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Read Summoning the Holy Sword Chapter 943 – We Still Don’t Know What Happened That Night (3)

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Chapter 943: We Still Don’t Know What Happened That Night (3)

“… Rhode… is busy…?”

Christie tilted her head, gazing at Agatha. The latter nodded slightly, placing her ‘hands’ before her and bowed deeply.

“Yes, Madam Christie, Sir Rhode has something on tonight. If it is possible, please don’t disturb him.”


Christie knitted her brows in slight dissatisfaction. She had thought of listening to him talking about interesting stories and spending the night with him as she enjoyed that a lot. Although it didn’t seem like it, Rhode’s physique was in fact really strong. Even though he wasn’t a bodybuilder with packed muscles, he set off a mysterious and reliable vibe to her. Whenever Christie lay in his embrace, she would feel safe and secure as though her flesh and soul had found a peaceful haven. Rhode didn’t know that she treated those times as her ‘reward’. Whenever she saw results in her hard work, she would want to spend time hearing some amusing stories before falling asleep in his safe embrace.

She had initially thought of doing so but… it seemed like her wish couldn’t be fulfilled. She let out a short sigh before clearing her thoughts and smiling at Bell, who displayed a dubious expression.

“Alright then, let’s head back.”

“Please be careful on your way back. Have a good night.”

Agatha lifted her head after Christie and Bell disappeared at the end of the corridor. She turned around, gazed at the tightly shut door at the other end of the corridor, and continued with her It was also part of her duties to shelter her master from wind and rain.

At this moment, the ‘battle’ was still on-going behind the closed door.

“Ah… This is too thrilling, Leader…!”

The pet.i.te young lady had her back facing Rhode as he thrust his hips forward. The bed squeaked constantly while the room was overflowing in an incomparably fervent and l.u.s.tful atmosphere. He grabbed her chest while pinching her sensitive points. This was their second battle of the night. After the painful sore from the first battle subsided, Bubble was immediately indulged in the thrill.

Below both of them was the naked Angelina, who only had her white, sling stocking on, licking the area of connection between Rhode and Bubble. Upon sensing this thrill, it turned Bubble on even more.

“Yes… Yes… Leader… I’m coming! A-Again…!”

Bubble squealed in comfort and her head was spinning. She spread her legs apart, lifted her slender waist, and waited for the arrival of the peak sensation. Upon realizing her response, Rhode immediately launched his hip forward as hard as he could and released an explosion of warm desire.

“Bubble… Argh…!”

The powerful eruption of warm liquid blasted inside her and splashed onto the sheets. Both of them separated and Bubble was as though a powerless robot laying on the bed with Angelina in her arms. Her eyes were half-shut as she bathed in the pleasure. Rhode took in deep breaths and sat on the bed. Almost everyone, including Bubble, had at least one vicious battle with him and they all had different reactions. Lapis was currently in a half-conscious state and was s.h.i.+vering. However, it wasn’t from the thrilling pleasure from before. Instead, it was because Anne was nibbling and licking her pointy ear.

“Mmm… It’s so fun, Lapis. Was it comfortable?”

Anne roamed her hands around Lapis and the sensitive latter groaned loudly as though begging for forgiveness. However, she couldn’t resist in her half-conscious state at all.

Judging from another perspective, it was actually reasonable that Lize and Marlene weren’t willing to mix around with Anne in bed because their strength as spell casters could never match Anne’s as a s.h.i.+eld Warrior. However, they weren’t coping well on their own either. Lize was covered in white, viscous liquid as she moaned softly on the bed. On the other hand, Canary had just started a second battle with Marlene.

“Woah… This is Rhode’s scent… What a strong smell… Little Marlene, you’ve taken in a lot, huh…”

“D-Don’t lick there…! It’s filthy! No…!”

Canary positioned herself between Marlene’s legs and gently licked off the aftermath of her battle with Rhode. Marlene had completely lost her usual calmness, and now, she was as though a child who couldn’t escape Canary’s grasp. Marlene’s begging for forgiveness slowly turned into inconsistent moans, signifying the end of her struggles.

“Master, it’s still not over yet, okay?”

At this moment, Gillian approached Rhode with a cheeky smile.

“Let me catch my breath first.”

Rhode let out a bitter laugh. His mental strength had been enhanced with his dragon soul attributes, but the problem was that these young ladies weren’t only blow-up dolls who he could toss aside after having his fun. In order to ensure that his precious harem lived in joy and harmony, he had to satisfy everyone to the best of his ability.

But since this was the case, it was also a huge challenge for him. It was as though he had to play a variety of games while ensuring that he cleared them with an SSS grade. Even though he would be delighted in the results, he still had to take a break on a mental level.

“Oh… Is that so?”

Gillian narrowed her eyes slyly and revealed an alluring smile. Unlike the other young ladies, she didn’t remove her clothes. Instead, she wore a wide, robe-like costume that revealed her fair shoulders and proud, ample chest. Not only that, but her slender legs were also teasing from underneath the robe. She walked up to him and extended her leg wrapped in a white, silky sock to tease his manhood.

“… Everyone has their own style of play, isn’t it? Master, I suppose you don’t hate this… Yes, it seems like I’ve gotten my answer.”

Gillian smirked at the sight of the solidifying object and licked her lips. At this moment, this fascinating young lady seemed even more enticing than usual. She pushed and held him down on the bed like a hungry tigress.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, Master. Really, I should have been your first experience, but it seems like I’m the first from the end… Forget it. Since that’s the case, I shall emerge as the BOSS and deal the final blow to you.”

She stroked her fingers across his chest, at the same time rubbing her hips against his mighty ‘holy sword’. She stooped over and stuck her large, ample chest closely to his before holding his cheek and gazing at him silently. Rhode wasn’t sure if this was an illusion because this was the first time that he actually witnessed an unprecedented tenderness in her eyes.

“Finally… This moment has arrived.”


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