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Read Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife Chapter 12 – Fickle Minded

Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife is a web novel created by MishaK.
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Xie Yuansheng looked at his hand that was neatly wrapped in the bandage now. Then he looked at her again with a frigid expression. Feng Xinying suddenly became aware of the closeness between them. Fl.u.s.tered, she got up to go back to where she was sitting.

“I will be leaving for the day. Let me know what it must take for you to give me back my father’s company,” she said sternly.

“The company is run by me, but it belongs to you,” said Xie Yuansheng. “You see, your father stopped trusting you the moment you ran away. As far as I know, there is no reason to trust you. You proved yourself unworthy in the testing times. And I don’t want to give you the reins of a company as huge as the Feng Conglomerate, someone who is as fickle minded as you. So what you are asking is out of question,” he said calmly.

Feng Xinying pursed her lips again. She inhaled a deep breath and said, “Xie Yuansheng, I have come back with a lot of determination. I have gone through a lot and am more mature than what you have just painted me as. I will take this company back. It belongs to my father and me. I am definitely more capable than you!”

“Really? As far as I remember, you were second to me in high school,” he said with a twisted smile.

Feng Xinying remembered that day, and once again, the memory of the pain she suffered returned, making her weak. She s.h.i.+rked them and replied, “Xie Yuansheng, people change!”

Xie Yuansheng only smiled. “I am sorry, but I have to go for a meeting. We can continue talking about this later at home.” Saying that, he got up and left after picking a set of doc.u.ments from his table.

Exasperated at his impossible behavior, she also left. As she was pa.s.sing through the hall where his secretaries were sitting, she could feel each one of them looking at her as if they had daggers in their eyes.

Feng Xinying was so used to these kinds of women and their looks, so she just walked majestically, ignoring each and every one of them. If she wanted, she could have declared to them that she was the daughter of Feng Zhantian, but she was waiting for the right moment.

She went downstairs and headed to the parking area where her driver was waiting for her. Instead of heading home, she went downtown for some shopping. She was missing Keira so much. There was no one who could share her loneliness. Even though she knew that it must be midnight in America, she called Keira.

Keira picked her call in one ring and asked, “Xiaoying, where are you, and how are you? Ever since you have left, you haven’t even called me!” Keira complained.

Feng Xinying laughed and said, “Sorry Keira, I was very busy.”

“So sorry to hear about your father…” said Keira.

Feng Xinying remained silent. She just leaned back in the chair of the restaurant where she was having her lunch.

When Keira didn’t hear her, she said, “Feng Xinying, when are you coming back?”

The question jolted Feng Xinying to the present. When did she decide to stay back in her city, Beijing? She was supposed to attend her father’s funeral and go back. She was surprised by her own decision that she had taken without even thinking twice about as if it was something natural. She had to stay back after she heard about the company’s owners.h.i.+p. According to her father’s will, she was the owner, but she wasn’t going to be its CEO. That was absolutely ridiculous. She had to take that position to prove that she was indeed very capable. Definitely more capable than Xie Yuansheng.

“Keira, I won’t be coming back,” replied Fen Xinying.

“What? Are you mad? You have so many ongoing modeling projects. The management agency is going to kill me for breaching the contracts. Do you know the amount of money that we have to give to them if we breach contracts?” said Keira like a mad woman. She was angry and desperate at Feng Xinying’s answer.

“Keira, I have earned enough money to throw the penalty fee in their faces. And even after I have paid the penalty, it will only reduce the money in my bank by a fraction. So don’t worry, cancel those projects, apologize from my side and pack all my stuff,” she answered resolutely.


Before Keira could say anything else, Feng Xinying continued, “Keira, can you please pack your luggage too and come over to Beijing? I don’t have any friends here. If you could come and be with me for a month or two, I would be very happy…”


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