have killing intent towards him.


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