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Read Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife Chapter 140 – Problem At Ad Filming

Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife is a web novel completed by MishaK.
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Feng Xinying went back to her cubicle from where she called Keira again. This time again there was no answer. She wondered why wasn’t Keira picking her phone. Was this a signal that she no longer wanted to be friends with her? Feng Xinying slapped her head and s.h.i.+rked those thoughts away. 

There was a lot to do before she would leave the job of Xie Yuansheng’s head secretary and become his full time wife. She smiled at the notion. Her neighbor from the cubicle noticed her and said, “Feng Xinying, I am really happy for you. Does our CEO have any cousin brother? Please introduce me to him.” Both of them started laughing loudly. 

Someone from her desk noticed them and was filled with jealousy. Yun Chen could only do nothing now. There was no way she could sabotage the relations.h.i.+p between the CEO and Feng Xinying now that her leg was fractured. With w.a.n.g Zirong also gone, her mind wasn’t as fertile. She s.h.i.+fted her eyes from them and concentrated on the computer in front of her. 

Feng Xinying’s entire afternoon was swamped with work that needed to be filled with data. She was running around the various departments to get the relevant details. However, the employees were flabbergasted. They would tell her to rest and that they would bring all the details to her but she just smiled at them. 

After having her lunch with Xie Yuansheng, Feng Xinying had to visit the ad location. The ad agency had been asking for a different location from a long time because the owner of the studio where the ad had to be filmed was demanding more money that what was agreed upon. He had come to the sets and upon seeing Wu Bosun, he thought that the star was worth millions and that he was not given his fair share. 

Feng Xinying went there after the office was over even though Xie Yuansheng protested. He wanted her to accompany him for an evening event.

She found that the owner was creating a ruckus, as the agency people stood there trying to reason with him. The most surprising part was that Wu Bosun and Ru s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ were sitting quietly. They could have gone away from there and no one would have dared to say a word but they were cooperating very nicely. 

“Mr. Ling the contract clearly said that we will pay you ten thousand Yuan a day, which is a fair price according to the market. You are being unfair to us now. Our advertis.e.m.e.nt is half finished. You cannot go back on your words. Plus a breach of contract will attract penalty from your side,” reasoned the boss of the agency. 

“Aiyoo! You guys have Wu Bosun as your leading hero who must have asked millions and what do I get? Only ten thousand Yuan? You will have to vacate this place now or increase my studio’s rent to thirty thousand Yuan a day.” 

Feng Xinying heard the bawl. She knew that only ten thousand Yuan had been deposited in the studio owner’s account. The rest of the money was supposed to be given after the shooting was complete. 

“Mr. Ling are you sure you want us to leave?” she asked very coolly. 

“Yes, you leave or pay more!” he replied. 

“Fine.” She turned towards the agency boss and said, “Let’s leave. I have already arranged a new location for you all. Pack up.” 

“But Miss Xinying, we have already finished half of the shooting here. Doing it all over again is a pain and a lot of money will be wasted.”

“Why? Can’t you use what you have filmed here? You can use the other location for the second half,” she replied with raised eyebrows. 

“Yes, of course we can,” said the boss with a smile as an idea flashed across his mind. 

The owner became panicky. “You fraud. How dare you cheat an innocent person like me? 

Feng Xinying tuned to him and said, “Read clause number (8 a) of the contract we signed with you. In case of a situation like this, we can dissolve the contract and not pay a single penny to you.” 

“What? There is no such clause,” he shouted. 

Feng Xinying opened a folder and shoved the contract in his face. “Read it.”

Then she turned to the rest of the unit and shouted “Pack up! We cannot waste anymore time here.”

The owner was panicky. Whatever little money he was making was now slipping away. Sweat formed on his forehead. Realizing his mistake he made a 180-degree.

“Madam, I am sorry. This was my fault. Please don’t get angry. I will not interfere in your work now.” 

Feng Xinying was not convinced. She didn’t pay heed to his words and went to Wu Bosun who was sitting wearing a towel wrapped around his shoulders. He was looking very handsome with wet hair. “I am sorry Mr. Bosun. I didn’t know that the filming would be interrupted like this. You can pack up for the day, we will resume tomorrow.”

Wu Bosun smiled at her and said, “Its okay Miss Xinying. Don’t worry.”

Ru s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ looked at Feng Xinying with interest. 


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