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Chapter 2277 One in a Billion Chance

The h.e.l.l Ghosts on both sides stared coldly at Han Sen and the blood kirin. They were like a crowd gathered to watch a funeral procession. It didn’t seem as if they wished to do anything to stop the intruders, though.

As Han Sen continued to walk, he thought about his situation. “Those who are outside of this bridge can see what is actually going on, so the h.e.l.l Ghosts really are just statues. They only appear to be alive because I am on the bridge. It could be just a feeling or the adverse effect of some type of power that gives them the appearance of life. The h.e.l.l Ghosts aren’t attacking us, but they might be configured to release power of some sort.”

“If this line of thinking is correct, then how did Yisha end up in the clutches of that menacing statue? Does that mean there is one h.e.l.l Ghost statue that is actually a living being?” Han Sen wondered.

He and the blood kirin continued to walk across the bridge. The purple stain in their skin deepened as they went, but the way ahead of them was still clear. The purple jade bridge reached on without an end in sight.

That purple air didn’t seem to be affecting their bodies, but it made Han Sen rather worried all the same.

“These purple airs might be part of a process to build up power. The more that is gathered, the stronger the inevitable explosion would be,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Because the jade bridge’s length had been extended by the distorted dimension, Han Sen rode the blood kirin as it sprinted at top speed for over a hundred hours. Only then did they finally see the middle of the bridge coming up.

Just as it had appeared on the outside, Yisha had been grabbed by a giant, evil h.e.l.l Ghost. The sight was quite different now that Han Sen was standing on the bridge, though. The giant h.e.l.l Ghost wasn’t a statue in this place. It was an actual creature.

It had purple skin and wings, and its head had a pair of purple horns that looked like bull horns. Its body was like a wild monkey. It gripped Yisha tightly, and its eyes were s.h.i.+ning with purple light.

“Queen!” Han Sen shouted at Yisha as he rode closer to her on the blood kirin.

When Han Sen had called to her from outside the bridge, Yisha had been unable to hear him. Now that they were in the same dimension, Han Sen thought he might be able to get her attention.

Yisha slowly started to open her eyes. She rolled her head over to look at Han Sen, but it was clearly a struggle in her weakened state.

As she saw Han Sen coming across the bridge, Yisha’s expression became strange. She stared at him for a while, as if she was trying to determine whether Han Sen was real or just a delirious fantasy.

“My Queen, are you okay?” Han Sen shouted as he came toward her.

The statue that held Yisha didn’t behave as if it had heard Han Sen. It just continued to hold Yisha as if it hadn’t noticed Han Sen and the blood kirin.

“Why are you here?” Yisha whispered. Han Sen could tell that she could barely summon the strength to speak.

“It’s a long story; we can talk about it later. But tell me: how can I help you?” Han Sen asked.

Yisha shook her head. “You should find a way to save yourself. Your body has collected a lot of that h.e.l.lish air. If you don’t leave, the h.e.l.l Ghost will soon see you. And when that happens, it will be too late for you to run. Get off of this h.e.l.l bridge, and you might find a way to survive.”

“You selected the h.e.l.l bridge for a specific reason, yes?” Han Sen asked. It didn’t look as if he intended to leave anytime soon.

“Do not waste time talking to me about this. Get lost!” Yisha scolded him with a frown.

“I’m not the only one here. There is a deified elite waiting for me, and she is my enemy. Even if I do make it out of here, I’m just going to end up dead,” Han Sen said with a shrug.

Yisha looked surprised. She quietly said, “You are a magnet for trouble. Whatever, then. Since you are here, let’s try something out. Maybe we can both live through this.”

“My lady! You have a way to get out of here?” Han Sen asked.

Yisha smiled and said, “I selected the h.e.l.l bridge so I could use the h.e.l.l power to activate my Rebate elder blood. That way, I could become deified. But I failed. Since you are here, perhaps you can help me try again. The success rate is low, but it is certainly worth a try.”

“How do I help?” Han Sen quickly asked.

Yisha took a deep breath and slowly said, “I told you before: our Rebate elder used to be a servant for an important person amongst the Extreme King. That man was called h.e.l.l King. He had a h.e.l.l G.o.d Body, and it possessed an intense h.e.l.l power.”

Yisha began coughing and had to take a deep breath before continuing her speech. “Because he treated our elder very nicely, h.e.l.l King put some of his h.e.l.l King blood into her body. So, that way, our elder could one day become deified and create Teeth power. It was all because of h.e.l.l King’s blood.”

“Regrettably, the h.e.l.l King blood I possess is too weak. The Rebate elder was given a powerful gift, but she didn’t possess the blood naturally. When it was pa.s.sed from child to child, it became weaker with every generation. After so many years have pa.s.sed, the h.e.l.l King blood is so light that it might not even exist anymore. I wanted to use the h.e.l.l power to activate the h.e.l.l King blood, but it proved to be too difficult. Either that, or the blood has vanished completely.”

Yisha looked at Han Sen. “But now, even though this is a one in a billion chance, we have to take it. However, I have no power, and so I will have to make use of your power. If it doesn’t work, you and I will die here together. If you don’t want to take this risk, you should leave now while there is still time.”

“How can I help you?” Han Sen repeated.

If Han Sen didn’t save Yisha, it wouldn’t matter if he made it to the other side of the h.e.l.l bridge alive. Fox Queen would be waiting.

If he was able to help Yisha become deified, things might turn out differently. Yisha was his teacher. If he saved her, Yisha would probably help him get the Sacred Leader’s legacy treasure.

And with a deified elite next to him, he would no longer have to fear Fox Queen.

Yisha sighed. She looked at the h.e.l.l Ghost that had grabbed her and told Han Sen, “This ghost statue is the key to this entire h.e.l.l bridge. All the power of the h.e.l.l bridge stems from this. If I can get its blood, perhaps then I can become deified…”

Yisha took a deep breath and went on to say, “It is not living, by the way. It is just a statue with h.e.l.l blood. It is currently attracted by my power, and so most of its power is focused solely on me. You can use this opportunity to break its body and collect the h.e.l.l blood. Help me become deified. The success rate is so low, though…”


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