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Read Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 909: The Desert Plain Herb Valley

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Chapter 909: The Desert Plain Herb Valley

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

A huge portal suddenly opened.

Everyone immediately approached it. A big tall cultivator flew up and stood in front of it saying, “The Desert Herb Valley opens once every 50 years. Each time, it’s a big harvest for us. However, our North Far State only has 500 spots.”

“It’s Lin-Qianbei! It’s said that he’s already at truth realisation state.”

“Isn’t he about to ascend to the immortal realm?”

“No way! I heard the North Far State has little cultivation resources. There’s rarely any truth realisation state cultivators.”

Ye Mo didn’t dare to even use spirit sense to look at this cultivator. From his judgement, he felt that he couldn’t be weaker than Kong Ye – maybe even stronger.

“The Herb Valley is full of dangers, but it also has abundant resources. My opinion is that if you meet an unbeatable enemy, move aside. There’s plenty of resources there. Although there aren’t many solo cultivators there, there are still some. Once you come out, you can sell some resources to the Pill a.s.sociation. We will give you a good price.”

“Okay, I won’t talk for long. The portal will last for half a day. In half a day, it will disappear. The valley is open for three months. In three months. it will automatically teleport the people inside out. Now, those with a jade card, grab your jade card and go inside the portal.” Then, Lin-Qianbei moved aside.

Ye Mo hadn’t expected that extremely powerful cultivator to also be from the Pill a.s.sociation. Just from what he had said, small sect cultivators and solo cultivators usually sold their herbs to the Pill a.s.sociation.

Those with jade cards formed a line in front of the portal and started going in, under the envious eyes of those who didn’t.

Ye Mo looked behind and noticed a bitter-faced golden core state cultivator. He took a step forward. Just when he standing still, he saw a cultivator get thrown away by the light from the formation. Ye Mo was surprised and the cultivator cried out, “w.a.n.g Youcai! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d sold me a fake jade card!”

The formation got activated and Ye Mo felt a white ray surround him. The next moment, he felt extremely dizzy. Ye Mo realized that he must have covered a long distance or he wouldn’t have felt dizzy.

Then, his feet touched solid ground. Ye Mo knew he was there.

The first thing he did was take out his Zi Xu. It was his first time there, he didn’t know if it was dangerous or not.

As soon as Ye Mo held Zi Xu, he felt a blood killing intent rush to his face. Ye Mo was shook and hacked at that killing intent without hesitation.

After a purple beam, there was a cry.

A level 3 earth scorpion had been hacked in half. In front of him there was an endless desert. A 10-meter-long ravine spread below his feet.

“So strong!” Ye Mo subconsciously said and looked at his Zi Xu.

He waved his sword hurriedly and a level 3 beast died. What if he used Illusion Cloud with Zi Xu?

Ye Mo took the beast core and the tail needle of the scorpion.

Then, Ye Mo looked at his surroundings.

It was a boundless desert. A few scorpion beasts were crawling underneath the sand’s surface. There wasn’t even normal gra.s.s, much less spirit herbs.

Was this the desert plane that had countless herbs? Ye Mo suspected that he has been teleported to the wrong place.

Suddenly, he heard some gus.h.i.+ng sound. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and saw an army formed of countless scorpion beasts charging towards him.

Ye Mo saw this and his head buzzed. If there were this many beasts, then even if there actually were spirit herbs, all of them would’ve been devoured by these animals.

Without thinking, he took out the flying pike and quickly left. Ye Mo knew he wouldn’t be able to escape if he got surrounded by these things.

Thinking about the desert, Ye Mo thought of Luo Ying. He wondered how she was.

Ye Mo flew for nearly half a day and didn’t see a single person, nor any herb. He no longer believed he was going to make a fortune here.

Just when Ye Mo was about to land on the sand again and check underneath it, he spotted a black figure in the distant horizon. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense there and found it was a lush green mountain range. Ye Mo rejoiced and immediately accelerated his flying pike to go there.

Ten minutes later, Ye Mo had left the desert. He pa.s.sing by a nearly 10 km wide river that led to the green mountain range.

The dense spirit chi struck Ye Mo, who almost moaned out of comfort. The first thought Ye Mo had was not to find spirit herbs, but to cultivate there. The spirit chi there was amazingly dense.

However, Ye Mo knew it would be too much of a waste to use the three months there to cultivate. The mountain range wasn’t big, it was at most 100 acres. It was more like an oasis, rather than a mountain range.

Just when Ye Mo was about to search the place carefully, he saw a very luscious Zhou Hua Flower, which was a level 4 spirit herb and an ingredient for the clear essence pill. The clear essence pill, like the benefit essence pill, was a pill for foundation establishment state cultivators to use. However, it’s potency was much stronger than the benefit essence pill.

The reason the clear essence pill was so much more expensive than the benefit essence pill was that the main ingredient for it, the Zhou Hua Flower, was very rare. Yet now, Ye Mo had found a big patch of at least 200.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo dug them all up and threw them inside the golden page world. Spirit herbs couldn’t grow in his golden page world yet, but it wouldn’t let them die either.

Soon, Ye Mo found more the Water Earth Flower, Sword Gingseng, Searing Sun Gra.s.s, the Light Gathering Flower and many level 3 and 4 herbs. He collected all of them and sent them into his golden page world.

Ye Mo was very fast. He had searched through half of the place in two hours.

Just when Ye Mo was digging out some Searing Sun Gra.s.s, he smelled a faint aroma. Ye Mo subconsciously inhaled it, but he immediately realized what was happening. There was an extreme grade herb that was about to mature nearby. Ye Mo rejoiced and sped towards it without hesitation.

However, Ye Mo stopped after flying a few hundred meters. A few hundred meters away, there was a blue tree that was ten meters all. There were three pale blue fruits on it.

The Lin Blue Fruit! Ye Mo recognized. It was a spirit fruit without element. It was beneficial to all cultivators below nascent soul state. It wasn’t for increasing a cultivator’s power, nor to be made into a pill.

It’s main function was that if consumed with another pill, it would amplify it’s power.

It could also cure pill poison.

These three fruits were about to mature, but when Ye Mo saw the big blue snake under the tree, he frowned.


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