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Read Super Gene Chapter 2124 – Killing Bugs

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Chapter 2124 Killing Bugs

“Dollar, you can still tear up your paper and forfeit. It’d be a crying shame if you were to be suddenly killed, don’t you think?” Kun’s sarcastic tone echoed beneath the boughs of the forest ceiling.

“Yeah, but I can end this fight by simply killing you. That works, too,” Han Sen replied calmly.

“Haha! That depends on whether or not you are able to find me first. Can you?” Kun laughed once again.

Han Sen tried to listen carefully to her voice, but try as he might, he could not pinpoint the source.

Han Sen quietly used his Dongxuan Aura to scan the vicinity, but there was no sign of Kun anywhere. It actually made him frown. His Dongxuan Aura could scan an entire kilometer radius, but he wasn’t picking up a trace of Kun. That had to mean Kun was a kilometer away from him, at the very least.

“She’s not here, and yet she seems to be able to see everything,” Han Sen thought to himself. He looked around at the small bugs and said, “Your real body isn’t here, is it? You’re probably watching me out of the eyes of these bugs. Is that right?”

“So what if I am?” Kun didn’t sound happy about Han Sen’s deduction.

“It looks like I’m going to have to destroy your eyes,” Han Sen said.

“Destroy my eyes?” Kun sounded as if she had heard something amusing. She laughed and said, “Every one of these bugs is a set of eyes for me. You can’t even see them, so how do you expect to be able to destroy them all?”

The audience was in agreement with Kun. The bugs were all far too small to be seen, and exhausting more power in killing them would only drain Dollar’s energy even faster. That course of action didn’t seem likely to help.

These bugs are really quite scary. I am afraid she might be thousands of kilometers away. Those bugs have totally got Dollar in their grasp.”

“A power that can shrink mighty things into a reduced size is often overlooked. It really can be a difficult power to deal with, and it makes Kun a fearsome woman. I bet Kun will become famous after this.”

“I cannot believe a power like this can be as effective as what we are seeing. Compared to the fight between Dragon Eight and Dollar, Kun is on another level of extremity. Perhaps her body isn’t as strong as Dragon Eight and Dollar’s, but she could render either of them powerless.”

“Of course! Any Marquise partic.i.p.ating in the geno rank fights is powerful.”

The audience were all of a similar mindset right now, and they were all thinking the same thing. They envisioned themselves as Dollar and tried to imagine how they might make it out of the predicament he was currently in. That being said, no one thought that they had a sound solution.

Kun had vacated the immediate battleground, leaving Han Sen under the forest canopy with the bugs.

Of course, Han Sen couldn’t see those small bugs, and he had no clue when they might try to attack him. So, all he could do was keep the high-temperature fires going. But doing so was a constant drain on his power, and he knew that he couldn’t last forever like that. And without being able to spot Kun, there was no chance of him actually winning.

Even Clear Sea King and King Rosa couldn’t think of a way in which he might turn the tables.

It would have been brilliant if Dollar had King powers. The powers of a King could annihilate an entire forest, with all the bugs being incinerated in the process. They’d no longer be a threat.

But Han Sen was just a Marquise. He didn’t have the energy to perform grand area-of-effect spells. Even if the fire could stretch to encompa.s.s the entire forest, it wouldn’t be strong enough to eliminate the bugs within.

The bugs were very small, but that did not mean they were very weak. After all, the bugs were the creation of another Marquise. Killing them would require the powers of a Marquise.

While everyone wondered how Dollar might sort out this situation, the fires that enveloped him were suddenly extinguished. Streams of smoke curled around him, leaving him exposed to the insect without any protection.

“Haha! Giving up already? If you’re throwing in the towel, then I’ll do you a favor and give you a second to tear up the paper for a proper forfeit.” Kun’s derisive cackle echoed throughout the entire forest.

“Didn’t I tell you I was going to destroy all of your eyes?” Han Sen asked in feigned confusion.

“Huh? Even facing the prospect of death, you’re stubborn enough to spew so much c.r.a.p.” Kun summoned a horde of small bugs and sent them towards Han Sen.

Those bugs were extremely small, and what’s more, they were completely silent. Not even a Duke could detect them. Han Sen had saved a lot of energy when he gave up the protection of the fire, but it also put him in a lot of danger.

Yun Suyi frowned and said, “What does Dollar want to do this time? Is he going to use his armor to block the bugs? No matter how fine its crafting is, there will always be a seam. Those bugs will wiggle their way in and attack through any joint or crevice.”

“He is not planning to block the bugs with the armor he wears,” said a voice behind them. It belonged to Lone Bamboo. “Brother Lone Bamboo!” The Yun sisters and Thousand Feather Crane stood up and bowed to him.

Lone Bamboo just gestured for them to sit, and he joined them as they did.

“Brother Lone Bamboo, you said Dollar isn’t planning on using his armor to keep the bugs away. But he cannot see the bugs, so how will he know when they’re near him? How do you keep out something like that?” Yun Suyi asked with much curiosity.

“Who said he cannot see the bugs?” Lone Bamboo asked simply.

Yun Suyi and the others all fell silent. Before they could react, Dollar stood up.


Han Sen raised his hand and flicked his finger while he was still airborne.

A number of coins appeared, scattershotting the area like rain. When every coin fell, there was a pat noise to accompany it. It sounded as if each and every one of them had crushed something.

After a minute, the observers recognized the noise. It sounded like the exoskeletons of tiny insects being crunched. “Impossible! How can you see…” Before Kun could finish her question, her voice cut off.

Her real body was not there, and she had been speaking through the bugs the entire time. The rain of coins had destroyed every bug, so she could no longer speak.

The audience was stunned.

It wasn’t just because Han Sen could see and kill those bugs; what surprised them the most was the simple fact he could use that many coins at once. That meant Coin doubled as an area-of-effect attack. It was a scary thing to consider.

“How is he able to see those small bugs? Even ordinary Dukes cannot see them without eyesight talent. They would most certainly need to practice eye skills and techniques. Has he focused on developing his eyes?” Hai’er had been watching the fight, full of confidence the entire time. Her smugness was quickly brought to an end by this revelation.

Han Sen’s Dongxuan Aura could trace the presence of any nearby substance. While the bugs might have been too small to see with the naked eye, the Dongxuan Aura made their presence obvious. They could not escape Han Sen’s notice.


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