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Read Strongest Eccentric Consort Chapter 146 – Can Only Blame Herself

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Chapter 146: Can Only Blame Herself

The thin poisonous needle swiftly moved toward Lou Qianxue’s back.

Everyone watching the battle froze in their positions.

“You’re not allowed to!” The judge wanted to stop Lou Qianyue, but it was too late.

“Humph!” Lou Qianxue snorted. Without even turning around, she flung the sheath of her Frost Sword backward.


The poisonous needle hit the sheath.

As Lou Qianxue turned her wrist, the poisonous needle rebounded back.


With a strong force, the black poisonous needle instantly pierced Lou Qianyue’s forehead.

“No—” Lou Qianyue uttered her last terrified and desperate cry as blood gushed out of her forehead, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

In just a moment, her previously lively and young body slumped to the floor.

“Yue Er!” Jiang Suying opened her eyes wide and screamed.

“Lou Qianxue, you’re seeking death!” Lou Jingfeng dashed over to the stage together with Jiang Suying. They headed toward Lou Qianxue to attack her.

“Get lost!” Lou Qianxue blocked their attacks using her sheath. Lou Jingfeng had to retreat due to her force.

“You’re a wicked girl! Your heart is so vicious. You killed your sister!”

Lou Xingchen also went up on stage with a sullen expression. She wanted to take out the pill from her sleeve to feed Lou Qianyue, but Qianyue had already stopped breathing. Even if a superior pill could not revive her.

Lou Xingchen’s cold gaze toward Lou Qianxue was filled with murderous intent.

“Ridiculous! Why didn’t you say that when she sneak attacked me first?” Lou Qianxue glared at Lou Jingfeng. “If she hadn’t done that, why would she have died? Give way!”

“Wicked girl, you have the heart of a snake. No matter what, she was your sister. Could it be that you don’t even have compa.s.sion?”

“Did she have any compa.s.sion when she shot the poisonous needle at me? If it weren’t for my ability, the one lying on the ground as a corpse would be me!” Lou Qianxue felt irritated and furious by Lou Jingfeng’s accusation. She could not be bothered to get entangled with him, so she yelled, “Qianhan.”

Leng Qianhan, who was standing below the stage all along, obeyed her order. Like a legendary giant bird spreading its wings, he blocked others from approaching Lou Qianxue. He then looked at Lou Jingfeng with an unkind gaze.

Lou Jingfeng had heard of Leng Qianhan’s impressiveness at the Prefectural Governor’s banquet. His face changed at once, and he appeared to be tough as he said, “You, you, b*stard, you united with an outsider to deal with me! Don’t return to the City Lord’s Mansion in the future!”

“Shut up!” Lou Potian was finally unable to watch further. He got up and roared, “Lou Qianyue can only blame herself for her death. Don’t embarra.s.s yourself here. Get lost from here!”

After getting scolded by Lou Potian, Lou Jingfeng shut his mouth.

However, Jiang Suying’s eyes remained filled with resentment. She furiously stared at Lou Potian. “Old man, the bit*h Lou Qianxue killed my daughter, and you defended her? Could it be that only she is your granddaughter, and Qianyue isn’t?”

Lou Potian was so furious that his beard trembled. He stretched his hand out and pointed at Jiang Suying, but no words came out of his mouth.

Lou Qianxue frowned and said, “Qianhan, throw this woman down!”

Leng Qianhan had already perfected his control of the PaG.o.da Sword Tactic after obtaining the technique from Lou Qianxue. His cultivation had leveled up, and he was more than twice as impressive as before. His whole body emitted an overbearing aura as he stepped toward Jiang Suying.

“Stop it!”

Lou Xingchen’s face paled as she stepped forward and blocked Qianhan from approaching her mother. With a frosty gaze, she said, “You don’t have to take action. My mom will go down herself.”

Then, Lou Xingchen looked at Lou Qianxue and proclaimed, “Lou Qianxue, you’ve killed my sister. I will not let this matter rest. You better pray that you don’t meet me in the compet.i.tion later. Otherwise, I’ll use your blood as a sacrifice for Qianyue!”


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