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Chapter 1674: One zero points team

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


The abstruse immortal tertiary stage who was attacked by Ye Mo barely managed to release a s.h.i.+eld but this s.h.i.+eld was like paper to the world rock. It was instantly torn apart.

Splurge, the world rock just paused a tiny moment before falling on this abstruse immortal tertiary stage.

Ye Mo planned to kill with one strike, he didn’t hold back at all. Even the abstruse immortal’s storage ring was pulverized. Then, the world rock smashed at the second abstruse immortal.

Ye Mo wasn’t worried, he believed more than one of them would have the map.

The other three reacted at the same time. Other than that abstruse immortal being smashed, the other two was joyful instead. They could tell that this black rock was a powerful magic artefact. If they killed Ye Mo, this would be theirs.

The two abstruse immortal tertiary stage released their magic artefact without hesitation and attacked Ye Mo at the same time.

Seeing this, Ye Mo breathed easy. He was scared someone would try to run at this time. If someone did, he wouldn’t be able to kill them all.

He wasn’t from the Zong Piao heaven. He came to the tournament for himself. If the three immortal kings of Zong Piao heaven didn’t protect him, it would be big trouble for killing Tang Yao heaven contestants.

His immortal essence flooded into the world rock while hacking over with Zi Xu.

The second abstruse immortal being attacked by the world rock released a defense bell magic artefact but it still couldn’t stop Ye Mo’s world rock. Ye Mo’s immortal essence was far beyond ordinary abstruse immortal plus he was using the world rock.


The bell magic artefact shattered.

The abstruse immortal tertiary stage wasn’t able to withstand the world rock’s terrifying power and his body was smashed to a pie, his essence spirit was devoured by shadowless.

Ye Mo killed two abstruse immortal tertiary stage instantly in one move. The other two were very shocked and knew things weren’t good.

Ye Mo was able to release Zi Xu while using the world rock meaning that he had far superior spirit sense and immortal essence than them. If they still didn’t run now they would be idiots.

That abstruse immortal peak stage saw Ye Mo’s strength earlier and just when he was about to crush his jade card and run, he found he couldn’t. sword domain, he was bound by sword domain. In his shock, the abstruse immortal peak stage burned his immortal essence like crazy. He just needed one second, no, half a second.

The Illusion Cloud domain kill strike’s swprd domain easily tore through his sword veil. While he was recovering, the sword ray easily cut apart his body in less than half a second.

Seeing Ye Mo instantly kill three people, the last abstruse immortal was completely dazed. His hands were shaking, he wanted to take out his jade card and crush it but he found his sea of consciousness was in chaos. He couldn’t even hold the jade card.

Zi Xu turned around in a purple beam and sliced the last guy from waist in half.

Ye Mo’s face was very pale after instant killing four people. If the four didn’t run he wouldn’t need to use such efforts but if he relaxed a little bit, there would be someone to teleport out. The hardest kill was the fourth person.

He used his spirit sense blades to attack this abstruse immortal and make him unable to activate the jade card. This was very taxing on his spirit sense. Luckily, this was an abstruse immortal tertiary stage. If it was an abstruse immortal peak stage, Ye Mo would probably spit a mouthful of blood and still might not be able to lock the person now.

He put away three storage ring, Ye Mo didn’t stop at all and immediately left the scene.

15 minutes later, Ye Mo set up a simple stealth formation in the forest and took out three storage ring.

As he expected, other than pills and immortal crystals, there were three maps. The jade slip was very simply however and only had where to find the entrance to the next level. it also had some basic knowledge about the seven refine tower, to avoid void whirlpools and some stealthed immortal spirit beast.

It also said where the seven refine stones would most likely occur. It was usually at dense spirit chi places while immortal spirit beast guarding.

This was enough for Ye Mo.

He packed away everything and left as quickly as possible. He was going to level two. The first level was useless to him.

Ye Mo thought the seven refine stone would be a forgery material usually hidden underground on some rock. But when he found a seven refine stone, he knew he was too naïve. It was a material indeed but it grew on a plant with no leaves nor flowers.

There was indeed a level two immortal spirit beast guarding it.

The single colored stone had seven sides and each side was even in size. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and couldn’t tell if it was forgery or pill concoction material. Ye Mo even captured a sliver of fire element in this.

The rock was yellow on one side and grey on the other sides.

Ye Mo didn’t throw it into the jade card, he threw it into his golden page world. He felt he needed to study this, if he didn’t have enough points in the end he could throw it back.

Ye Mo found three more rocks on the way and threw them all into the golden page world.

Half a day later, Ye Mo found the entrance to the second level. this was just a small teleporting whirlpool.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned a few teams were coming over this way too. He didn’t stop and went in the whirlpool quickly. Moments later, he was teleported to level two.

The immortal spirit chi here was much denser than level one but the s.p.a.ce seemed more volatile. Ye Mo found that after reaching level two, his jade card showed one point. This meant that 79th team had one point. Ye Mo threw a seven refine stone inside and the points became two.

Ye Mo didn’t stay at level two for long, there were level three immortal spirit beast and even three colored seven refine stone but this wasn’t where Ye Mo wanted to stay.

At level two, he found 6 seven refine stones and went into level three.

Ye Mo wasn’t just searching for seven refine stones, he found the immortal spirit herbs here were very old. Even the level two and level three immortal spirit herb were tens of thousands of years old, some even a hundred thousand years.

Ye Mo stayed at level three, level three had level four immortal spirit herb and level four immortal spirit beast. From this, it was obvious that at level four there would be level five immortal spirit beast.

A week later, Ye Mo killed more than ten level four immortal spirit beast and got tens of level four immortal spirit herbs and many level three immortal spirit herb. He also got 9 three colored seven refine stones and one four colored seven refine stone.

There were a few times he almost encountered other teams but he carefully avoided them. Ye Mo dind’t want to meet with these people, he wanted to go to level four. Before going there, Ye Mo decided to increase his power to abstruse immortal tertiary stage.

The seven refine tower square screen showed clearly the points of the teams.

The first ranked team team 11 was at 83 points. The second was team 35 who was 81 points. The lowest ranked team 41 was 0 points.

“Why is there still a zero point team?” someone asked.

“Without a doubt it’s that Zong Piao heaven one man team. That guy is pitiful. But surely, he got at least one seven refine stone?”

“Hard to say, maybe he really didn’t get one.”

“Would he have been killed by immortal spirit beast?”

“Impossible, there would at most be level two immortal spirit beast at level one of the tower. That guy is an abstruse immortal middle stage, he can take on level two immortal spirit beast. But it’s possible he was annihilated by another team…”

Some people laughed.

The tens of immortal kings were also looking at the score board discussing about cultivation as well.

Clearly, they could hear the discussions of the low level immortals.

Kai Feng immortal king and Ping Zhou immortal king’s face was sunken. Su Huan immortal king’s face was green, she regretted bringing that Mo Ying to Yuan Le heaven.


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