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Read Summoning the Holy Sword Chapter 1138 – A Message Spanning Over 65 Million Years (1)

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Chapter 1138: A Message Spanning Over 65 Million Years (1)

Upon hearing Mini Bubble Gum’s remark, everyone looked up and followed her gaze. Indeed, there was a fuzzy shadow in the middle of the ice column. As the distance was too far away, Thomas couldn’t see it clearly even with the help of a binoculars. However, this wasn’t a problem for Rhode’s group at all as they quickly spotted the person.

It was a young lady.

She had folded her arms across her chest and closed her eyes as though she were in deep sleep. Her long, light blue hair draped over her shoulders like a pair of wings bundling her entirely. Not only that, but a pitch-black, elegant, and luxurious robe also wrapped around her body. After taking a closer look, one could see a faint blue radiance flickering weakly in front of her in a rhythmic pace like the beatings of a heart. Not only that, but a staff also floated before her. But instead of treating it as a staff, it was more appropriate to see it as a magic wand because it wasn’t as long as a typical staff. On the contrary, it only had the length of a forearm. It was also entirely black which wasn’t conspicuous at all and only Rhode’s group could barely see it. But even so, they sensed a mighty energy exuding from above.

“What a powerful strength.”

At that moment, Erin’s and Lydia’s expressions changed slightly because they detected that the phenomenal energy waves being discharged from the young lady wasn’t anywhere weaker than theirs. Not only that, but the instant they saw the young lady, they also instinctively sensed danger from the bottom of their hearts as though she weren’t just an ordinary young lady at all, but a monster snapping its jaw open and could devour them in one crunch instead!

Who is she?!

“Your Majesty Rhode, please be careful. She is really powerful! And dangerous!”

“I know.”

Upon hearing Lydia’s anxious reminder, Rhode nodded in agreement, at the same time gazing at her and Erin grimly. Frankly, their agitation surprised him. Although he heard from his younger sister that Marybelle was incredibly powerful, he thought that no matter how strong she was, Lydia and Erin could match up against her if they joined hands. But now, they seemed so nervous and it also seemed like women’s instincts were truly accurate. Even though Lydia and Erin didn’t know what the source of energy for Marybelle was, they instinctively detected that she wasn’t one whom they could rival alone, which explained why they were so cautious. However, since Rhode had deduced Marybelle’s true ident.i.ty, he asked cautiously in his mind to confirm his answer.

“Is that her?”

“Yes… Big Brother… She is… Marybelle.”

His younger sister’s voice shook. It could be seen that she was experiencing some complicated emotions. Rhode could empathize with her feelings since Marybelle had left his younger sister for at least 65 million years. It was a long period of time and she was also one of her most important subordinates. Not to mention, the relations.h.i.+p between Marybelle and her was far closer than with other ordinary subordinates. Rhode’s younger sister was the creator, guardian, and leader of the deity wardens. Even though he couldn’t understand her feelings fully, he genuinely and instantly empathized with her intricate feelings through her trembling voice.

But despite the emotions involved, Rhode continued to size up the situation cautiously. Although the ice-sealed young lady seemed to be asleep and could wake up anytime, he couldn’t imagine her having the chance to revive. It was 65,000,000 years, not 6,500 years nor 650 years. Of course, Rhode also had Karin under him who was similar to Marybelle. As one of the Void Dragon’s followers, Karin escaped to the rescue cabin in the face of the disastrous Chaos invasion. But unsure if her luck was horrible or Rhode’s ‘unlucky looting aura’ came into effect, the rescue cabin was damaged and she died in it. In the end, Rhode had to use his ability as a Spirit Swordsman to finally resummon her.

Another similar case was Alice. But in her case, she was already prepared for the situation, so she had separated her soul and body beforehand. However, Marybelle was different. She was sealed in the thick ice layer and what exactly was the reason behind it? No one knew. But Rhode knew that this must be related to some odd reasons. If not, based on the ecosphere of the Cretaceous Period, even all dinosaurs on Earth gathered in one place wouldn’t be able to compete with one finger of Marybelle’s. However, the cruel scenes of battle before they were frozen into ice were clearly showcased to Rhode. This proved that not only did Marybelle and her subjects get into a battle, but they were also thrashed and the enemies had also reached the center and core of this plaza!

