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Chapter 2017: Immortal ascension young girlTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Do you come from Luo Yue continent?” Outside an immortal ascension palace in Mo Yi heaven, an abstruse immortal carefully asked a pretty blue robed girl.

She looked like she was 18 and was extremely pretty. It was like she was a true immortal and the rest of the immortals here were mortals.

Luo Xuan shook her head “No, I’ve never heard of Luo Yue continent.”

She carefully scanned her spirit sense out and thought, was this the immortal realm? The immortal spirit chi here was indeed very dense.

She fell off the dual stone cliff and went into a void teleportation formation and was teleported to a cultivation realm called Shen Qiong. Unlike Mu Xiaoyun, she was teleported to an immortal estate ruin. It was left behind by someone called Ling Bo G.o.ddess. There were not only plenty of cultivation resource but also a precise description of the cultivation realm. After she ascended to the immortal realm, she left behind that immortal estate.

Luo Xuan’s cultivation knowledge came from Ling Po estate. She reached foundation establishment state in the estate before going out carefully. After going out, she realised how cruel the cultivation realm was. there were many times she almost fell into the hands of other people. She also realised what cultivation slave was.

So she went back to the estate and cultivated. Due to the top level resources left behind and her talent was top notch, she reached truth realisation state peak stage in a few hundred years.

After that, Luo Xuan spirit controlled the estate and roamed the Shen Qiong continent. Her cultivation level was peak of the entire continent. No one would offend a truth realisation state peak stage for no reason.

She travelled the entire cultivation realm to find a way back to the magical continent. She finally realised that Ye Mo was a cultivator and why Ye Mo said to her that his dream would never be realised. At the same time, she realised the terrifying value of the two golden pages she gave Ye Mo.

However, she didn’t care about the golden pages. She wanted to go back and see Ye Mo and help him fulfill his ideal. Ye Mo helped her fulfill her wish. She knew that after all these years, her sect would be vastly different. If there was one person she knew she could see, it was Ye Mo. After all, Ye Mo was a cultivator.

She really wanted to find Ye Mo and see if the small jade bottle she left Ye Mo was still there.

But she had searched for a few decades and had no results. Her cultivation level reached peak and couldn’t keep staying so she was forced to ascend to the immortal realm.

Hearing Luo Xuan wasn’t from the Luo Yue continent, the abstruse immortal moved aisde in disappointment but still said “Our Mo Yue Immortal Sect is taking in disciples, if you want to join I can bring you there.”

“Thank you qian bei, wan bei don’t want to join a sect yet.” Luo Xuan rejected.

The abstruse immortal nodded and said “You’ve just ascended. I suggest you cultivate in the city and consider leaving after you convert your cultivation essence to immortal essence.”

Luo Xuan thanked again.

At the same time, in a small mosque in Huang Zeng heaven, a woman who was sitting with her eyes closed opened her eyes and said in disbelief “You got my heritage and came to the immortal realm? Let me see who this person is.”

She suddenly got up and seemed ethereal.

She had this serene feeling to her as though some dao wave was emanating from her.

She didn’t need to use any music instrument and there was buddhist sounds surrounding her making her seem like the G.o.ddess of the immortal realm.

She moved and disappeared from the mosque.

“G.o.ddess, I’m from Zi Shuang sect Mo Yi heaven. It’s an immortal king sect. if you’re willing to join us, I can test your immortal spirit root.” Another man came up and saluted with his fists.

Before Luo Xuan could answer, she heard a cold voice “She won’t join your Zi Shuang sect, move aside.”

The man was going to get angry but found it was an extremely beautiful G.o.ddess. There was a rainbow behind her back like she was some female buddha. The sect members quickly ate his words and retreated with his hands together.

Even the rest of the people moved aside.

Luo Xuan looked at this G.o.ddess than made people want to wors.h.i.+p her and had this strange feeling.

“Do you want to come with me?” She said calmly but her voice seemed to lure Luo Xuan into nodding.

Seeing this, the G.o.ddess waved up a rainbow and disappeared with Luo Xuan.

After a while, Luo Xuan reacted and bowed “Qian bei, wan bei just ascended to the immortal realm, why did qian bei bring wan bei?”

The G.o.ddess smiled “Due to fate.”

“Fate?” Luo Xuan stared at her in shock.

“There is fate between us. When I was in the cultivation realm, I had a t.i.tle called Ling Po, people called me Ling Po G.o.ddess…”

Hearing this, Luo Xuan immediately bowed “Wan bei greet Ling Po qian bei. Wan bei got qian bei’s immortal estate and that’s why I was able to ascend to the immortal realm.”

Ling Po smiled “That is fate. Before I was powerful and left a few tunnels to the cultivation realm in a few mortal realms. Only you got my heritage. This is fate. Which realm did you come from?”

“Wan bei came from magical continent?” Luo Xuan quickly said.

“It’s that place?” Ling Po repeated with a strange face but instantly recovered and asked “What’s your name?”

“Wan bei Luo Xuan.” Luo Xuan said.

Ling Po G.o.ddess nodded “Luo Xuan, you cultivated the heritage I left behind in the cultivation realm. Do you want to be my disciple and keep cultivating with me?”

Luo Xuan hesitated briefly and said “I’m willing.”

“Okay.” Ling Po G.o.ddess nodded in satisfaction “I have another t.i.tle called Ling Po divine emperor. You don’t know now but it’s okay, you will eventually know.”

She looked into the distant void and said “I should’ve long left here but I always felt I lost something. Now that you came, that feeling disappeared. One could see there’s indeed fate between us. There will be a huge turmoil in the immortal realm. I’m too weak and can’t change things. The only path is to go to the source of the turmoil.”

Luo Xuan didn’t know what divine emperor was and now that Ling Po G.o.ddess said her power was too weak, she thought her master was only an ordinary being in the immortal realm. so she asked “Master, where is the only path?”

“G.o.d Necropolis Domain.” Ling Po divine emperor answered seriously, “I really want those smart people in the immortal realm to head towards the G.o.d Necropolis Domain and offer their power in preserving the immortal realm. however, there aren’t many like this. A few went to the G.o.d Necropolis Domain but it’s purely for themselves.”

No matter what, just because a few grand emperors went in, didn’t mean that more people went in. There was no news of those who headed towards the G.o.d Necropolis Domain yet.

No one would care about how many from the immortal realm went to the G.o.d Necropolis Domain nor did Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was in a crucial moment. His cultivation level was no longer immortal emperor middle stage. After the time formation disk ran for a hundred years, almost 10,000 years had pa.s.sed inside. Ye Mo’s cultivation level was almost immortal emperor peak stage.

Crack. The yin yang dual range turned to dust. The G.o.d crystals he got were used up but he was still only at immortal emperor tertiary stage.

Ye Mo sighed. He had used plenty of seven star extreme well water but his body refinement cultivation was still stuck at immortal G.o.d body peak stage. Now that he used up all his G.o.d crystals and G.o.d spirit range, he was still that bit from immortal emperor peak stage.


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