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Read Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife Chapter 106 – Sex-Starved

Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife is a web novel produced by MishaK.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife Chapter 106 – Sex-Starved

Xie Yuansheng was aghast at the way his brother spoke in front of his wife. “You better watch your words,” he said and then proceeded to cover Feng Xinying’s ears with his hands.

More than Feng Xinying it was Xie Yuansheng whose face was red. Feng Xinying laughed at him. “We aren’t s.e.x-starved,” she replied making Xie Yuansheng go redder.

“Yingying!” he shrieked.

Both Xie Shengjun and Feng Xinying laughed crazily, as Xie Yuansheng sat there rooted to his seat while Keira was hardly interested in their conversation.

The meal came and they ate enjoying each other’s company. Xie Yuansheng asked his brother, “Have you completed the project that was asked by the Minister of Industries?”

“Yes… but it took a lot of time… the inhabitants of that place weren’t evacuating, and the government was keen on converting it into an economic zone. The inhabitants were up in arms and started protesting. Earlier I tried to give them money. I even doubled the money they were getting in order to solve this peacefully, but things just turned gory… Well, it is settled now…” answered Xie Shengjun. He was scared to involve Xie Yuansheng because he knew that if his younger brother would be involved, he might have ended it gorier.

Xie Yuansheng didn’t reply and kept eating his food. Once the dinner was over, they all started going down, when Keira’s phone rang. “Mother!” she exclaimed excitedly and started talking. As they conversed, Feng Xinying noticed that Keira’s face was suddenly etched with worry.

“How is he now?” asked Keira on the phone.

After a pause, she replied, “I will be there as soon as possible. I am taking the next best flight back. Don’t worry.” Keira disconnected the phone and then looked at Xie Shengjun who was looking confused and miserable.

“My father has had a ma.s.sive heart attack. He is in the hospital. I have to go back,” she replied as tears rolled out of her eyes. Xie Shengjun wrapped her in his arms. “Please don’t cry… I am so sorry baby…” he patted her on her shoulders.

“I will arrange for the best hospital and doctors in the vicinity for your, okay? Just don’t cry…” he urged.

But Keira couldn’t stop. Feng Xinying also patted her and then said, “You must leave to see them Keira.”

Keira nodded and said, “I am such a pathetic and selfish child who overstayed here because of her interest.” She looked up at Xie Shengjun and said, “I have to go back.”

His face was lined with sadness as he nodded. They walked out of the plaza and went back home. While most security left along with them, a few men were instructed to stay back for Feng Xinying and Xie Yuansheng who decided to take a stroll around.

As they walked around the plaza, they saw that there were few people who were still up and about. Most of them were youngsters who had come out just like them on a midnight date. Xie Yuansheng held Feng Xinying’s hand as they walked. It was now impossible not to touch her. He didn’t want to lose any opportunity to stay close to her.

“Yingying, can we please go back home?” he asked.

“Why?” she said as she watched people around. The night was chilly as the cool breeze was blowing. She came near Xie Yuansheng to steal some of his warmth and wrapped her hand around his arms resting her head over them. He kissed her forehead and said, “I am also s.e.x-starved.”

Feng Xinying pursed her lips and replied, “But I am your lover and lovers are not like wives who would just have to conceded to their husbands demands of s.e.x. So, I am sorry but you will stay like that until I become your wife.”

Xie Yuansheng didn’t know how to contradict that.

“As a matter of fact, I was planning that you should now s.h.i.+ft in my room bag and baggage but since I am your lover, we better stay away for a while…” she continued. “You will not s.h.i.+ft in my room…”

“Yingying!” cried Xie Yuansheng. “Darling, you are my wife! I was just teasing you!”

“Ah! Really?”

“Yes of course. Please, please can I s.h.i.+ft in your room,” Xie Yuansheng stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her with pleading eyes. He wanted to shoot himself in foot for teasing her. He couldn’t even imagine the possibilities if he ever s.h.i.+fted with her. It was like a dream come true.

He looked like a puppy asking his master to leash him. “Yingying, baby… please, please…” Xie Yuansheng left her hand and knelt down in front of her on the street. All others who were present there started laughing at the scene. The security men who were walking behind them were stunned at their young master who was so fearless and stoic in their world that it was legendary. That man was seen kneeling in front of a woman.

“Will you allow me, Yingying?” he requested.


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