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Read Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1420 – Reunion at Mo Yue

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Chapter 1420: Reunion at Mo Yue

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Looking at the cultivators outside the city, Ye Mo said loudly “from now on, Mo Yue City will go back to ident.i.ty system. Those friends who haven’t been verified please leave the city for now. once you have an ident.i.ty then come back. The retreat begins now, time is 15 minutes.”

Ye Mo’s voice sounded across the entire Mo Yue City.

Knowing that Ye Mo was back, the original citizens of Mo Yue City all rejoiced. Only Ye Mo brought them the protection they needed the most. When city lord Ye was here no one dared to do anything to them. Even a top grade cultivator couldn’t abuse an ordinary cultivator or mortal. Ever since city lord Ye went, the new city lord despite not being very discriminate of these mortals but already put them at the border. Now that city lord Ye was back how could they not be happy?

Ye Mo just killed 11 truth realisation state cultivators and one included a truth realisation state peak stage. Now that Ye Mo wanted to reorganize Mo Yue City, even those mercenaries didn’t dare to disagree and quickly left.

There weren’t a lot of cultivators living long term at Mo Yue City. Most wanted to use the alliance conference to buy pills or earn some fortune.

The cultivators leaving were shocked at the calling of Ye Mo’s name. if Ye Mo stayed at Mo Yue City for a few decades, then even if he gave the city lord to antoher person, no one would care about the new city lord.

Seeing all these cultivators leave without starting trouble, JI Ling sighed. The cultivation realm was really all about power, if Ye Mo didn’t kill all these Pill City truth realisation state cultivators so dominantly, they wouldn’t retreat so easily.

After 10 minutes, Ye Mo started throwing out formation falgs.

The open formation slowly closed and those cultivators who hadn’t left quickly left. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to leave.

Ye Mo intentionally closed the formation slowly.

Wuming 6 strikes witnessed the entire process of Ye Mo’s carnage and completely realized Ye Mo’s power. He took his disciple and another truth realisation state primary stage cultivator to Ye Mo and saluted with his fists awkwardly “city lord Ye I was very offensive before, please forgive me.”

Liu Oulan also bowed and saluted with his fists “please forgive me for my rudeness before.”

How could Ye Mo not know what Wuming 6 strikes wants, he knew that he didn’t fear th Pill City at all and didn’t want to leave. Mo Yue City was extreme grade cultivation grounds and the environment was top notch in South Peace State. it was best for him to reach truth realisation state peak stage here.

But more importantly, it was because he was a level nine pill king. A level nine pill king was incredibly useful to truth realisation state cultivators.

Ye Mo guessed right, Wuming 6 strikes guessed that Ye Mo was level nine pill king. He was level seven pill king before, if he wasn’t level nine pill king how could he reach truth realisation state? there were a lot of truth realisation states at South Peace State but none was young, they were all old. Ji Ling and Ye Mo all reached truth realisation state not long ago, this meant something.

But Ye Mo already considered Mo Yue City to be his home, how could he let Wuming 6 strikes stay. Regardless of his character, his disciple wasn’merchant a.s.sociation. Good thing.

Now that Wuming 6 strikes apologized, Ye Mo just nodded “on Silver Moon and Guan Ting pill king’s account I won’t mind, otherwise I would’ve kill your disciple already.”

Liu Oulan was sweating cold knowing that Ye Mo didn’t exaggerate at all. If Ye Mo wanted to kill him, probably no one in South Peace State could stop him much less his master.

Wuming 6 strikes didn’t like this but Silver Moon pill king wasn’t here so he could only suck it up. He saluted with his fists “in that case Wuming will leave. If Mo Yue City needs Wuming, I will offer my measly power.”

Ye Mo sneered, measly power? When all the Pill City truth realisation state attacked me, how come I didn’t see your measly power.

Seeing that Ye Mo really didn’t intend to keep him, Wuming 6 strikes took his discple away with the other truth realisation state cultivator in disappointment.

Lin Zhishen and Mu Qingxiu also came to bid Ye Mo farewell. Ye Mo approved of Lin ZHishen quite a bit. He politely said goodbye and even invited him to come back.

With Lin Zhishen earning Ye Mo’s approval, the Heaven Fountain sect cultivators all felt honoured. With this, Lin Zhishen’s status rose greatly.

As soon as the Heaven Fountain sect cultivators left Mo Yue City, many cultivators came to suck up to them.

15 minutes later, Ye Mo closed the formation.

With all those cultivators leaving Mo Yue City emptied up a lot. Then Ye Wucai took a few cultivators to organize Mo Yue City while Ye Mo and Ji Ling and them came to the city lord estates.

Ye Mo had decided to tell his idea to everyone and hear their opinion. West Extreme State truth realisation state peak stage could immortal ascension. He was truth realisation state level three now, with enough resources, he would certainly ascend too. If he did, he didn’t want what happened to Luo Yue city to happen to Mo Yue City.

Eventually, they decided to change the formation to controlled formation. Even if Ye Mo wasn’t here, the other epopel could use the formation to protect it.

Ye Mo gave that low grade immortal artefact to Lin Yiban and gave truth carnage sword to Xu Changji.

He liked Zi Xu the most. Low grade immortal artefact was good but it couldn’t be upgraded.

When Su Jingwen and them knew Ye Mo came from earth, they couldn’t resist the joy and excitement. They wanted Ye Mo to say everything in an instant. But they knew a lot of people were here and they couldn’t ask now.

After the city lord estate meeting, Ye Mo let Lin Yiban announce the new rules of Mo Yue City. Meanwhile, Ye Mo and Luo Ying and them came back to Mo Yue lack.

Mo Yue lake was prettier than when Ye Mo left. Silver and that snow fox recognized Ye Mo and ran over.

Mo Yue lake wasn’t damaged and this made Ye Mo’s disgust towards Wuming and his disciple lessen.

“how is my mum?” Su Jingwen asked immediately when they went back to their rooms.

Ye Mo gave her an a.s.suring look and told them everything he did on earth.

Su Jingwen’s heart rest a.s.sured after hearing that. She wanted to ask about her father but thinking about the things he did and how Ye Mo didn’t mention him, she resisted the urge.

Ning Qingxue also felt a.s.sured knowing that her parents were fine.

With this reunion, the atmosphere became intimate. Seeing this, Tang Beiwei and Ye Ling quickly left the room.

Three days later, with Ji Ling’s help Ye Mo completely changed Mo Yue City formation. Tens of extreme grade spirit range were buried under Mo Yue City and Mo Yue lake. Even Ji Ling was shook, Ye Mo was too wealthy but even so he can’t be this extravagant.

There was not another city who could use tens of extreme grade spirit range.

But what shook him more was that Ye Mo used pretty much all top grade or extreme grade cultivation artefact for formation base. Ye Mo used a few hundred top grade cultivation artefact and tens of extreme grade cultivation artefact to set up this formation.

With this, even if an immortal wanted to attack Mo Yue City, it wouldn’t be easy.

The Mo Yue City cultivators suddenly felt the spirit chi increase by many folds and immediately knew their city lord came to set up the formation again. They all couldn’t help praising city lord Ye’s name.


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