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Read Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife Chapter 318 – Any News Of Su Lang?

Sugar And Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife is a web novel completed by MishaK.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Feng Xinying was in the office when Su Haobing called her. She was in a meeting talking to the third party who was working as a mediator for the acquisition. They had looked into the losses of the company and were not very happy with it. They were of the opinion that the company had to spend a lot of money in reviving it. They even measured Feng Xinying’s popularity and rated it at only 5.5 stars, which wasn’t too good. According to them she should wait for the acquisition after the movie was released. 

“Good afternoon, young miss,” he said. 

Feng Xinying left the meeting room and went outside to receive the call. “Uncle! What is the news? How is Su Lang? I am getting worried about him.” 

“He is in a lot of trouble. I think we should pull him out of there now. It is too dangerous. All his movements are monitored closely. Yesterday he went with me to the site of the meeting and he suspects that he was followed,” replied Su Haobing in a nervous tone. 

“Okay, uncle. We can pull him out. We already have the information regarding the venue and it is fine if we take him out from there,” she replied. 

“Thanks young miss. I am scared about my nephew…” 

“No worries,” she replied. 

“Also two days from now, I will be taking refuge in a nearby house. I have somehow convinced them to give a room for rent,” said Su Haobing.

“Do you think you will get a clear shot from there?” she asked still skeptical about it. 

“The shot won’t be as clear, but we have to take our chances young miss. I really want to take revenge for our master Feng Zhantian.” 

Feng Xinying smiled. “Yes, even I want to.” Then she added, “Send me the address of the place where the meeting is going to be held. I want to see with my own eyes, the death of the enemy!” 

Su Haobing smiled at how wicked young miss was, “Yes I will send that soon.” 

Feng Xinying disconnected the call and went inside. When the meeting finished, she left the room and started to go to Xie Yuansheng’s office. While on the way she saw that Lim Chuen was entering the building. He stared at her with hatred. Feng Xinying ignored his stare and once again walked past him. 

She went to Xie Yuansheng’s office and found him to be on a video conference with his overseas office as he was speaking in English. She was pretty tired, so she went and lied on the sofa and within a few minutes, she dozed off. 

The conference got over in another hour. Xie Yuansheng went to the sofa and covered his wife with his coat. He checked the time. It was only 5PM. He thought he would work for another hour and then leave with her. He had to prepare for the meeting that was supposed to be held two days later. 

When Feng Xinying woke up, she found that Xie Yuansheng was carrying her in his arms to the elevator. She circled her arms around his neck and asked, “What time is it Shengu?” 

He kissed her forehead and said, “6PM. Sleep baby. Why did you wake up?”

As soon as they entered the elevator and the doors shut, she kissed him on his lips and said, “I can’t. I am fully awake now.”

Xie Yuansheng kissed her back pa.s.sionately. When the elevator stopped and the door opened, he was still kissing her as he walked out of it. People around who watched the couple only giggled. The CEO was kissing the owner of the company in public. 

In the night after dinner, Feng Xinying received a message from Su Haobing,

[Su Lang is missing.]

Feng Xinying became worried. Xie Yuansheng was in the bathroom brus.h.i.+ng his teeth when the message came. When he came out, he looked at his wife’s nervous face, “What happened Xinying?” he asked in a serious tone. 

She shook her head. “Nothing…” She lied down on the bed and added, “Let us sleep.”

There was another ping on her phone. Su Haobing had sent the address to her. Only a day left for the meeting. She became excited, nervous and anxious. When Xie Yuansheng came and lied with her, she s.h.i.+fted and curled her body in his. He wrapped his arms around her and asked, “Yini, tell me dear. What is it that is bothering you?”

She buried her face in his neck and kissed him there. Closing her eyes, she softly whispered, “Let’s just sleep.” 

Next day in the morning she decided to go with him to the office. Keira had done her due diligence and she was eager to share her report. She wanted to share it with the entire team. Even though things were done in the right way, Feng Xinying was not getting convinced. At the back of her mind, there was something that just didn’t fit nicely. In her dilemma, she ended the meeting. She said that she needed more time, maybe a week before jumping to any conclusion. In the meanwhile everyone should continue working on the project. 

She left the meeting room and once again her mind raced to the next day’s events. It reminded her of Su Haobing. She took the phone and called him. He picked on the first ring. “Any news of Su Lang?” 

“No young miss,” he replied in a sad tone. 

“Hmm… where are you?” 

“I am at the site in the room I had rented.”

“I want to come and see the place now.”

“No, young miss. There is a lot of security around the area. There is not a single woman out here. It is not safe.” 

“In that case how will I come tomorrow?” she asked. 

“Young miss, you shouldn’t come at all. I don’t want to risk your life.” 

“Uncle Su Haobing, I have to see the leader of that organization dying in front of my eyes. So I will come. You leave it to me,” she replied with determination. “Also as soon as you hear from Su Lang, call me. I will pick your phone even if it is in the middle of the night.” 

“Sure, young miss.”

When she disconnected the call, she turned and found Xie Yuansheng looking at her intently. 


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