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Chapter 1958: This is immortal emperor stateTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even those who haven’t had the Duniang black wine could imagine how terrifying it was. As for those few who drank it, they were even more shocked. Ye Mo just drank the entire kettle like that. Even divine emperors wouldn’t be able to handle it.

The extremely violent killing intent ravaged Ye Mo’s body as though about to tear him to pieces the next moment.

Ye Mo’s body that wasn’t torn by the divine d.a.m.nation was slowly showing blood gashes under this terrifying black Duniang wine. Blood trickled down eerily. It was as though his body would be ripped apart by the this terrifying killing intent the next moment.

The uncontrollable killing intent and lightning spilled apart. Even those immortals standing far couldn’t help retreating. The killing intent in this killing chi was too scary.


Explosions roared in the sky and blueish black lightning fell tearing the entire s.p.a.ce. Everyone knew this was Ye Mo’s seventh wave of divine d.a.m.nation coming down.

At this moment, Ye Mo’s body was torn red by the killing chi in the wine. His face became more and more pale. When the 7thwave of divine d.a.m.nation came, Ye Mo took out another Tai Wei emperor return pill and ate it. To Ye Mo, if he oculdn’t reach immortal emperor, who knows when he would be able to break through. He had to reach immortal emperor as quickly as possible. Only then would he have the power to stand firm in the immortal realm. Only then would Mo Yue Immortal Sect be able to stand firm.

Crackle. The terrifying lightning struck Ye Mo’s body. Ye Mo used all the pills of the power along with the lightning source as well as the black wine lethal force to charge at the immortal emperor barrier.

The satisfying killing intent turned into invisible blades. These blades were mixed with the lightning source and smashed on the immortal emperor barrier again. Before this wave of charge finished, the killing intent came again.


An extremely comfortable feeling welled throughout Ye Mo’s body. At this moment, Ye Mo felt the entire world open up to him. It was as though the immortal realm was no longer the same immortal realm and s.p.a.ce wasn’t the same s.p.a.ce.

Everything became meticulous and dao waves were extremely clear to him.

Powerful immortal essence power and the boundless sea of consciousness filled Ye Mo’s body. Ye Mo couldn’t help but moan in comfort. It was as though he could easily pick up the nearby immortal spirit chi around him. He could use the power of the world at any time.

When he tried to sense that Immortal emperor barrier, it was long gone. Ye Mo’s eyes finally lit up and let out a long howl.

Everyone knew now that although Ye Mo’s divine d.a.m.nation hasn’t finished yet, he was no an immortal emperor.

Ye Mo grabbed casually and the nearby s.p.a.ce seemed completely bound by his hand.

“So this is immortal emperor state.” Ye Mo murmured to himself. If someone had his immortal emperor power, then no matter how powerful his immortal monarch peak stage would he would be completely outmatched.

Three Birth Chant was indeed the chaos cultivation method of the world. This extreme power wasn’t something ordinary immortal emperors could compare with.

Ye Mo let out a long howl. He hadn’t seen Feng Kong grand emperor before but he knew Feng Kong grand emperor was stronger than Wei Feng grand emperor. However, Ye Mo no longer had fear in his heart.

This was his confidence because he was different to other immortal emperors. The tens or even hundreds of times more resources he used compared to others didn’t go to waste.

Ye Mo just reached immortal emperor and his immortal emperor force was seeping out. It made people step back again. Even immortal emperors took in a cold breath. Ye Mo’s power wasn’t something same level immortal emperors could compare with at all. His immortal emperor force meant that he was tens of times stronger than before. Who could stop him in the immortal realm? Only the four grand emperor or even divine emperor can.

The 8thand 9thdivine d.a.m.nation came at the same time but these were nothing to Ye Mo now.

He didn’t even use G.o.d art and just grabbed with his hand. These lightning bolts were either devoured or turned to nothing.

