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Read Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 821: Huang Mei Leaves

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Chapter 821: Huang Mei Leaves

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

At noon, the five stopped to rest at a valley. Only Feng Yanqi and that Ge Liangzhong-guy kept talking. Xiao Shui was speaking even less. Ye Mo noticed he kept frowning too.

“I’ll go look for something to eat, you have a rest,” Xiao Shui said he would be going to find food like usual.

However, Feng Yanqi stopped him and said, “Brother Xiao, it’s always been you looking for food. This time I’ll go get something, you guys wait here.”

Ye Mo looked strangely at her. Thinking of everyone there as her prey, how could she let them go?

But then Ye Mo immediately understood that with her having reached her goal of earth level, these prey weren’t as useful as before.

“Yanqi, I’ll go with you, this is the wilderness,” Ge Liangzhong said.

Hearing this, Ye Mo immediately knew that Feng Yanqi had calculated this. Ye Mo was sure that as soon as she was finished with Ge Liangzhong, she would come back and kill the three of them.

After she killed Ge Liangzhong, everyone else would be suspicious of her 100% anyway.

“Okay, then I’ll set up a tent first!” Xiao Shui laughed, and Ye Mo could clearly see actual joy in his eyes.

Feng Yanqi didn’t think much of it and immediately went into the mountains to look for prey with Ge Liangzhong.

As soon as Feng Yanqi left, Xiao Shui picked up his bag and said to Huang Mei and Ye Mo, “I don’t want to go to Wan Qu Mountain anymore. I’m leaving. If you want to leave too, you can go with me.”

Xiao Shui didn’t expect Huang Mei to smile and say, “Brother Xiao, you’re probably suspicious of Feng Yanqi too right? That’s why you want to leave so suddenly?”

Xiao s.h.i.+ was a little surprised but didn’t deny it. He nodded and said, “Yes, I’ve suspected her for a long time, but I only confirmed it now. I suspect that she killed Chen last night. We didn’t need to walk so long to get here either, but she kept taking detours.”

Huang Mei nodded, “Brother Xiao, you’re right. She’s from the All Gu Sect and Chen Yinzhu died due to getting all his essence blood sucked out. So I was planning to remind you anyways.”

“You know? So you’re willing to leave with me?” Xiao Shui said in joy.

“Brother Xiao, since you suspect her, why aren’t you inviting us to attack her together?” Huang Mei asked in surprise.

Xiao Shui shook his head and didn’t speak. He didn’t have any evidence, and it wasn’t good to kill people like that.

Huang Mei saw this and knew what he was thinking. She sneered, “Brother Xiao you might not know that she’s actually earth level.”

“What?!” As Xiao Shui heard this, he immediately said, “I’ll be going now then.”

Ye Mo nodded to Huang Mei, “You should hurry up and leave too, she’ll be back pretty quickly this time.”

“Are you not going, Mo Ying?” Xiao Shui looked at Ye Mo in surprise.

Huang Mei was also surprised, but she knew that Ye Mo would definitely not lose to Feng Yanqi, so she didn’t say anything.

Ye Mo smiled, “I still have some things to do.”

Xiao Shui realized that Ye Mo was probably not afraid of Feng Yanqi, and Huang Mei probably also knew about Feng Yanqi through Ye Mo.

After seeing the two off, Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned Feng Yanqi again.

“Sister Huang Mei, who is that Mo Ying? He’s not even scared of All Gu Sect members?” Xiao Shui asked.

Huang Mei said, “Brother Xiao, although I know who he is, before he agrees, I can’t tell you. But he’s definitely not afraid of her. By the way, where are you planning on going?”

Xiao Shui didn’t mind too much and said, “I heard that my second brother is in Luo Yue, so I’m planning on joining him.”

“You want to go to Luo Yue?” Huang Mei asked in shock.

Xiao Shui nodded, “Yes, I feel like going to Luo Yue would be for the best.”

“I’m also planning on going to Luo Yue, but I still have some business in Jing Shui. Otherwise, I could go with you,” Huang Mei said casually.

“I can go with you to Jing Shui then. I only heard that my second brother is in Luo Yue, but I’m not sure if he really is. If you know someone at Luo Yue, maybe you can help me find him,” Xiao Shui immediately said.

Huang Mei smiled, “Of course, what’s your second brother’s name? There’s a few million people in Luo Yue, it’s not easy to find someone.”

Xiao Shui said, “My second brother’s called Xu Ping. He was a little stronger than me before, so he’s probably at the black level by now. Also, my name is not Xiao Shui, it’s Xiao Changdong.”

Huang Mei didn’t mind, “If your second brother is black level, then things should be much easier. There shouldn’t be a lot of black levels even in Luo Yue.”

Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned that Feng Yanqi as she devoured Ge Liangzhong whole and started turning back with dissatisfaction. She didn’t even bother going hunting.

“Hmm, why is it only you? Where are the other two?” Feng Yanqi was surprised.

Ye Mo said casually, “Brother Xiao said that he was familiar with this place and told Huang Mei that he’s been here before. They talked for a bit and decided they didn’t want to go to Wan Qu Mountain anymore, so they left. They told me to tell you about it when you came back.”

Hearing this, Feng Yanqi’s face flickered, and she looked at the direction they left in. She thought that they must have suspected her and that this Mo Ying was sacrificed by them.

“Then why didn’t you go with them?” Feng Yanqi’s tone was very calm.

Ye Mo said casually, “People say that wealth can only be sought in danger. They don’t care about the ruin, but I only just started cultivating ancient martial arts, so I do care about it. I want to go on this adventure with you and explore this ancient martial arts ruin.”

Feng Yanqi had a sliver of scorn in her eyes, but she soon recovered and studied Ye Mo before shaking her head, “Okay, then follow me. There will be plenty of benefits for you.”

Although Ye Mo was weak and his essence blood wasn’t very helpful to her, she could keep a good-looking man to satisfy her on hand. She couldn’t do anything to him for the next couple of days anyway as she needed time to consolidate her power as the Golden Magical Gu was about to come out.

Ye Mo didn’t interrogate Feng Yanqi. He just wanted her to lead the way.

Ye Mo thought Feng Yanqi would try to sleep with him at night, and he was ready to interrogate her if he got annoyed, but what he didn’t expect was that for the following day and night, she didn’t even speak much to him.

Another day later, Feng Yanqi took Ye Mo into the Wan Qu Mountain Ranges. She had digested all the essence blood she’d obtained and was fully at the earth level primary stage. Now, she looked even more vibrant and seductive.

“Little brother, can you carry me on your back? My legs are sore from walking these days.” Feng Yanqi returned to her seductive self and didn’t mind rubbing her busty chest on Ye Mo’s arms at all.


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