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Stronghold In The Apocalypse is a web novel produced by ApocalypseDefender.
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“It’s already been twelve hours and he still haven’t consciousness” Amanda is starting to grow worried about Leo.

Mich.e.l.le and Austin are also worried but felt helpless about it as they aren’t able to approach Leo at all to check on his condition because of the Death Knight guarding him.

“That “thing” immediately appeared just after the boss fell unconscious. Does that mean that thing in front of us is one of his bizarre abilities again?”

“Yes so that means boss is a necromancer” the soldier who was a former author said while rubbing his palms.

“Shut up and can I you freaking about something from a game? This is not a game, we only have one chance to live. If we die, we die, we don’t come back from death. Just because humans have been able to start wielding supernatural abilities now but that doesn’t mean you should also start referencing abilities based from stories and games” one of the older soldiers told him while shaking his head.

Their group are currently sitting in a corner of the room as all of them are covered in bandages on some part of their bodies.

“What do we do now, Major?” one of the injured soldier asked.

“No worries, I already ordered one of the people watching the entrance to get more people to come here” Austin said.

Suddenly, a panicky voice sounded from the intercom on his left soldier.

“Sir! This is bad! There’s currently a horde of zombies heading towards the base”

When the people heard that, they suddenly started frowning with grim expressions on their faces.

Austin with a dark look pressed the intercom and said, “What happened? Tell me with all the details!”

“Yes! One of our scout teams discovered a huge h.o.a.rd of zombies heading towards the based direction fifteen miles away from our base but they are probably nearer by now after they came back” said the man from the other side.

“How many are there?” Austin asked, feeling relieved at the same time as they would have at least time to prepare to face the horde if they clash against the camp.

“Based on the drones that the scout team sent, the horde’s number would be at least around ten thousand or maybe more and there are at least around one thousand mutated zombies of variety, the strongest being a Charge Type zombie, sir!” the man from the camp reported through the intercom.

The others who are listening to the side immediately sighed in relief when they heard the humber the horde has because for them, a ten thousand zombies horde is far easier to eliminate than a ten thousand mutant beast horde.

After all, ordinary zombies including the mutated ones only had a single way to attack people, either from biting, clawing, charging at you, using brute strength or using disgusting tentacles to capture you. Human survivors had already figured out that zombies have limited attacking abilities unlike mutant beasts who have more skill sets than zombies.

Because from the person who has been following Leo for a while, mutant beast have unique abilities of their own. From spewing fire, spitting poison etc and the most scary about them is that they far more intelligent than a zombie who only relies on their instinct to attack.

“Alright, prepare for battle and have the defences ready and also get as many people who could fight on the walls. I’m coming over immediately” Austin said as he stood up.

“Yes, sir!” the man raised his voice in respect as the communication was finally disconnected.

“You guys are injured so you guys will stay here for the time being and keep watch on the boss” Austin ordered and the others just nodded as they knew that they would only get in the way if they face the horde with their current conditions.

“We’ll also stay here” Mich.e.l.le said as both she and Amanda decided to stay because they aren’t really worried about the horde. If Hope 101 is strong then the Stronghold is even far more stronger than Hope 101.

What’s more, Hope 101 has the Turret Gun constructed just beside the wall and let’s also not forget that Alex and his squad just recently came back from their own expedition and currently resting in Hope 101 and with Alex and his Mutated Panther pet present over there so the horde shouldn’t even dream about breaking through the defensive wall of the survivor base.

Because apart from Leo, the second most dangerous existence in the base would be Alex followed by Caleb and there’s also the PELICAN that could attack from the skies so for them the horde isn’t something to be worried about because Leo’s condition is of utmost important for them.

“Alright, then I’ll head back first” Austin said as he immediately ran towards the exit and through creepy tunnel that leads outside the mountain.

Austin immediately boarded his motorcycle as he hastily headed towards the base.

Half an hour later, he finally arrived near the base as the gate slowly opened before him as he slowly approach the wall.

*Dun* Dun* Dun!*

The rumbled as it opened and Austin zoomed pa.s.sed inside while the gate hastily closed behind him with people pus.h.i.+ng it.

“Sir!” a man suddenly ran towards him and gave him a salute.

“How long before they reach us?” Austin asked as he parked his bike on the side of the street and then both of them started talking while walking towards the wall as soldiers and survivors was running around them preparing for the incoming horde.

“There’s another hour before they arrive here, sir” the soldier said.

“Did you already make a report to the madam?” Austin said clearly referring to Leo’s mother, Rachel.

“Yes, the madam said that she would send some warriors from the Stronghold and she also gave us permission to use the PELICAN” the soldier said as they took the steps towards the the top of the wall while soldiers and survivors wielding their own weapons would give them a salute when they pa.s.sed by them.

