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Read Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2232 – Unable to be suppressed

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Chapter 2232 Unable to be suppressed

“Boss, we’re about to reach the Void Marketplace. Should we go in?” Shadowless felt extremely satisfied controlling the Mo Yue Boat.

“Let’s have a look.” Since they were going past it, Ye Mo wanted to go in and look. Xing Hong helped him a lot. Although he helped Xing Hong a lot too, Ye Mo was still very grateful to Xing Hong.

“Taishu Luan, long time no see.” As soon as Ye Mo entered the Void Marketplace, he saw a black robed man. Ye Mo immediately recognised this person. It was Taishu Luan who dealt the primordial essence dawn fruit with him. Taishu Luan was previously G.o.d rank number one but he had long reached dao essence now.

“It’s you?” Taishu s.h.i.+ looked at Ye Mo in shock. There was a few people behind Ye Mo and even an ice ginseng king.

Ye Mo was half primordial essence now. He didn’t even fear primordial essence divine emperor so when he entered the Void Marketplace, he took shadowless and them out. the Void Marketplace was very busy. Although the Golden Page World was good, it would get boring if you spent too much time inside. Plus, they have been staying inside for more than 1000 years.

“That’s right, it’s me. I’m as nice as before.” Ye Mo smiled at Taishu Luan.

When Taishu Luan left, he threatened him that they would meet again.

Hearing this, Taishu Luan’s face went stale but he wasn’t worried. He saluted with his fists and said “I’m no match for you now. I take back my threat to you before. However, after I reach primordial essence, I still hope to see you again.”

Seeing meant fighting. Clearly, he had heard of Ye Mo’s fame. Ye Mo smiled “Then come find me when you’re primordial essence. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Okay.” Taishu Luan turned and left. After walking a few steps, he said “Pill divine Ye, I admire you a lot. At least you’re not fake.”

“Brother Ye what did he mean?” Chi Wanqing asked in confusion.

Ye Mo smiled “He thinks his things are very precious but I don’t even consider it valuable.

Ye Mo knew that Taishu Luan had at least another primordial essence dawn fruit but Ye Mo didn’t even mention it. Clearly, he didn’t want it at all.

Shadowless looked at the busy streets of the Void Marketplace and almost danced in joy. He loved this place.

Boss, can you give me some G.o.d crystals and let me take Qiu Rang and small ginseng for a spin?” Shadowless looked at Ye Mo pitifully.

Qing Ru had been in the Golden Page World for this many years and knew shadowless and them very well. She smiled and said “Why don’t I take them out.”

Ye Mo thought that although the Void Marketplace was big and there were so many restrictions, they couldn’t stop his spirit sense at all so he nodded “Okay, but shadowless remember this. If you dare to start trouble in the Void Marketplace then only small ginseng and Qiu Rang would be coming out. you will have no hope.”

“Boss, I understand. I promise I won’t start trouble.” Shadowless said and went out before even waiting for Qing Ru.

Qing Ru got a storage ring from Ye Mo and followed shadowless and them. Ye Mo’s face changed.

“What happened? Husband?” Mu Xiaoyun quickly asked.

“I’m going to the G.o.d rank square, come over immediately.” Ye Mo said and then disappeared.

“Where is the G.o.d rank square?” Chi Wanqing looked at Mu Xiaoyun in confusion.

Mu Xiaoyun pulled Chi Wanqing’s hand and said “I know, follow me.”

“Bingyu, how are you here?” Ye Mo’s voice sounded before he landed. He saw Zhen Bingyu face multiple divine emperors alone. There were even two dao essence divine emperors. There were a few divine emperors on Zhen Bingyu’s side but they looked weaker.

Both sides were emanating with killing intent. Clearly, they would be fighting at any time. Although Zhen Bingyu was dao actualisation, she might be instantly killed facing a few dao essences.

However, Ye Mo was still shocked that Zhen Bingyu’s cultivation level progressed this quickly.

“You…” Zhen Bingyu immediately saw Ye Mo. This instant, her eyes were filled with joy and excitement. She had been to the Void Marketplace countless times as Ye Mo last came to the Void Marketplace before disappearing. She wanted to see if she could find Ye Mo here and now she really did.

Ye Mo felt Zhen Bingyu’s eyes and temperament change. He didn’t know what this change was but it was different than before.

More unexpectedly, Zhen Bingyu suddenly collected her killing intent and charged up to Ye Mo hugging him. Ye Mo could even feel she was shaking.

Ye Mo dazed. How could Zhen Bingyu have such avid emotions? This wasn’t right. She was completely different to her cold look before.

This aroma and soft body squeezed into Ye Mo’s arms. Ye Mo who was caught off guard felt some heat. What appeared in his mind was Zhen Bingyu taking off her clothes. However, now that Zhen Bingyu was wearing clothes, he felt more heat than before.

“I want to do the things that flesh and bodies do.” Zhen Bingyu’s whisper sounded by Ye Mo’s ear that exploded Ye Mo’s mind.

He was almost about to take Zhen Bingyu away immediately but he quickly calmed down. He instantly understood Zhen Bingyu’s change.

Her dao changed. Her dao went from emotionless dao to emotional dao. This was related to him.

Ye Mo really understood why Zhen Bingyu wanted to make love to him. It wasn’t that she really wanted to do that but because she wanted to help him reach divine body.

It wasn’t strange for dao partners to embrace each other in the Void Marketplace. However, it was strange that Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu embraced together.

With Zhen Bingyu’s look, no one could find a woman prettier than her in the Void Marketplace. Yet such a G.o.ddess, hugged with a man in front of everyone.

Zhen Bingyu felt Ye Mo’s reaction and was overjoyed. She finally sensed Ye Mo caring about her.

But soon, Ye Mo patted Zhen Bingyu’s back and said “Bingyu, what’s going on? Why did you almost fight those little beasts.”

Ye Mo pointed at the divine emperors at a stand off with her.


“Brother Ye…”

Mu Xiaoyun and Chi Wanqing came over.

Zhen Bingyu woke up from the excitement but her heart was still skipping fast. She finally felt it. Even though she was a dao actualisation divine emperor, she couldn’t suppress that feeling with her power.

“Bingyu, this is my wife Mu Xiaoyun, this is Chi Wanqing.” Ye Mo introduced.

“It’s pill divine Ye…”

As they spoke, people already recognised him.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists to the surrounding “That’s right, I’m Ye Mo.”

Then Ye Mo asked “Bingyu what was going on?”


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