The rumbling seemed to have instantly disappeared from the sky but people didn’t see immortal spirit chi cloud falling. Ye Mo knew his divine d.a.m.nation rarely had that and now that he reached immortal emperor he didn’t care about it at all.

When the divine d.a.m.nation disappeared, he set up a stealth restriction and quickly cleansed himself and changed into new blue robes.

When Ye Mo put away the restriction and put away the unfinished extreme grade immortal range, everyone woke up. Ye Mo’s terrifying divine d.a.m.nation was over.

Regardless if the immortals knew Ye Mo, they all came to congratulate Ye Mo. Everyone who witnessed Ye Mo’s divine d.a.m.nation knew that someone who could have such divine d.a.m.nation would have no opponents in the future. The immortal realm will be his.

Seeing Ye Mo clean and easy, the people who came to congratulate him were more shocked. Other people would be covered in injuries after divine d.a.m.nation and spend a lot of time to consolidate their power. But Ye Mo seemed like he didn’t go through anything at all. His newly ascended chi was very stable too.

His powerful immortal emperor chi only spilled the moment he reached immortal emperor and shocked people. After the divine d.a.m.nation, they couldn’t sense it at all.

Ye Mo thanked them all. These people witnessed him reaching immortal emperor. This was some fate. Cultivating till now, this immortal emperor break through was the hardest. Luckily Duniang helped him. Without that murderous intent in the wine, it would be really hard to break his immortal emperor barrier.

After everyone finished congratulating, Duniang came up to congratulate.

“Immortal friend Ye, congratulations. You’ve become an unparalleled immortal emperor. The heavens are yours to roam now.” Duniang exclaimed.

Ye Mo quickly saluted with his fists “Thank you Duniang for lending me a kettle of wine. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t be able to breakthrough to immortal emperor.”

Then, Ye Mo took out 100 black wine kill stones to Duniang. He didn’t think small ginseng would be able to produce such wine so he might as well give it all to Duniang.

Duniang quickly waved her hand, “Brother Ye, the wine can be my congratulation gift, you don’t need to give me wine kill stone.”

Ye Mo smiled, “Duniang, I know that although I got the wine recipe from Little Mud qian bei, I definitely wouldn’t be able to produce such wine. You can have these wine kill stones. I’ll come to your place to drink again.”

Duniang smiled, “In that case, I won’t be too polite.”

Seeing Duniang take the wine kill stones, Ye Mo took out two more jade boxes and gave it to her “Duniang, this is my little gift, please take it.”

Duniang dind’t need to open it to know what was inside. Ye Mo gave her this jade box before, it was the one containing the emperor wood blue fruit.

This fruit was something even Chu Chen divine emperor needed desperately. She didn’t expect Ye Mo to give two in one go. Clearly, Ye Mo meant to give her and Chu Chen divine emperor one each.

This fruit was too precious. Even though she wanted it immediately, she didn’t dare to take it. She quickly rejected “Brother Ye this is too precious, I can’t accept it.”

Ye Mo laughed, “Duniang, you and little mud qian bei are people I respected. Without this wine, I can’t reach immortal emperor. You don’t know but I know.”

Ye Mo truly understood why he couldn’t reach immortal emperor. He cultivated under the bitter bamboo and had no bottleneck. He lacked this inexpressible learning. Cultivation was like living life. There isn’t perfection. How could one see the rainbow without going through the storm?

His cultivation level loosened when Sha Yu immortal emperor’s flag drew out his heart demon. This time, he was hurt by Nie Shuangshuang and drank the wine in the hotel. His mind state grew again.

“Okay, in that case I won’t be too polite. My hotel welcomes brother Ye at anytime. Duniang’s best wine will forever be kept for you.” Duniang took the two jade boxes and said shakily.

“This is the Duniang I imagined.”

Ye Mo laughed, “Duniang. I’m a level nine immortal pill grand master and the sect leader of Mo Yue Immortal Sect. When Duniang doesn’t want to keep this shop, my Mo Yue Immortal Sect welcomes you and little mud qian bei at anytime.”


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