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Read Strongest Counterattack Chapter 87 – Damn It, Someone’s Digging His Own Grave

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Earlier on, when Qin Sheng knew he could not simply up and leave, he accompanied Han Bing back to Tianshui. That night, Master Wu, whom Qin Sheng respected deeply, and the fearless Chen Beiming had remained in Tianshui and did not return since.

It took Qin Sheng many days to recover from that incident, which was what gave him the guts to kill Zhou Wenwu. Surely he knew the risk involved in killing someone in Shanghai, especially when it was Zhou Wenwu, who was a formidable character in at a whole different level.

Qin Sheng knew this for a fact, however, he would be guilt-stricken for the rest of his life if he did not do it. Anyone would want to live a life with a clear conscience.

Tonight, when seven to eight men surrounded Xue Qingyan and him, Qin Sheng did not want what happened in Tianshui to happen to them. He would never allow Xue Qingyan to be hurt in any way even if he were to end up being the only one injured. He was determined to kill Du Jiang if he were to get out of here alive. The car accident that happened today already pushed him to his limits. What was this now? Did Du Jiang think he transcended the law as long as he was in Nanjing?

There was no time to waste. Qin Sheng scanned the surrounding situation and whispered to Xue Qingyan, saying, “Big Sister, I will block them while you quickly get onto the car and drive off. If you hesitate, none of us will be able to escape.”

“We’ve to leave together,” Xue Qingyan said, although she could also tell how precarious the situation was. She did not wish for anything bad to happen to because of her.

Being sentimental was not the last thing Qin Sheng needed at this moment, so he gritted his teeth and said, “Cut the c.r.a.p and listen to me. Even if I don’t survive this, you will live to avenge me.”

“Get them!” the leader commanded when Qin Sheng hardly finished speaking.

Without further ado, Qin Sheng stuffed the car key into Xue Qingyan’s hand and dashed towards the men. The most crucial thing was to buy some time for Xue Qingyan to safely reach the car, thereafter, he would have to find a way of escape for himself.

Unlocking the car as quickly as she could, Xue Qingyan got into it car just when Qin Sheng started tackling the men at the forefront. Although each of them was no match for Qin Sheng, the threat posed by the seven or eight men collectively was no joke.

Qin Sheng had to be ruthless if he wanted to survive. Dodging the attacks of the men at the forefront, Qin Sheng mustered all his strength, gave the man a kick on his face, grabbed tightly onto his arm and lifted his knee towards the man’s chest, and simultaneously s.n.a.t.c.hing the machetes from the man’s hand. At this time, three other men lunged towards Qin Sheng and surrounded him. The rest bypa.s.sed Qin Sheng to try to get to Xue Qingyan. The situation was extremely precarious as Xue Qingyan had just managed to open the car door and had not entered it.

In a frenzy, Qin Sheng tossed the machetes towards the man who was approaching Xue Qingyan. He had totally forgotten that he needed to defend himself against the other men who were also holding machetes and were about to attack him. Qin Sheng had been trained in the use of all kinds of knives and daggers. All his years of training would have come to nothing if he was unable to hit his target, but he did not disappoint. The machete from his hand hit his target and went several inches into the man’s chest and he cried out in pain.

Again, Qin Sheng kicked away the man on his left as he to Xue Qingyan’s rescue. She had only entered the car but had not started the engine. A man was holding the door of the car door while she pulled hard with all her might to keep him from entering. There was yet another man who was on his way to the pa.s.senger seat, planning to enter the car from the other side.

As Qin Sheng ran towards the car, his back was exposed to attack. The man closest to him wielded a machete towards him and it slashed a 10 millimeter cut on Qin Sheng’s shoulder. Immediately, blood oozed out of Qin Sheng’s shirt.

Frowning deeply, Qin Sheng let out a moan, however, he could not care less about himself. Seeing that the man at the pa.s.senger side of the car was about to enter through its door, Qin Sheng threw a kick at the car door and it slammed hard onto the man’s head and he immediately fell onto the floor unconscious.

Qin Sheng rolled on the floor from the momentum of his dash and picked up the man’s machete simultaneously. Having been utterly provoked, all the fear in him was gone by this time, and he was all ready to kill.

Qin Sheng turned to face the man who slashed him with a machete and began brandishing the machetes in his hands. While he dodged his opponent’s machete, he simultaneously slashed at the man’s abdomen and his entrails were exposed.

It was a gory sight and the entire atmosphere was filled with the smell of blood.

After killing a few of the men in his way towards the car, he knocked down the man in a deadlock with Xue Qingyan. Finally, she was able to start the engine of her BMW X5.

By this time, four men had collapsed in their puddle of blood. Xue Qingyan quickly locked the car door after starting the engine. She was finally safe, however, Qin Sheng was still in danger.

Not only was Qin Sheng injured on his back, but there were also cuts on his arm and thigh. “Go!” Qin Sheng cried out as he saw Xue Qingyan still hesitating.

Qin Sheng’s face was covered in fresh blood so much so that Xue Qingyan could no longer tell his expression. She was so shocked that she did not dare to delay one moment, but sped off in the car.

Qin Sheng no longer needed to continue with the fighting once Xue Qingyan escaped. He turned to run after the BMW, and suddenly the BMW turned around at the bend in the road and sped towards Qin Sheng and their attackers.