Then the two of them finally reach the top of the wall where soldiers and survivors who wants some action and also gain some credits at the same time are manning every part of the wall. He also saw Alex standing near the Turret Gun along with his mena and there’s even a black cat sitting on his shoulder.

Every single one of Alex’s are fully armed from head to toe and every single of them are wearing tactical black helmets like a motorcycle helmet and some of them are even equipped with their own Exoskeleton Suit, a very huge difference of equipments with the others around them.

They literally looked like SWATS from twenty or thirty years from now.

‘Just what you would expect from a squad led by Alex and their current equipment makes them stick out like a light bulb among us. Now that I think about it, I wonder how my former squad are doing? I heard that the Boss’s cousin become Caleb’s disciple and recently joined his squad. Wait, did Alex always had a cat? I guess he got another pet aside from that Mutated Black Panther’ Austin thought while also observing the people around him.

The soldier who was talking to Austin earlier finally came back with a binocular on his hands and immediately handed it over to him.

Austin took it from him and look through the binoculars and when he saw actually made him smile instead of becoming worried. Through the binoculars, he saw that the horde is almost upon them as even without the use of a binocular, a person could already see the horde from a distance.

There are ordinary zombies, hunter type zombies, striker type zombies and charger type zombies within the horde but the horde are mostly made up of ordinary ones which isn’t really a threat to someone who is already use to killing them.

Because for him the only threat for them are the Charger Type Zombies which could easily tear their still fragile wall alongside with the Striker Type Zombies who could coil their tentacles to someone and pull them over to their side.*Buzzzzt* *Buzzzzt* *Buzzzzt!*

Austin and the others suddenly heard a buzzing noise behind them.

“The PELICAN is here” Austin said smiling as he jumped down from the wall, preparing to meet them.


A few minutes earlier, within the Stronghold and inside the conference room of the mansion.

Rachel and fully equipped warriors or soldiers are gathered inside.

“It’s good that you guys are all here” Rachel said as she looked at the people in front of her.

They are Zabu, Tom, Alastair and Mark within the room. Zabu and Tom’s presence in the room in the room is understandable as they already considered themselves veteran in killing zombies but Alastair and Mark’s presence came a huge shock to them but they immediately understood why when they heard the weapons they made, it actually made them gulped nervously.

It’s a deployable turret and just as its name suggest, the weapon can be move and deployed anywhere. Alastair with the a.s.sistance of Mark, mechanical engineers and a few mechanic created this bada.s.s weapon. Some of the core materials used came from Leo while they made do with the current materials available for them for some of its part.

The weapon is an automated anti-personnel sentry weapon. Mounted on a heavy tetrapod, the weapon emits a visible laser to aid in targeting. It features a machine gun that fires at a moderate rate, and an energy weapon that fires EMP shots which is already heaven defying with the current technology but this just shows how talented Alastair is, he might even be as smart as Tony Stark if he had the right materials to work with.

But the weapon doesn’t look modern-ish because of the materials used and instead looks like a steampunk style weapon making it even more awesome and they even have the audacity to call it the ‘Death Bringer’!

And it was literally the right weapon against a siege warfare from the zombies!


“It’s great that guys created a weapon like that but how long is its range then?” asked Tom.

“Its maximum range is two hundred meters” Alastair said looking smug while looking at Zabu.

Zabu just grinned at him and said sarcastically, “Are you gay? Stop staring at me, hmmp!”

Alastair just smiled at him and ignored what he said but he was clearly angered as there is currently a vein bulging on his face!


“Enough! I didn’t call you guys here to watch you guys quarrel with each other!” Rachel pounded the table in front of her as she angrily bellowed at them.

Zabu and Alastair just let out a snort and Tom was just warily smiling at the side while Mark gulped nervously and thought, ‘The boss’s mother is really scary sometimes. I wonder how Mr. Henry tamed a woman like her’

What he didn’t know was it was actually the other way around…..sort of.

“You guys might have already heard about it but there’s currently a horde of zombies heading towards us and that’s the reason why I called for you guys here. I want you guys to go there and help them!”


“Now, go and prepare yourselves! After that, you guys can ride the PELICAN to head over there as it would also be deployed alongside everyone of you”

All of them gave her a salute by thumping right fist onto their right chest before they walked out of the conference room but not before Zabu and Alastair started glaring at each other.

When she was finally alone, Rachel slumped on her chair with a worried face as she already heard about her son falling unconscious from Amanda through communication earpiece that Leo provided them before.

She sighed to herself before she stood up and also left the room.

As a mother she really wanted to go over at Leo’s side right now but she also knows that she can’t leave the Stronghold right now especially during an emergency as she also needs to gather another batch of soldiers to send as reinforcements to Hope 101.

“I just hope that my son is fine and would wake up soon” she mumbled as she left the mansion.


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