So it was either that Earth was entirely a different existence from Rhode’s knowledge, or something must have happened which led to this consequence. And now, it seemed like the latter was much more possible because if it were the former, it wouldn’t make sense at all. Even though the entire situation wasn’t logical anyway, sometimes one still had to consider the power of science, wasn’t it?

At this thought, Rhode focused his attention and strode up the steps of the pyramid.


However, as soon as Rhode’s group stepped onto the stairs, a powerful force emerged out of nowhere and transformed into a strong tornado. The cold, bl.u.s.tering gales held them down like an invisible, gigantic hand, forcing their steps back.

What’s going on?

Rhode puckered his brows and glanced to the sides, while Erin and Lydia grimaced. They clutched their swords and gazed cautiously ahead, anxious that something would rush out of nowhere and attack them. However, the powerful winds simply kept them from advancing and as soon as they stepped away from the pyramid, the winds disappeared completely.

“Try again.”

Rhode said, gesturing to Erin and Lydia. Then, he emanated a glaring spiritual radiance from his body. At the same time, Erin and Lydia also exuded a silver-whitish and golden brilliance respectively. The trio dashed ahead this time, shuttling toward the pyramid in three trails of light like fast-moving meteors.


The instant the trio entered the pyramid, the violent tornado erupted again, spiraling around the edge of the pyramid like a devoted guard keeping everything out. But facing this extent of wind, the trio weren’t fazed at all. They exchanged looks with one another and brandished their blades forward. The powerful and razor-sharp blade airflows broke apart the tornado that had engulfed the entire pyramid!

Just one more step and they could pa.s.s through this obstacle.



As soon as the tornado was split apart, an even stronger tempest burst out ahead of them. All of a sudden, the trio felt the air around them being pressured and deformed. Then, they felt their bodies flying backward uncontrollably as though being struck by an invisible hammer. Fortunately, they were experienced and calm, somersaulting and turning over quickly to eliminate the powerful force, before standing firmly on the ground. But this time, they looked at one another again and found terror in their eyes!

Putting aside Rhode, Erin’s and Lydia’s strength definitely couldn’t be resisted by some unworthy wind element. It could also be said that even if the wind elemental lord were to show up, the wind elemental lord would be considered capable if he or she could cut off a strand of their hair as they stood on the spot without retaliating. But that attack earlier almost dealt damage to them!

It wasn’t meant to say how fragile the moon princess and archangel were that they couldn’t take a single damage. It was just that there were really not many people who could hurt themt. Moreover, Erin, Lydia, and Rhode gave their all-out attacks just now. If they were in the outside world, their attacks would be enough to rip through an international metropolis and result in three boundless abyss beneath the surface. But here, their attacks finally slashed a crack and yet, they were almost hurt by the retaliation?

“Seems like we need another plan.”

Compared to the startled Erin and Lydia, Rhode was apparently much calmer. After all, he had already learned about Marybelle’s abilities from his younger sister. Since Marybelle was able to create an ice-crystal layer that not even Lydia could break, it wasn’t surprising that she could create another barrier that prohibited anyone from entering. That was just how G.o.dlike Marybelle’s abilities were. So what other solutions could he possibly come up with?

“Do you have any solutions?”

Waving his hand to get the two young ladies to wait temporarily, Rhode knitted his brows and asked inwardly. Upon hearing his question, his younger sister hesitated for a few moments and said.

“I’m not too sure, Big Brother. If Marybelle wants to refuse anyone, perhaps we can’t do anything about it. But I think there is still a chance because Marybelle is a cautious person. Before she does anything, she will carefully set up everything and never take a risk in anything. That is why I think the possibilities of her making the decision to ‘refuse all contact’ aren’t high. So…” The younger sister paused before speaking in an awkward tone: “Big Brother, you can try using your spiritual powers to communicate with her. As you and I have fused together, your spiritual powers contain the aura of the Void Dragon. I suppose if nothing goes wrong, Marybelle should be able to detect your presence. Through this way… we may have a chance of entering.”


Upon hearing her response, Rhode pondered for a few moments. As a matter of fact, he didn’t have any better solutions. After all, he had witnessed Marybelle’s strength earlier. Not only that, but they also fought the crystal spiders and the ice layer wasn’t scratched at all. This went to show that unless Rhode returned to the Dragon Soul Continent and retrieved his dragon essence, nothing good would end up from going head-on with Marybelle. Moreover, Rhode was also concerned about the consequences of him getting into contact with that young lady. After all, it was highly likely that the situation was related to the creatures for her to seal off this place in ice. If he accidentally startled her… only G.o.d knew what would happen.

