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A week has already pa.s.sed since the last upgrade.

“Hah~ Hah~ Hah~” The sound of panting can be heard.

Currently, the men except for Henry, Tom and Arthur even including Jacob who insisted on joining them are making rounds around the huge plot of land that became a training field behind the Main Hall, jogging while panting as they pa.s.sed by Leo and Caleb.

“Faster, you imbeciles!” Caleb barked with order.

Beside him, Leo just smiled and immediately implemented his plan of training soldiers in the hands of Caleb.

Yesterday afternoon, the three guys who was in coma already woke up without any mishaps.

Leo was able to confirm that there really was an improvement through their const.i.tution as there was an increase in strength, speed, stamina and explosive power.

Currently, they can even lift something around 180 pounds easily like they are just picking a pebble on the side of the road and they have a speed of between 7 to 8 seconds per a hundred meters which is even faster than the current record holder. It looked like they just leveled up from 0 to 1 which is a really good news for Leo as he would be able to bring more people if he goes out of the stronghold again.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they are already exempted from the training as Leo wanted to have more manpower that he could rely on, in case the base is under attack when he’s not around and more importantly of all, he does not want this people to only rely on him as there’s only so much that a single person can do.

Especially now that he had noticed that the zombies are growing more powerful each day that he even encountered a very agile zombie that probably mutated when he was out hunting and looting supplies from the city yesterday and he estimated that with that zombie’s speed, ordinary survivors would not even stand a chance when facing against it. Instead, it would be a one sided slaughter.

Right now, Leo wants to every single survivor to know how to fight even the women are not made exemption as they are also being trained by Rachel how to properly use a firearm.

“Have you fully recovered?” Leo said to Caleb while looking at the people running around the camp.

“Yes, interested to have a spar?” Caleb casually said but in the ears of Leo, he felt like it was a challenge of a warrior to a warrior.

“Sure” Leo said with a bit of excitement in his voice.

“Eh?” Caleb was startled a bit as he looked at Leo but the saw his face full of excitement, he also smiled as the blood of a warrior in him burned with spirit.

The two of them took fighting stances with only a distance of two meters between them. Leo was in a karate stance while Caleb’s fighting stance was something that Leo was not familiar with.

Both them stared at each other for seven seconds when Caleb suddenly lunged at Leo but from out of nowhere he suddenly went flying across the field for a good distance of ten meters and he landed on the ground unconscious with a foam coming out from his mouth.

“Whoops” Leo said while in a sidekick posture with a blank look on his face as he slowly brought his right foot down.

‘I forgot that I’m actually far more powerful than him and forgot to control my strength’ Leo thought while laughing inside.

In the distance, Austin and the others came running over towards Caleb with shock in their faces because they clearly saw what happened earlier. Leo’s kick was so fast that they didn’t even see a shadow of it until Caleb was sent flying through the air.

“Wow, I didn’t expect that even Mr. Caleb who’s already powerful that he can even defeat all of us single handedly is also down for the count”

“More like “down to earth”” Joe said with a laugh but others didn’t laugh and just stared at him as he said “What~?”

“Stop with your lames jokes”

“Yeah, It’s stupid and not even funny”

“Oh~ come on! “Down to earth” was funny though”

While the men are talking amongst themselves, a sudden angry yell bellowed.


“Opps! I’m outta here!’ Leo immediately ran towards the Pelican with Alex following behind him, ignoring the fact that his mom is angrily shouting at him.

The Pelican immediately took off in the air as it sped towards the direction of the capital, London.

“That kid doesn’t like a leader sometimes” Rachel said sighing while looking at the Pelican disappearing into the distance.

“Leo has always been like that mom, he just doesn’t just listen” Aria said to her.

“I wasn’t talking about that” Rachel said as she went towards Caleb who’s still lying unconscious on the ground.

“Huh? Then what was it?” Aria said as she ran after her.

Isaac, Joe, Michael, Josh, Dylan and Mark was standing there looking at the disappearing silhouette of the aircraft while talking amongst themselves.

“Well, there he goes again” Joe said.

“I really want to go with Boss Leo” Josh said with a hopeful tone.

“Me too. I think I’m already pretty good at firing a gun” Dylan said to Josh.

“Yeah, an action for once might be good but I think training here for the time being is a bit better than going out and getting killed” Mark said contrary to what Dylan said.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared behind the three of them and they suddenly each received a fist in their heads.

Pow~ Pow~ Pow~


“That hurt!”

“d.a.m.n, i-it felt like I was smack dizzy!”

“You guys are still kids and should not be thinking of going out of this walls until you three are skilled enough to survive alone out there” Joe said with his head held high, acting like senior.

“”F*ck off!”” the three young men said at the same time.

Isaac just chuckled at the scene in front of him while shaking his head and then said “Alright! I’m taking over the training while Sir Caleb is out!” he yelled while clapping attracting the attention of the others.

“Now, move your over and run with me!” Isaac yelled as he started jogging while the rest reluctantly followed behind him and a few seconds later, the guys who carried Caleb at the quarters also followed along.

They really can’t complain as Isaac was a former Lieutenant on the army.


In the Pelican.

Leo was busy looking at the Summons section of the system with a face full of excitement while Alex is piloting the aircraft.

The [Summons] actually have three categories in it, Humans, Androids and Monsters.

“This is probably the most absurd part of the System by now” Leo said talking to himself.

[Western Dragon] – Price: 100,000,000 Defender Coins

[Eastern Dragon] – Price: 100,000,000 Defender Coins

[Phoenix] – Price: 70,000,000 Defender Coins

[Direwolf] – Price: 1,000,000 Defender Coins

[Treant] – Price: 1,000,000 Defender Coins

[Android Guard I] – Price: 50,000,000 Defender Coins

[Android Guard II] – Price: 120,000,000 Defender Coins

[Android Knight] – Price: 200,000,000 Defender Coins

[Infantry] – Price: 15,000 Defender Coins

[Marine] – Price: 20,000 Defender Coins

[Aircraft Pilot] – Price: 15,000 Defender Coins

[Engineer] – Price: 10,000 Defender Coins

[Blacksmith] – Price: 10,000 Defender Coins

“Wow~ This is sick~!” Leo said with a face full of amazement.

“Now, should I buy something or…someone~?”


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