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Read Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant’s Pampered Demon Empress Chapter 103

Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant’s Pampered Demon Empress is a web novel completed by Qin Shuangshuang.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 103: Determined To Win

Han Moze suddenly pulled a wicked smile and spoke with a rather lifeless but clear voice. “Empress, please show me some dignity. Step forward and perform a dance for everyone to broaden their horizons.”

Liu Rushuang clenched her fist tightly, then stood up and curtsied.

“Please forgive me, your majesty. Today, I do not feel very well,” she said in a calm and composed voice.

“Why was the Empress sitting with Nangong Ba?”

“I’m surprised that the Empress looks so ordinary?!”

The sound of never-ending conversations were heard, as Liu Rushuang grinned emotionlessly. I better just go with the flow!

As the Empress of Beiming, she must have attracted a lot of rumors by suddenly attending the banquet as Nangong Ba’s maid right now.

After Liu Rushuang got up, the people in the hall were enthralled in even more heated conversations. Nangong Ba’s maid is actually Princess Changping of Nanli? How could this be?

Han Moze overheard everyone’s conversations, then looked over at Liu Rushuang and simply said, “Empress, you must give me an explanation.”

Liu Rushuang tightly clenched her fists and planned to make a statement.

Seated below was Nangong Ba, who didn’t move an inch as he was so shocked by hearing the truth. How could this be?

And so, Nangong Ba beat her to it and bolted up, staring at Han Moze directly in the eyes. “Your majesty, I have already set my mind on taking her as my wife. Since you and I both want her, will the Emperor dare fight me for her?” He cried coldly.

Liu Rushuang looked over at Nangong Ba in utter astonishment, as her face instantly looked . What did he take her for? Some kind of prize to be won?

Ouyang Yaoyi tightly gritted her teeth with eyes red with anger. She really wanted to kill that wench, and so after she heard what Nangong Ba said, she immediately spoke with sharp words. “Your majesty, I believe this woman who goes around creating rumors is not worthy of you. Please be cautiour, your majesty, when choosing candidates. I can replace Princess Changping in this political marriage.”

Liu Rushuang heard this, then shot Ouyang Yaoyi with a vicious gaze. She really was good at smearing people!

In an instant, she was made to seem like the woman who went around seducing men!

The high-ranking officials of Beiming heard two contradictory pieces of information and they couldn’t quite comprehend it. Who does Princess Changping actually want to marry?

The Minister of Rites, a man of about forty years old and wore a navy robe with embroidered black bamboos, believed the malicious Ouyang Yaoyi and stepped forward. Then, they spoke with a sullen voice and no perception of trouble. “Please, your majesty, do reconsider. Don’t bring this woman into your harem and sully the nation’s reputation.”

Han Moze’s black eyes turned into a frighteningly cold. “Men, take Ouyang Yaoyi and the Minister away to recieve fifty heavy beatings. n.o.body is allowed to discredit my Empress!”

Liu Rushuang’s entire body shuddered, as she felt a strange sensation in her heart. However, she then remembered how monstrous Han Moze was and snorted coldly.

“Yes!” Several guards immediately stepped forward to accept their orders and drag Ouyang Yaoyi and the Minister away.

“Your majesty, I speak of the truth! You can’t treat me like this. You can’t!” Begged Ouyang Yaoyi in tears. She only just recovered from her last punishment and didn’t want to endure that pain a second time. Simultaneously, her hatred for Liu Rushuang deepened deep down in her heart. It was all that wench’s fault!

“Your majesty, I was wrong. I beg of your majesty’s forgiveness!” The minister knew more or less about Han Moze’s violent tendencies, so he immediately changed his stance when he noticed that something was wrong.

The chilling look on Han Moze’s face showed no signs of change.

After Ouyang Yaoyi and the Minister was dragged away, Han Moze glared at Nangong Ba with incredibly malevolent eyes. “I accept your challenge,” he coldly exclaimed.

Nangong Ba pulled a charming smile and replied with determination in his voice. “Thank you for accepting, your majesty.”

Liu Rushuang’s heart sank and let out a discreet grunt. She wasn’t going to leave with him, no matter who won!

Then, she remembered how this royal banquet was held in her honour and how she was now exposed. She figured that it would be inappropriate for her to sit in the lower seating area, and so with a clear voice, she spoke directly to Nangong Ba. “Thank you leader of Wulin for safely escorting me here.”

Then, she gracefully walked over to the seat of honour as one of the important characters of the royal banquet – The Empress of Beiming.

Nangong Ba’s gaze instantly looked ominous to no end. How could this happen?

His fists clenched fiercely. He had to defeat the Emperor of Beiming and steal her back!

Han Mose watched as Liu Rushuang knew well to come forward and smiled ever so wickedly.


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