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Chapter 20: Invitation

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

“Ye Mo, I want to ask for your help,” Su Jingwen’s tone sounded like she was embarra.s.sed. Ye Mo thought to himself: “I knew this was going to happen!” However, his impression of Su Jingwen wasn’t bad. From the first time when he saw her desperate to save her mom, he knew this woman was someone worth helping. Besides, although he went to the police station because of her last time, she was just acting out of goodwill.

“Tell me, if I can help you — and if it doesn’t take a long time — I will definitely do my best to a.s.sist you. It is my honor to help a beautiful lady,” Ye Mo smiled.

“Actually, Ye Mo, you look nice when you smile, you need to smile more,” Su Jingwen suddenly popped up with an entirely irrelevant sentence.

Ye Mo became fl.u.s.tered for a bit. Although he understood people and how things worked in his new reincarnated surroundings, there was a barrier in the depth of his heart. When he entered the police station last time, this defense grew stronger. He was scared that his secrets would be leaked and caused him to be in danger. Therefore, he was usually cold and reserved when he was around people.

Now when he heard Su Jingwen say this, he felt that he seemed to be a bit too careful. As long as he didn’t expose his real secret, he wouldn’t need to be so careful.

“Ye Mo, I’ve looked you up…” Su Jingwen stopped and subtly looked at Ye Mo’s expression. Seeing that his face was normal, she gasped a sigh of relief and continued: “I have a cousin who is also in Ning Hai University. Her name is Su Mei, I’ve heard about you from her. Do you have some misunderstanding with her? Her personality is a bit arrogant, but she isn’t a bad person. Nevermind, let’s not talk about her. I don’t understand her that well either. Um, um…” Su Jingwen stuttered for a long while but still couldn’t finish her sentence.

In fact, Su Mei told Su Jingwen that Ye Mo didn’t know how to handle delicate situations, but Su Jingwen didn’t take her words seriously at all. She was very clear what sort of a person Su Mei was. The reason she talked about Su Mei was that she didn’t want Ye Mo to give up on himself. She still wanted to say that she knows someone very powerful who can even cure a person in a vegetative state. If she could find this person, then perhaps his problem would be cured too.

However, she wasn’t able to say this. After all, although she was a bit familiar with Ye Mo, it wasn’t to the degree where they could say anything. They were just ordinary friends. Plus, how awkward would it be for a girl to say those words?

Ye Mo understood Su Jingwen’s meanings. Since she was Su Mei’s cousin, it meant that she already knew about him. It was normal for her to be unable to express those words. He waved his hand to stop Su Jingwen from continuing: “Actually, I’m living quite happily, and there isn’t anything troubling me. Don’t worry about it. Still, thank you for your concern. Okay, now let’s talk about what I can help you with.”

Su Jingwen had a faint blush on her face and thought: “Although Ye Mo’s expression said that he really didn’t care about his condition, was he really thinking that way and didn’t care about it at all?” However, Su Jingwen secretly made up her mind that if she met the person who sold the charms, she would ask if she could buy a charm that could cure Ye Mo.

Although she hadn’t known Ye Mo for long, she felt very comfortable being with him. Not only was Ye Mo handsome, but his personality was quite friendly and open. He didn’t make her feel the slightest pressure. This was the reason she was willing to help Ye Mo.

“Today is my birthday, and due to family reasons, I haven’t had a happy birthday for many years. I want to invite you to come to my birthday party tomorrow night. I wonder if you would be willing to come?” What she really meant to say was that she needed a male partner for a dance, but she hadn’t found the suitable person. Asking this innocent Ye Mo to help her out was perfect for this.

Ye Mo became dazed, and some warmness rose in his heart. Su Jingwen knew that he was the abandoned son of the Ye Family, and yet she still invited him. This showed that in her heart, she had the same thought as s.h.i.+ Xiu, treating him as a true friend without exterior motives.

“Of course I would be willing to, thank you for inviting me to your birthday party. I’ll come for sure,” Ye Mo agreed happily. Su Jingwen gave an invitation to Ye Mo and said: “I won’t have the time to call you that night, but it is at 6 pm at Yu Wan private place, and the address is on top. I need to go to the airport to pick up my friends, so I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

Seeing Su Jingwen’s Mercedes disappear, he thought that if he wanted to go to her birthday party, he needed a gift for her; he couldn’t go empty handed. Although he had some money on him, Ye Mo wasn’t an idiot. He needed to save the money for cultivation.

At last, Ye Mo bought a very ordinary Jade from the market and made it into a magical Jade bracelet artifact. Although it was a bracelet, there were only six pea-sized beads of Jade on it. They were sculpted into circular shape from the Jade Ye Mo bought and made into a magical defensive artifact. Although this magical defensive artifact didn’t even have a level, it could still defend against some simple attacks.

However, there were only six Jade beads on this bracelet. Each time it defended against an attack, it would damage a Jade bead. Although it didn’t look very refined, it was practical and helpful. With Ye Mo’s current ability, he could only finish six. Hopefully, Su Jingwen would not need a bead from this bracelet in her whole lifetime.

For someone as rich as Su Jingwen, a few hundred dollars of Jade was nothing to her. The bracelet Ye Mo was going to give looked a little ugly, and she might not even wear it. However, regardless of whether she was going to wear it or not, Ye Mo wouldn’t mention the magic enclosed in this artifact.

When he returned to his home, Xu Wei still hadn’t come back. Ye Mo cared for his flowers and gra.s.s a little. There was a month before he might be able to harvest the seeds of Silver Heart Gra.s.s. After finis.h.i.+ng these, Ye Mo then went toward Yu Wan private place in high spirits.


Ning Hai Zhong Qiao airport.

Su Jingwen saw Li Mumei, but there was a gorgeous girl beside Li Mumei who even rendered some sort of spiritual sense. Su Jingwen was wondering who was this girl, if it weren’t for the faint worry on her face, she would have taken her as a G.o.ddess from out of this universe. Su Jingwen was not the only person attracted by Ning Qingxue’s beauty and, when Su Jingwen walked over, many people set their eyes on the two women and thought: “These two women are breathtaking!” In comparison, Li Mumei who was usually considered beautiful could only be viewed as “normal”.

“Jingwen! Oh happy birthday, I traveled especially to celebrate with you!” Li Mumei saw Su Jingwen who was walking over here from a distance and started to speak animatedly.

“Mumei, I’m so happy that you can come to Ninghai! And this is…” Su Jingwen immediately grabbed Li Mumei’s hands and gushed excitedly.

“Jingwen, h.e.l.lo, I’m Mumei’s cousin Ning Qingxue, I heard about you, and I wish you a happy birthday!” Ning Qingxue smiled and said.

“Thank you! So you are Qingxue, you really are pretty. No wonder they say you are the prettiest lady in Beijing, even I’m a bit entranced….” Su Jingwen didn’t think that the girl in front of her was Ning Qingxue, but when she saw Ning Qingxue’s somewhat dim eyes, she immediately thought of Ye Mo and stopped talking.

Li Mumei seemed to notice the atmosphere was a bit cold and hurried to say: “Jingwen, Qingxue, there are a lot of people staring at us, we should go quickly.”


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