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Read Summoning the Holy Sword Chapter 851 – Awakening

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Read WebNovel Summoning the Holy Sword Chapter 851 – Awakening

Chapter 851: Awakening

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Are you sure, Master?”

Celestina hugged her arms and gazed at the red sword stuck into the ground with obvious fear in her eyes. After the battle ended, Rhode didn’t instantly return to the Land of Atonement using the teleportation door. Instead, he returned to the underground fortress with the Bow Knights. Although his “purpose” was to investigate the Chaos Beings, there was also another important matter—grinding EXP.

Although he couldn’t repeatedly train in dungeons just like in the game, it was entirely different here. The battle in the afternoon had raised his EXP bar to almost half and he could level up if he attempted it again. Moreover, the sp.a.w.n of the devils was endless, which was the best source of EXP for him right now.

General Kaplan didn’t comment on his return. On the other hand, the presence of the Bow Knights caused an uproar in the fortress. Not to mention that they were tough and powerful, their youthful, attractive appearances as 18 years old young ladies instantly caught the attention of the soldiers. General Kaplan had no choice but to order his soldiers repeatedly to not hara.s.s the Elf young ladies. Although General Kaplan wasn’t concerned that the soldiers would act brazenly, the problem was that he wasn’t aware of the Elves’ true background. The only thing he was sure was that the Munn Kingdom definitely didn’t possess such a ma.s.sive and powerful army of Elves. If the Elves truly came from the Country of Law, it would be terrible if a ‘diplomatic dispute’ were to occur due to the rudeness of his soldiers. Therefore, not only did General Kaplan prepare the best rooms in the fortress for them, but he also provided Rhode and the others a quiet resting venue.

After General Kaplan ordered the soldiers to free up s.p.a.ce for Rhode’s group, the soldiers pa.s.sionately cleaned up the area and rooms—what simple young men they were.

However, Rhode wasn’t concerned about such matters. After expressing his grat.i.tude to the general, he dismissed the Bow Knights before returning to his room to deal with the new holy sword spirit. Of course, like in the past, he had to hear the opinions from the other holy sword spirits after turning the newcomer into a card. But this time…

“I also think that… you should seriously reconsider, Master.”

Apart from Celestina who was obviously frightened and worried, Celia was also surprisingly hesitant and concerned. She gazed anxiously at the huge red sword while clutching the hem of her battle skirt so tightly that her knuckles turned rather pale.

“I admit that Sister s.h.i.+ra is one of the most powerful among us. But her personality is too difficult to grasp. I think… that… if you awaken Sister s.h.i.+ra… she… I think that it is best that you should wait for a safer time.”

“Is it really that bad?”

Rhode gazed at Celia in astonishment before s.h.i.+fting his gaze to the ashen Celestina who nodded firmly. The demon young lady couldn’t help but touch her pitch-black wings while recalling horrible memories. Rhode didn’t expect that Celia would also reject his idea… This was truly strange. He turned to Gracier and Madaras at this thought, but they didn’t respond apart from exchanging glances with each other. Do you two not object or support my decision?

This was an equally rare reaction from them.

Rhode knitted his brows as he understood their concerns. After all, the overwhelming desire for murder and destruction terrified him when he first held the sword. But he still believed that she actually wasn’t that scary. No matter what, she was one of the holy sword cards and besides, he needed such a powerful force on his side.

“I think that Celia is right, Master. No matter what, I think you’re better off putting her away for now and waitting for Third Big Sister’s return first. With Third Big Sister around, Sister s.h.i.+ra won’t behave too violently. But if you do it now…”


Rhode shook his head determinedly and interrupted. Then, he looked silently at the red sword.

“I know what you girls are worried about, but I’ve made up my mind. No matter what, you’re still my summoning spirits. I, as the Master, have to take up this responsibility. Indeed, perhaps it will be best if I take Celestina’s advice, but that means that I’m avoiding my responsibilities. If my summoning spirits choose not to obey because of my incompetence. Then, it makes no sense to me.”

Rhode gazed at the four holy sword spirits.

“Isn’t it?”

“… I respect your judgment, Master.”

Celia bowed solemnly. On the other hand, Celestina crossed her arms, shrugged, and let out a helpless sigh.

“Forget it. Although this is a stupid choice, I still admire your courage, Master. Since you’ve made up your mind, I have nothing to comment.”


Gracier and Madaras retained their silence. Although they didn’t speak, their thoughts were apparent from their nods and smiles. Indeed, just as Rhode said, he was the true owner of the holy sword cards. Perhaps the other holy sword spirits were afraid of this spirit named s.h.i.+ra, but he couldn’t behave like them. If he couldn’t rely on himself to earn recognition from this holy sword spirit, it would be meaningless.

Rhode placed his palm on the red sword blade. Then, the system prompt emerged.

[Detected a resonance reaction. Confirm to awaken?]


Rhode answered inwardly—the huge red blade emanated a bright scarlet radiance while a b.l.o.o.d.y scent suddenly exuded the entire room. The steel chains hanging down from the hilt trembled, extended in length, and twirled around the blade. Shortly after, a red whirlwind rose from the ground with the sword in the center. The blade shone brighter and finally, the glaring brilliance blinded the room and everyone’s vision.

Seconds after the brilliance and whirlwind dispersed, a pet.i.te figure emerged before them.

Although the pet.i.te figure was shorter than Celestina, the latter immediately curled up and looked at the young lady in fear. Swis.h.!.+ Celestina quickly shrunk her wings—as though a conditioned reflex.

She was thin, and even rather malnourished, wrapped entirely in a black robe. However, what startled Rhode was the two steel chains that were as wide as thumbs penetrating her shoulder blades and bound around her body. On her back was a blunt large sword and her tattered dark dress that was full of holes proved that she had been through countless battles. But even so, the young lady lifted her head and traces of scarlet radiance flashed in her deep blue pupils.

“Hahaha… Are you my master?”

She spoke with a cold, irascible, and crazy voice while glaring at Rhode in silence. She widened her broken jaw and her rather pretty and elegant-looking face twisted all of a sudden, revealing her snowy teeth and a smile of madness. She tilted her head to the side while continuing to stare at him. The temperature in the room dropped drastically.

“Well, if you acknowledge me.”

Rhode said and swept a glance at the four holy sword spirits. Gracier and Madaras didn’t behave strangely, but Celia had gripped the hem of her battle skirt uncomfortably. On the other hand, Celestina had the biggest reaction. She cowered at the wall and curled up with her hands over her head as though praying that everyone would ignore her presence.

“You want me to acknowledge you? Sure… Hahaha…”

The young lady let out an ice-cold laughter and shook her head left and right as though she took too many drugs.

“Ah… You’re a human, right… I can consider acknowledging you as my master if you can bring me more pain… All right then, let me feel it…”

Suddenly, the ice-cold, pitch-black steel chains shot out from her and sealed the entire room.

“… Let me see how much pain you can bring me… Hahaha… Master…”


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