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Read Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 581 – Transfer and Promotion Rumors

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Read WebNovel Super Detective in the Fictional World Chapter 581 – Transfer and Promotion Rumors

Chapter 581 Transfer and Promotion Rumors

Luke didn’t think too much about it. After making that remark, he drove on and soon reached the front of a large building.

Looking at the name of the company on the building, Selina was dazed. “Why are we here?”

“To find someone and give them something,” Luke replied casually as he stopped the car next to a parking meter on the side of the road. He paid for parking before they went to the building entrance.

He didn’t enter the building, but showed his badge to a security guard at the entrance. “I would like to speak to Supervisor Happy about something. Can you help me let him know?” The security guard frowned. “Officer, you can make an appointment at the front desk.”

It was very hard to directly contact Tony Stark.

Happy was the person responsible for Tony Stark’s safety. Many people wanted to get in touch with Tony Stark through him, so it wasn’t easy to contact him either.

Luke shrugged. “I’m here about what happened at the expo last time. You just need to give Supervisor Happy my name.”

The security guard frowned. The attack at the industrial park had been a huge deal. While the media never said that Stark Industries was incompetent, their neutral reports were already a slap to Stark Industries’ face, and Stark Industries’ security team had been questioned too. Now that Luke had mentioned the attack, the security guard didn’t dare directly chase them away.

He said something to his partner, before he said to Luke, “Wait a moment.”

He then went to the side and spoke into his walkie-talkie for a while.

He waited a moment, and then said something into his walkie-talkie again. After that, he ended the communication and returned. “Supervisor Happy will be down in a minute. Please wait a moment.”

Luke nodded with a smile. “Thank you.” A few minutes later, the burly Happy appeared at the entrance.

He was a lot friendlier this time when he saw Luke and Selina. “Detective Luke, Detective Selina, what can I do for you?”

Luke gestured to him, and they all went to his parked car, before he finally said, “I have something that I need to show to Mr. Stark, but I don’t have a way to contact him, and I don’t want anybody else to deliver it for me, which is why I’ve come to you.”

Happy frowned. “What is it?” Luke shook his head. “You can give it to Mr. Stark after examining it yourself, but please make sure that n.o.body else knows about it.”

Happy wanted to say something else, but they reached Luke’s car by then.

Luke opened the trunk and revealed two silver gray boxes. He took them out and gave them to Happy. “You should only open them in a lab with no signal interference – something isn’t right with the items inside these boxes.”

Happy rolled his eyes. You’re giving them to me when you know there’s something wrong with them?

But Stark Industries wasn’t some charity organization. They had dealt with too many questionable items, so these things weren’t a big deal.

Happy wasn’t too wary of Luke. After all, this young man had met Stark several times and had saved them just recently.

At Stark’s instruction, Happy had investigated Luke and knew every detail about his background. There was nothing suspicious about Luke except for his slightly unbelievable combat ability.

That was the end of their conversation.

Luke didn’t even give Happy his number. In any case, it would be a piece of cake for Stark to contact him if he wanted to.

After watching Happy enter the building, Luke and Selina got into their car, and Selina asked, “What’s in the boxes?”

Luke thought for a moment before he answered, “A gift from someone else. Stark will help me study it first.”

Hearing that, Selina didn’t ask any more questions.

The moment she heard “study,” her head hurt.

Dollar shuddered hard in the backseat. Lately, a certain dog head had become very sensitive about the word “study.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Enough, I’ll make something good to eat when we get home.”

The other two fellows in the car immediately lit up with eagerness.

Since L.A.’s judicial system was overtaxed recently, Luke had no qualms about slacking off.

Even the hoodlums on the streets had decreased; with the state of public security recently, there really wasn’t any need to work so hard.

After getting home, Selina went off to train. Dollar hesitated for a moment, before it left with her, since Luke had made it clear that it was still too early for lunch.

As he was cooking, Luke listened to the local news on his tablet.

“… There’s been a murder at a playground on the east side of Los Angeles. The three victims were hung on the ferris wheel last night, and are suspected to be gang members. This may be another gang fight. This year, gang fights in the area have reached…”

Luke glanced at the image and didn’t think much of it

Three men hanging from a ferris wheel wasn’t a big deal; it wouldn’t even have been surprising if these gangsters had been burnt alive by their enemies.

Black Bones, the gang which Luke and Wade the Best Hitman had wiped out together, was a “s.h.i.+ning” representative of such ruthless acts.

But it didn’t seem that anybody had ever used a ferris wheel to hang people, right? After thinking about it, Luke shook his head and dropped it.

There were too many bizarre cases in Los Angeles for him to take note of.

At three in the afternoon, Elsa suddenly called him. “Luke, boss is coming to your afternoon dinner too.”

Luke was stunned, but didn’t hesitate to say, “That’s great. He’s welcome to join us.”

Elsa: “Well, there’s something important he wants to talk to you about. You… need to think about it carefully.”

After a brief silence, Luke replied, “Got it, thanks.”

An hour later, Dustin and Elsa drove into the compound one after another.

After he got out of the car, Dustin looked at the house before him and mumbled, “I knew this guy was living comfortably, but I didn’t know it was this comfortable.”

Elsa wasn’t surprised at all. She greeted Selina, who opened the door for them, and said, “Take a look at the backyard first – you haven’t seen anything yet.”

When they arrived at the backyard, Dustin was rendered completely speechless by the blue sky, the white clouds and the green gra.s.s that opened up before him.

He knew that Luke was rich, and that Luke’s house was located in a middle-cla.s.s neighborhood.

Only after seeing it with his own eyes today did he know exactly how luxurious it was. He was instantly 10% less confident about a certain matter.Next to the grill, Luke greeted them with a smile.

They were too familiar with each other to trade formalities, and simply sat down.

Dustin waved at Selina, who was getting them drinks. “You come here as well. This thing involves you too.”

Selina handed out the drinks, and when Dustin drank his iced guaraná, he sighed with satisfaction. “I’m here because I need to ask your opinion on something.”

Both Luke and Selina listened silently.

“Director Brad will likely be moving to another position,” said Dustin.

Luke and Selina looked at each other. Elsa drank her juice leisurely; clearly, she already knew about it.

Dustin was silent for a moment, as if waiting for Luke and Selina to digest the astonis.h.i.+ng news, before he threw out something even more serious. “He may be transferred to another city.”


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