At this thought, Rhode extended his arm and closed his hand into a fist. As expected, along with this action, the violent whirlwind emerged to stop his path immediately. But this time, Rhode didn’t barge through it. Instead, he emanated a dazzling spiritual radiance which coalesced into an illusory dragon symbol in his hand. That was the symbol of the Void Dragon.


As soon as the symbol appeared, the whistling whirlwind around the pyramid exuded a white mist all of a sudden, wrapping the entire structure as well as the ice column like a substance. In an instant, everyone’s vision was covered by white mist. This sudden change in situation put them on alert as they stared ahead anxiously, afraid that monsters would jump out of nowhere. However, what everyone didn’t expect was that almost at the same time, the mist in front of them split apart to reveal an opening. As soon as they heard the breaking of a sound barrier, Rhode was sucked into the mist immediately. Then, the mist quickly merged and wrapped around the entire pyramid again.

This scene took everyone by surprise. Lydia’s and Erin’s reactions were quick, while Canary and Mini Bubble Gum weren’t slow either. As soon as Rhode disappeared, Lydia and Erin brandished their swords at the white mist with all their might. Canary raised her arm quickly and released blazing flames that transformed into a fire serpent and pounced on the mist wildly. Mini Bubble Gum hurled a punch forward at the white mist, her fist flickering in dazzling radiance.

However, their attacks were useless, not even after they used all their strength in this a.s.sault. When Lydia tried to follow up with another attack, the formidable whirlwind pushed her back again and didn’t seem to intend to let her through at all. It was apparent that the road ahead was blocked yet again.

On the other hand, when Erin wanted to give it another shot, Canary went up and stopped her.

“It’s fine, Your Highness Erin. Rhode has contacted us and said he is safe. I suppose we can wait here for a little while.”

“Okay then.”

Upon hearing Canary’s words, Erin didn’t feel too surprised. She nodded in affirmation, withdrew her sword, and strolled to the side to close her eyes and rest. However, she didn’t notice the other Canary gazing at the scene with complicated emotions.

The true Canary wasn’t as adventurous as Mini Bubble Gum. Frankly speaking, the heavy blow from losing her child sent her spiraling into an unprecedentedly lowest ebb. She lost her child and also her courage. In fact, she had no intention of leaving with Mini Bubble Gum, especially after meeting her projection. She felt like she didn’t have the need to be with Rhode anymore. Even though that was only a projection of herself, she felt like she had successfully left the most perfect impression of her in Rhode’s memories and that was more than enough. She didn’t look forward to adventures and wasn’t as compet.i.tive as Mini Bubble Gum. She felt like her projection could do a much better job accompanying Rhode than she could. In this case, she didn’t need to do anything more. As long as she left this place, searched for faraway land that no one knew, and lived alone until she died, that would be enough.

But after hearing what her projection said earlier, Canary felt unconvinced deep down in her heart because she was really worried about Rhode when he disappeared. But she wasn’t as powerful as her projection and couldn’t communicate with him spiritually. And now, since they were all here, why didn’t she possess such an ability? This was the first time Canary began to reconsider an answer that she had decided a long time ago. Was she really going to leave this place?

But at that moment, Rhode wasn’t aware of her feelings as he was sauntering in the dense mist.

His younger sister mentioned that Marybelle was a meticulous person and it was only now when Rhode realized just how careful she truly was. He also felt like the powerful gales hovering outside the mist was being separated and removed rapidly by the radiance emanating from the Void Dragon symbol in his hand as though it were watching and observing him. Even though he came into contact with the other deity wardens, he had to admit that this Presence Deity Warden was indeed really meticulous. But after considering her abilities, the entire Dragon Soul Continent would be in chaos if she were a careless person. Without precise thoughts, it would be impossible to verify what should and shouldn’t exist.

However, Rhode wasn’t worried. He sauntered forward as he knew that since she allowed him in, she must be ready in all areas. And indeed, after a few moments, the mist before him rolled away and retreated, turning into a considerably wide s.p.a.ce. Then, an illusory human figure appeared.

She was the Presence Deity Warden, Marybelle.


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