The car was running at such a high speed that Qin Sheng almost got hit. He rolled onto the floor and managed to escape. However, one of their attackers was not quick enough to react and was knocked down and flew some distance away.

Qin Sheng knew Xue Qingyan’s intention and was grateful for it. If she had just driven off and left him behind, he would have felt disappointed, although he knew she did not really have to do this.

After Qin Sheng pulled himself up from the ground, he dashed towards the car, opened the door and got in in a flash. Before the remaining three attackers could react, Xue Qingyan had depressed the accelerator and sped off, this time without any hesitation.

Qin Sheng had deep cuts on his back, arm, and thigh. The cut on his back was especially and the car seat was quickly soaked with his blood. Qin Sheng was taking deep breaths when he finally relaxed and eased himself onto the backseat of the car.

“How are you feeling, Qin Sheng?” cried Xue Qingyan, tearing up as the pungent smell of blood filled her nostrils.

“Send me to the hospital, I’m hurt,” Qin Sheng said weakly.

“Alright, hang on there. I’ll send you to the hospital right now.” Xue Qingyan was not clear what kind of injuries Qin Sheng sustained, but she could tell from his voice that it was serious, even life-threatening.

At this juncture, Xue Qingyan could not care about other things. All she wished was for Qin Sheng to be alright. She was driving in such panic she was literally driving recklessly, b.u.mping into several cars, as well as, beating a few red lights.

In the Sixth Residence, Du Jiang had not left for work. He was a little hungry and ordered for food delivery. He was not expecting an accident to happen at this hour. He always trusted Song Chu, who usually accomplished all tasks Du Jiang instructed him to do to Du Jiang’s satisfaction. They had done this kind of things before, but they did not expect things to be different with Qin Sheng.

This was when Song Chu called to inform him that something had gone wrong in today’s mission, that Xue Qingyan had escaped and injured four to five of their men.

Upon hearing the news, Du Jiang hurled the wine gla.s.s in his hand onto the floor and roared, “What? You can’t even settle such a trivial matter? Why should I keep all of you useless fellows?”

“Please don’t blow your top, Boss. I’ve just sent someone to go after them again. It was my misjudgment to have underestimated Xue Qingyan’s a.s.sistant, Qin Sheng. I should’ve sent someone more capable in the first place,” Song Chu tried to explain himself.

As he thought about Xue Qingyan’s background, Du Jiang bawled, “Are you an idiot, Song Chu? How dare you sent someone to pursue them again? Withdraw immediately! Also, arrange for all those remaining men of you to go into hiding for the moment, lest we get found out and caught.”

“I’m sorry Boss. I will do as you instructed immediately,” Song Chu replied, panicked.

By the time Du Jiang hung up the phone, he was furious. How did Xue Qingyan escape? However, at least no one knew he was behind this, so what if some knew was him? He was not bothered anyway.

After searching for a nearby hospital, Xue Qingyan headed to the state hospital of Jiangsu. She had almost lost her mind, faced with the severity of the situation. She directly dialed the number of her high-ranking elder brother. When the call went through, Xue Qingyan, who had not shed a single tear for years, broke down and wept.

Xue Deming, who was on a business trip in Beijing was stunned to hear his little sister losing her composure. Frowning, he asked, “What happened, Qingyan? Calm down and tell me what happened. I’ll be here for you no matter what happens.”

Becoming more aware of Qin Sheng’s groanings from pain, Que Qingyan suppressed her cried so that they turned into sobs. “Something terrible happened to me in Nanjing,” she explained as calmly as she could.

By the time Xue Qingyan finished describing to her brother the entire incident, Xue Qingming’s face was ashen. Although Xue Qingyan was not his blood sister, he had treated her as his own sister since the day his father brought her home and had not allowed anyone to bully her ever since. One could imagine the outrage when he heard what happened. Burning with anxiety, he swore to make the perpetrator pay dearly for his actions.

“Stop crying, Qingyan. First, bring your friend to the hospital. I will make the necessary arrangments. Everything will be fine,” Xue Deming said, tightening his fists in rage.

“Alright,” replied Xue Qingyan with bloodshot eyes.

As she hung up the phone, Xue Qingyan called her big BOSS. In the same way, she had a close relationship with this big BOSS of hers. The first two people she thought of when something as serious as this happened were her brother and this Big BOSS.

At this moment, this Big BOSS was in Hong Kong attending a gathering attended by the rich and the famous in society. He thought Xue Qingyan had called to report to him on regular matters but was shocked to hear her sobbing on the line.

Sensing something amiss, the smile on the Big BOSS’s face vanished in a flash. Like Xue Deming, the Big BOSS had not encountered Xue Qingyan’s losing her composure. With a severe tone, he asked, “Did something happen, Qingyan?”

Xue Qingyan started wailing when she heard the familiar voice. Her vision blurred as her eyes welled up in tears, as a result, she crashed into the Honda adjacent to her car. However, she did not stop but depressed the accelerator further as she had almost arrived at the hospital.

After a few more minutes, the deformed BMW finally arrived at the state hospital. The Big BOSS on the other end of the line had also been waiting for a few minutes now when Xue Qingyan finally began to talk.

After she briefly described to him what happened, the Big BOSS smashed his wine gla.s.s on the floor and bellowed, “d.a.m.n it, someone’s digging his own grave.”

Thereafter, he tried to comfort Xue Qingyan by saying, “Don’t be afraid, Qingyan. I’ll come over to Nanjing right away.”


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